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Budget Art That Decorates Your Wall Space When you look around your house, if all you see are bare walls then you may want to come up with some ideas to fill that space and make it more interesting. If you do not have a lot of money to go out and buy fabulous artwork to put on the wall, do not worry, because for just pennies, you can create your own wall art that will make your walls sing. Your Own Painting. Who said that you are not an artist? Anyone can create a piece of art. Go to a craft store, and buy a canvas and some paints. Now simply paint a design that you find appealing. It does not have to be "of" anything. It can merely be shapes and colors that you find pleasing. You can use paint and a brush, spray paint, stencils, stamps or a combination of them all to create your own work of art. And do not worry about making a mistake. If you do not like your finished artwork, simply paint over it and try again. Fabric Art. There are many beautiful fabrics in this world. Some of them are so amazing that if you framed them they would be art. Well, do exactly that. Find a fabric that you love, and frame it for a focal point in your room. You can find several different complementary fabrics and frame them to hang as a grouping on a wall as well. Cork Boards. If you frame a group of anything it becomes art, and if you frame a bunch of corkboards it becomes living art. Gather a group of frames and remove the glass. The frames can be the same color and style, or they can be different. After removing the glass cut corkboard to fit each frame. Now hang the frames in a grouping, and you have the perfect living canvas to pin up your photographs, postcards or kid's pictures for display. Mosaic Madness. You can put together a fun mosaic out of virtually anything. Sometimes the more unexpected the material the more interesting the mosaic is. Build your mosaic on a piece of plywood, and again it can simply be a geometric design. Use buttons, beads, broken tile or anything else that you can find to fill the space. When you are done grout your work, frame and display. Shelves. Covering a wall with shelves adds interest to a wall immediately. You can mount floating shelves or let the brackets show. You can mix freestanding shelves with shelves mounted to the wall. Then display your books, collections, and potted plants on the shelves for interest. Candles and family photos also look great on the shelves. Mirror Magic. Mirrors work magic in any room. You can add drama to a wall by hanging or leaning a large mirror against it. You can also bring a wall to life by displaying a cluster of smaller mirrors in a large grouping. Mirrors reflect light in a room and bring energy into the space. Get more information through this web.

1 budget art that decorates your wall space