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A New Office Concept According to the architectural point of view the, mezzanine is also known as the entresol. This is basically a floor that is the middle of an intermediate floor of any building. This is not considered to be a part of the main building. The mezzanine floors have low ceiling and the appearance of this is somewhat like a balcony. The word mezzanines are also sometime used to describe the lowest level of balcony in any theatre. This is used to describe the first row of the theater. The word mezzanine was derived from an Italian word that means mezzano. The meaning of mezzano is something that is in the middle. These look similar to the walls of the ceiling. Such floors are constructed midway between the ground floor of any building and the floor of the building. This kind of a floor is a very unique concept. Such floors are popularly found in the building of offices and homes. These are a part of the permanent building only. Such floors cannot be constructed in the mobile offices. Mobile offices are basically moveable offices. These offices are structured in a way that it can be moved from one place to the other. The mobile office can be made in the truck, in the Motor home, it can also be made in the trailer or the purpose built shipping container. These are basically towable offices that are built on any axle iron frame that can be easily relocated from one place to another in time of need. Such offices are commonly found on a number of construction sites and mostly at disaster scenes. At such places, a temporary space is needed for the medical treatment of the victim and for many other reasons. These offices are commonly visible in the Northern region of America that feature some single phase of split that is around 240 volts, which is center-tapped of the electric service. It is further connected to any close source of the power in order to run in the small window for a unit of the air conditioners and a number of other similar things. There are a number of companies in the market who sell and also lease, give on rent the new as well as the used form of the storage containers that are also called the portable buildings or the modular buildings. This kind of buildings takes very less time for construction as compared to the usual buildings. These buildings do not take more than six weeks for the construction. This is a very interesting concept used by a number of company owners around. The best feature of such offices is that these offices take less time for construction and you get a chance to change your address very conveniently with its use. There are a number of different kinds of trappor (stairs) like the straight stairs, the round stairs etc. There are also the industrial ladders that are used as an alternative to the stairs in offices and industries. These are used to access the area that is at the height and beyond your reach.

A new office concept