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Advantages of buying social promotion Buying social promotion has recently gained a lot of popularity with the companies and organizations that are new born. Buying free facebook likes and free twitter followers has lately received much hot attention in the realm of online marketing. There are plenty of options available wherein people can buy facebook likes. Here are some interesting facts regarding these bought facebook likes: Instant Gratification You just built your company’s new facebook page, it is definitely very tempting to buy some fake facebook likes. Most services that offer fake facebook likes give an overnight delivery. You might wake up the next morning to see your fan following has grown by 200 percent. That is really very exhilarating! Not expensive Some people might tell you that social promotion costs a lot. However, the facts say the opposite. The truth is that buying free twitter followers and free youtube subscribers is actually quite inexpensive. Same is the case when you have to buy facebook likes. Hundreds of facebook likes can be bought at as low a price of $5. This is a highly rewarding situation with very low risks. Fake counts are not sustainable One of the most effective ways to get maximum likes for your page is to create fake facebook profiles and users. However, now the issue is that Facebook has become more diligent and cautious in removing these fake facebook profiles. This obviously means that you will lose a large number of facebook likes that you bought. Your money would possibly go waste. You might get into trouble From what I found out during my research, Facebook does not care if you have purchased some likes. However, for someone who has employed you, this might be a case of poor ethics and dishonesty. This might tarnish your reputation. Whatever the case, there are definitely some serious benefits to buying facebook likes for your social page. Here are some of them:

1) This is the quickest and the most efficient possible way of kicking start your online presence. You do not have to begin with a zero fan count now. You can get things easily moving by starting with around 100 to 1000 facebook fans.

2) Facebook has an edge rank system. If your page receives attention, this edge rank system will push you up on the search engine and rank you higher.

3) If you have a large number of likes, people will think you are quite successful. They will have ease in trusting you and your social credibility will hence increase. Buying Facebook likes and other social promotion ways are definitely beneficial in one way or the other. However, the fact remains that this practice is unethical and plain wrong. Anyone with a conscience will refrain from doing this practice and would instead focus on building some fan base with hard work. Buying free twitter followers or free youtube subscribers can be helpful but they are really wrong. You are having fake facebook users to load up your page. Find more information through this link like exchange.

Advantages of buying social promotion  
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