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Giving a Name - Good Meaning and Origin They say that the first sin you would ever commit to your child is when he/she is not named properly. Though there are names that have personal historical values for the parents, still, it is important to come up with a nice and decent name that no person shall feel neither ashamed nor awkward whenever he/she hears his/her name being called. Aside from getting a typical name such as name of the saints and places, there are a wide variety of baby names from which a parent can look in to. Before looking up for a name it would be an advantage to know first the sex of your baby, though it is also recommendable to have a backup name if in case the sex of the child is opposite to what you first know. Before looking up for a name to be given to your child, you should first know what it means. You do not want to end up calling your boy with a name you did not know is the name of a female ethnic goddess from a certain culture. Names ending with "nov" in among Russian names are said to be the counterpart of the suffix "son" among English names. A good example of this is the Russian name Ivanov and the English name Johnson. On the other hand, the suffix "ton" from any American name means "hill/hills". Sample of this case is the name Washington. Names also have counterparts from other races and ethnicity. If you are planning to name your child after the Roman ultimate god Jupiter, it is more recommendable to get the names counterpart in Greek, which is Zeus, not unless you want him to be known as the guy with the name similar to that planet discussed in the that Science class. The American name Margaret equals to Gretchen in Germany, while the English name Paul is Paulo in Spanish and Paolo in Italian. Mexican name Juan means John in English and Ivan in Czech, while the Spanish name Rafael has its counterpart in English which is Raphael. Both have the same pronunciations, but of a slightly different spelling. However, naming twins in such manner may be basically cool, but would cause you bigger headaches when addressing them. Regardless of the names that you would give your child, make sure that they mean well, especially if the name is outlandish or is weird-sounding. Name meanings are that important that they can cost your children a good date or even an excellent job offer when they grow up. Get more information through this link our website.

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