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Allergens trigger Coughs and cold: home remedies Individuals go through frequent cough and cold problems. In spite of medications some keep getting the cough every time they have foodstuffs that seem to trigger it. It would be best to turn complete attention at home remedies. Allopathic cough syrups induce sleep. If you were most of the time behind the wheels or a biker, it would be best that you avoid these syrups. They only give you temporary relief. You need home remedies that will keep your cough under control. Home remedies have the quality of being consistent. It is not the wet weather or winter that may cause this health condition. You may suffer from this bout of coughs and cold even during dry weather. There are innumerable home remedies to put you back in normal health condition. Garlic is one the most powerful antioxidants. Take 4 to 5 cloves of garlic, lightly crush it, and add two tomatoes and a lemon this makes wonder remedy for coughs and cold. It is considered as a wonder antiviral and antibacterial drink. Turmeric is one of the other home remedies when added to a hot cup of milk. If your cough persists and continuous, it could be because of the inflammation in the throat and this could cause even chest pain sometimes. If you suffer from sore throat, warm water gargle with salt goes a long way in bringing about immediate healing to your sore throat. Besides availing of the home remedies, it would be best to avoid irritants like cigarette smoke and pollution. Some are allergic to sprays like perfumes, air fresheners etc. Weather change can also trigger cough in cases of those who are allergic to weather change conditions. Drink a lot of hot liquids. This helps to extricate the mucus and reduce inflammations. A concoction made from ginger, honey, pepper, garlic, basil leaves and turmeric is added to the tea and is served hot. This helps in dispelling coughs and cold. It is one of the home remedies that have expectorant and anti-infective ingredients. Treat coughs and cold in the initial stages with home remedies and get relief fast. Home remedies were the only way to get treated in the past. You may approach your grandma regarding any ailment, she will first rush to the kitchen and get you a concoction that will give you immediate relief with no side effects. Find more information through this link remedios caseros review.

Allergens trigger coughs and cold home remedies  
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