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What are the key features of Blackberry timer app? Blackberry camera app has definitely turned out to be a game changer in the Blackberry app market. Gone are the complicated buttons and tabs. The new camera app has a surprisingly simple and fast interface. The app also has a slam installation setup. Apart from the standard editing tools such as crop, resize, red-eye removal, there are also some fun additions. The caricature option adds funny effects to the shots- making the subject appear as a caricature of itself. Also, the popular styling effects are included for the customers to enjoy. Shots can be done in pencil sketch style, vintage, HDR effects and many more. The camera app does not confuse the users with too many buttons and options. The gallery view mode makes for a great way to sort through the photos or simply reminiscence on the good times while you commute in a bus or sit in a waiting room. Blackberry timer app is also a good application. It allows the user to take multiple shots in a single time frame to ensure that the perfect moment doesn’t slip by and is frozen in time forever. This is the perfect app for youngsters who frequently experiment with different props and poses in their shots. Burst shots often give an impressive kinetic appearance to the subject. Thus, the Blackberry timer app is worth a shot in this regard. The app also offers the preset option so that once in position, the user can leave the camera to join in the shot as well. Another good addition to camera features in Blackberry is the Blackberry mute app. This app can be used to shut off the telltale sound of the camera shutter. This sound gives away your attempt at candid shots and alerts others that their pictures are being taken. The users can now get rid of these sounds by the mute app and carry on with their stealth photography. The Blackberry timer app can easily fix this issue by taking a burst of pictures in a few set seconds so that the perfect moment is not missed at all. Find more information through this link blackberry timer app.

What are the key features of blackberry timer app