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A Legendary Series: The Legend Trilogy An Overview Set in a dystopian future where the United States of America does not exist any more, the Legend Trilogy explores the contrasting lives of two teenagers and how their lives intersect with each other. The story takes place in the new nation, known as the Republic, which is perpetually in a state of war with its neighbors. Born in one of the wealthiest districts of the Republic, fifteen year old June has been groomed from a young age to join the highest echelons of the Republic's military. On the other hand, 15 year old Day, who has been born in the slums of the Republic, is also the nation's most wanted criminal. Though it seems unlikely that there is anything common between the two, their lives are influenced by each other when Day is accused of having killed June's older brother, who in turn is tasked with finding Day and bringing him to justice. The series focus on the relation between June and Day, who initially meet under different guises, but slowly realize who they are actually dealing with and the feelings they have for each other. The Legend Starts The first book in the series introduces us to the two protagonists of the story, June and Day. As mentioned above, June seeks to bring Day to justice for murdering her brother and poses as a poor girl in order to get closer to him. However, when they first meet each other, June does not even realize he is Day and develops feelings for him. When she does finally realize Day's true identity, she has him arrested in order to answer for his part in her brother's murder. It

is only after Day is apprehended that the truth about the Republic begins to reveal itself, showing that what seems obvious may not be true after all. The book, which was author Mary Lu's first, was critically acclaimed, with particular praise lavished on the plot as well as the depth of the characters. The general consensus was that the author inventiveness and creativity allowed her to escape the clichĂŠs that tend to hound fantasy novels and create memorable characters, whose emotional depth endeared them to fans of the book. The Legend Continues The second book of the series, Prodigy, sees June and Day attempt to overthrow the Republic's Senate by assassinating their new leader, Anden, son of the previous Republic leader whose untimely death saw Anden ascend to the position of supreme leader. Once again, the book serves to remind us that everything may not necessarily be as we observe it to be and the truth may be hidden. This book also further delves in to the relationship dynamic between the opposing personalities of June and Day, and whether they are able to reconcile their differences or grow completely apart because of them.

The plan to assassinate the new leader as well as the conflicting feelings of June and Day make for an exciting, fast paced novel, which has been lauded by critics, who consider it as one of the few sequels that are actually good. Favorable comparisons to Hunger Games have been drawn, with many praising the plot of the book amid the whirlwind romance between June and Day. Get more information through this link

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