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Advantages of investing in Rivertrees Residences Here are a few reasons that why people should invest in Rivertrees Residences: 1. Location. The Rivertrees Residences condo area in situated in the beautiful Ferndale Close, which is the suburban part in Singapore. It offers convenience and beauty. Since it is located on the river site and therefore presents Riverfront views, which is the position that cannot be beaten. This developing area might have innovative and new residences, theme parks and shopping malls. There are benefits of nearby transportation facilities with the MRT, LRT, expressways and buses paths in this area. Moreover, these Rivertrees Residences have near food corporations such as Seletar Mall and convenient shopping malls. The nearby schools are highly suggested. The Fernvale Close residences are growing in demand and popularity from customers.

2. Top quality Floor Plans. The Rivertrees Residences Fernvale has a variety of floor plans that give choice for different lifestyles and also meet contemporary living demands. The best-quality of floor plans is provided in bedrooms. The units are designed with natural lighting; have modern wardrobe and kitchen sets. The bathrooms are lavish and appliances are of top brands. Moreover, the small units also feel sunny and huge. 3. Provide Waterfront Living. The location and view of Rivertrees Residences are on the Sengkang River. So, the residents can enjoy a peaceful lifestyle of waterfront in a safe and friendly neighborhood. The huge majority of residences provides views of the river beside the location of leisure time facilities situated to get the most out of riverfront living. The amenities provided at Rivertrees Residences are: pools, Jacuzzi, tennis courts, indoor gym, children's playground functional room and much more. 4. Residential ventures of Singapore. Singapore has become a great region for investment. As it has a growing and flourishing overall economy. And attracts a lot of overseas workers annually who desire better housing options. The safe government policies have administered wise regulations for the growth of the country’s economy.

Rivertrees Residences are like dream houses for parents who are looking for a home close to good schools in the area. Find more information through this link

Advantages of investing in rivertrees residences  
Advantages of investing in rivertrees residences