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Centers of Eating Disorders Recognize the Medical Complications of the Disease There are many different types of eating disorders that eating disorder treatment centers treat. Some these eating disorders include anorexia, bulimia and binge eating: • • •

Anorexia – A person does not eat enough food. Bulimia – A person eats and then forces their self to vomit. Binge Eating – A person eats massive amounts of food.

According to the center for eating disorders all types of eating disorders can cause the same medical complications. All are serious conditions and some are even fatal if the person does not receive treatment. The symptoms are similar between many different types of people but the causes are unique to each person. For example, eating disorders in women and eating disorders in teens will have similar symptoms but the conditions that caused the illness will be different. Treatment for eating disorders must be created based on the person’s medical and psychological condition. If the eating disorder has been going on for a long time before a person contacts an eating disorder clinic for treatment, the medical condition of the person may be grave. The eating disorder clinic has listed some of the conditions that an eating order can cause are: • • • • • • • •

Heart Attack or Failure Kidney Failure Gastric Rupture Malnutrition Edema Liver Failure Stroke Pancreatitis

This is just a small list of the medical conditions that eating disorders can cause. All are fatal conditions. Treatment of eating disorders is complicated further by the damage that has been done to so many vital systems in the body. The best eating disorder treatment centers understand that recovery will include treatment of any other medical conditions that the patient may have due to the consequences of the eating disorder. It is also understood by all eating disorder treatments givers that some of the medical complications can continue to be a problem after treatment is successful. The best eating disorder treatment centers states that some of the causes of eating disorders in women are depression, anxiety issues, perfectionism or compulsive obsessive disorder. Find more information through this link eating disorders in teens.

Centers of eating disorders recognize the medical complications of the disease  
Centers of eating disorders recognize the medical complications of the disease