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Take Care Choosing Your Domain Name "Profit in business comes from repeat customers; customers that boast about your product and service, and that bring friends with them." The above quote by W. Edwards Deming author of "Out of the Crisis" (1984), is relevant to my discussion on Domain names. It is I believe also relevant to anyone in any business. OK, now I have got my pontificating off my chest let me get started with my discussion on domain names. Contrary to what another writer has published, no reputable Domain name registrant, who intends staying in business will sell you a domain name for $2.00. The Registrant has to pay a much higher wholesale price than this for the domain name in the first place, and would be making a big loss by selling for a mere $2.00. The Domain name market is very competitive, and if you shop around you will be able to purchase a Top Level Domain (TLD) name for under $10.00, but certainly not for $2.00. Now, I have seen advertisements for Domain names for under $2.00 for $1.99 actually. But the firm in question was making this offer on the proviso that some other product or service such as a hosting account was purchased with the domain name. So the domain name part of the purchase for this particular firm would be a "loss leader", but they would be more than compensating for this with their profit an the other products or services. What some firms may be selling for $2.00 are not domain names, but sub-domains of someone else's domain name. The ethics of selling these even for $2.00, I personally would find very questionable. Earlier I mentioned Top Level Domain (TLD) names and sub-domain names. I shall explain the difference. A Domain Name consists of several different parts. The first part is generally "http://" , for secure sites it may be "https://". The "http" is an acronym for "hyper text transfer protocol". The next part of a domain name is "www.". The "www" part of course stands for the "World Wide Web". Then there is a bit in the middle "IanMcKenziesLinks". This middle bit can not have any spaces and needs to be written as one word, as I have done above. It is this bit that you choose and complete the appropriate searches for availability, before you plan to register a domain name. Now, the final part of a TLD name is the suffix at the end of course. This traditionally is ".com", but it could be several other suffixes in addition, such as, ".net", ".org", ".biz", ".name" and so on. Now, I know that some article sites do not like domain names listed in the article, so I won't do that. But, if you put the first two bits "http://www." and the middle bit "IanMcKenziesLinks" together and add the suffix ".com" at the end, you have an example of a Top Level Domain (TLD) name. Get mor e information through this link icalegacy.

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