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Aliens- reality or myth? Whenever you watch a movie or read a book, there is a part of your mind that has you thinking that do aliens exist in reality or are they just a figment of your imagination? The concept of aliens is something that is being poked and prodded by scientist, cults and religious people all over the globe. You could say that it makes a great time pass to be able to investigate the existence of some mythical creatures. There are numerous colorful stories and theories regarding the existence of aliens but none of them is true enough to be believed in. You do realize that in this huge Universe, ours is the only planet teeming with life so it is only natural for some of us to feel lonely. Cuddling up to a three legged alien does hold an appeal if you look at it this way. You all must know that according to scientists there are traces of water found on other planets, that life always seem to appear where there are extreme conditions. Therefore, if you add up these facts with the physical signals that some areas in US are sending then sure Aliens do exist for real. These signals from the US army were in the form of snapshots that revealed a lone UFO flying at different times over certain areas of Nevada near an army-training base but no true results came through when the land was investigated for proofs. It seems too much of a bad luck that whenever aliens plan to visit, the cameras used to take their pictures just happen to have grainy, unclear and extremely poor focus so much, so that the UFO looks more like a pebble hung in the sky rather than an intergalactic flying machine. As much as scientists would love to have another DNA sample to study, they have yet been unable to provide vital proof of the existence of aliens. All that they have gathered so far is little more than circumstantial evidence that can be dismissed by anyone who possesses half a logical brain. When it comes to religious or cult beliefs, the question in not that does an alien exist? It is more clearly along the lines of “are aliens real�? These cults have deep roots in pagan worship, metaphysics and anything between the realms of common sense and supernatural world. Some of them believe that aliens are demonic beings that have no existence while others say that they are real and are now revealing themselves because of various reasons. Some of these reasons are regarding the text of bible while other is just based on simple theories. Do aliens exist or do they not? The answer to this question is simply a jumbled mess that has no ending and no beginning. Aliens are one of the most intriguing subjects for the more adventurous type of people mostly teenagers and children because of their vivid imagination and creative young minds. Find more information through this link aliens .

Aliens reality or myth  
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