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Creating Child Custody Agreements With a New York Divorce Lawyer Divorce cases have been on rise in the recent times. Divorce not only separates two individuals but also parts the entire family unit. Kids are the most effected party in any divorce case. Even more than child support, the issues of child custody and visitation is the number one issue you will have to contend with in your divorce. By far the most emotional issue in divorce cases, a New York divorce lawyer is who you need to give you accurate and objective information. Do not take the risk of getting your information from family and friends who do not have the experiences of a family lawyer to advise you accurately. You need an expert custody lawyer to ensure you make good decisions that are not completely based on emotions and fear of losing your children. So it is highly recommended to get in touch with an expert family attorney for your divorce case.

Having custody of your child means that you are the one in control of their situation. An experienced family attorney is the best way to achieve custody. Although the other parent is likely to have involvement, you will be making decisions on where your children go to school or religious services, medical care, and activities they participate in. Having the representation of a New York divorce attorney makes it much more likely that you will either be the custodial parent or that you will retain the ability to participate in these decisions.

It is important to remember that the majority of child custody cases get resolved by a negotiated agreement rather than ending up in court where a judge makes the final determination. Custody cases go to court when an agreement can’t be reached, which can happen more often when you don’t have a custody attorney to negotiate with the other side. Getting a New York divorce attorney is the best way to keep the process in your hands. A judge’s responsibility is to create a fair agreement for both sides, while your NY divorce lawyer will be fighting specifically for you and the best interests of your children.

In the majority of cases, the parent who does not receive custody does receive visitation rights. A NY divorce lawyer will be experienced in visitation issues and will craft a visitation agreement that gets the best possible outcome. Grandparents’ visitation may also be an issue that your New York divorce lawyer will help with.

For non-custodial parents there is generally an obligation to pay support. The issues surrounding both custody and support are complex, and can have a huge impact on your quality of life and the life of your children. An experienced child support attorney will help you navigate these issues confidently and with your best interests in mind.

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Creating child custody agreements with a new york divorce lawyer  
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