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ALL ABOUT BELT OR WAIST HOLSTERS Flashbang bras are one of the most common types of bra holsters that can be used to carry a handgun. They are very popular since women can use them to carry guns and still maintain their normal figure and shape. It’s designed in a way that conceals the shape of the weapon. This makes it convenient for users and hard for other people to notice the weapon that you are carrying. Other than normal self defensive techniques, bra holsters provide one of the most successive methods that have helped women to defend themselves. They have over the years been used by women to make them less vulnerable to attacks by people who mostly have bad intentions. There is also a study the show that these holsters used in bras increase the level of confidence in women. Thigh holsters They are a very common gun holster for women. They are however used to carry smaller hand guns as compared to the bra holsters. This is mainly because of its positioning. A small gun will be more comfortable to carry using a thigh holster. This is because it will allow the user to easily moving around and it will not bulge and reveal the weapon. You should always try wearing baggy skirts, shorts or trousers when using thigh holsters. This will enable it fulfill its purpose of being a concealed carry holster that can’t be easily detected. They should also be positioned high above the thighs for easier access of the weapon. You should always make sure that you can easily access the weapon from the thigh holster in case of an emergency. They can also be worn with formal wear during events and ceremonies. This type of holster can be used by both men and women. It’s more common and popular among men. You should note that this type of holster is not as concealing as the bra holster. It is often covered up by a jacket or coat. It is however more conveniently placed as compared to other types of holsters. It also gives faster and easier access to the weapon as compared to other type of gun holsters. Pocket holsters Pocket holsters are a very convenient ways to store your gun. Their compact size is suitable for women who need to carry a small handgun with them. They however have to be used with garments that have pockets. They include pants, skirts and jackets. Shirt and blouse gun holsters Shirt and gun holsters have the capability to carry two or more handguns. Women can use them with official wear while going to work or while at home. They are also able to accommodate a bigger gun size as compared to bra holsters. You need to consider a number of things when purchasing a bra holster. These factors are what enable the holster to be effective in carrying out its task. Try not to be overpriced by stores that sell holsters that are not of good quality.