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Are Chinese and Japanese clothes for women similar? Chinese dresses: The dressing style of Chinese goes back to as far as the history of china. Their clothing not only evolved with time, it also transformed dramatically with dynastic changes. The traditional Chinese clothing is the innate of symbolism as well. Everything they wear, from the pheasant feather on the head gears of warriors to the foot binding bandages on the feet of young Chinese girls has a symbol behind it. Pien Fu, Sheni, Chang Pao, and Qi Pao are few examples of these traditional dresses. Qi Pao: Known as the traditional Chinese dress, the original Qi Pao is very different from the modern day Qi Pao. Qi Pao is a long dress and is generally characterized by a single piece of cloth that covers the whole body down the feet and a high collar around the neck. In the modern age when Shangai became the centre of Chinese fashion, where western influence was highest, the form of Qi pao that we see today was evolved. The bride at Chinese weddings as a reception dress now very often wears it. There are many Qi Pai inspired expensive and cheap dressing available in the market and over the internet. Japanese dresses In the Japan the modern day, fashion doesn’t go to very far beyond in time as did in china. The modern Japanese fashion style is more influenced by the western fashion. . Japanese in the modern era have emulated a form fashion style known as the street fashion. The wearer customizes the outfit by blending current and traditional dress in a style. A few Japanese street fashion styles are listed below. 

Lolita Lolita is one of the highest and more recognizable styles of Japanese street fashion. The more well known styles within Lolita are Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Punk Lolita, Classic Lolita and Kodona. Gyaru This heavily western inspired street fashion dwells on man-made beauty like wigs, fake lashes and fake nails etc. It includes brightly coloured outfits, miniskirts and tie-dyed sarongs. Decora This style is more like a childlike playfulness and cuteness with layers. Layers are the most important element. The most significant part is to pile on ton of cute accessories until bangs and shirts are barely visible.

Buying cheap and yet quality Japanese clothing is an art. The important thing in this regard is the knowledge of outlets in that help you do the trick. With all the new street fashion and cheap outlets, dressing and switching styles in Japan has become fun and easy. There are tons of cheap Japanese clothing websites that help you chose and buy quick and easy. Know More About cheap wedding dress.

Are Chinese and Japanese clothes for women similar  

The dressing style of Chinese goes back to as far as the history of china. Their clothing not only evolved with time, it also transformed dr...

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