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Choosing Dental Implants For Correction Of Teeth Many people are not happy about their teeth due to various reasons. Some of these reasons may include gaps existing between teeth or cracked teeth due to some accidents while some face missing teeth due to decay of teeth etc. All of these factors contribute to hesitancy of people in smiling or talking. Many keep their smile restricted to closed lip smile because they fear their irregularities in teeth getting noticed by other people. Nowadays one doesn’t have to go for having dentures for correcting such problems. With dental implants, the irregularities in teeth can be corrected to get beautiful smile that everyone desires. Process of dental implants Dental implant is a cosmetic procedure where artificial teeth are inserted into the bones under the gums of people through surgical methods. The dental implants before and after processes for implants in teeth involves numerous stages that usually take up a number of months. The process consists of surgically implanting a small titanium post into the jawbone for taking the place of root of the teeth. After the complete bonding of the titanium with the jaw bone, the implanted or restoration teeth are affixed to the post, thus providing natural looking teeth. Also, some latest 3D technologies claim that it is possible to have dental implants in one day. This is a revolutionary process in this field. Types of dental implants Dental implants are of many types namely, root form dental implant, plate form dental implant, subperiosteal dental implant, mini dental implant and immediate load dental implant. The root form dental implant requires screw type implant in the shape of root of tooth to be set in jawbone by the dentist. This requires more width and depth of jawbone. The Plate form dental implant can be used with narrow jaw bone, with the flat plate set into the jaw bone. Both these processes require longer time for healing after which abutment is attached. When there isn’t enough width and height of jawbone, sub-periosteal dental implant can be done. Mini dental implants can help in attaching implant-supporting denture. Immediate load dental implant requires tooth extraction and attachment of crown to the implant immediately. Cost of having dental implants Now, with such advantages of dental implant, one might question- is dental implants expensive? Well, the answer is yes! But the cost large depends upon various factors. One such major factor is the type of implant being done. The number of tooth being implanted also determines the cost. Cost may also depend upon the place a person resides and the experience of the dentist. Charges may vary from few thousand dollars to many thousand dollars. Thus, one can select the kind of implant according to their needs and affordability. At times whitening of teeth may result in decay of tooth when dental implants may be necessary to combat the same. People might sometimes also find whitening of teeth ineffective when the discolouration is severe in them.

Choosing Dental Implants For Correction Of Teeth