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penguin update information for Google search engine optimization A lot of times it is seen by a person using the internet that the there are links that lead far away from the site that they actually wanted to visit and explore the internet for. This means that there are multiple links that lead to the same site that the person had initially wanted to visit, but in fact are actually spam sites. Google decided to take an initiative and tried to reduce the number of websites that are considered to be using techniques that are now considered to be part of the Black Hat SEO Techniques, those that are part of illegal activities, which can help those with the websites to gain undue prominence during searches. For that, Google created an Algorithm named the Penguin, which was designed to catch people who were excessively spamming and report them; however a Penguin Update was required for the Algorithm as it seemed that it was also catching legitimate websites that were not spamming. So although the Google search engine optimization was successfully able to apprehend culprits, it was also catching others in the net as well. So due to various Google’s penguin updates, the rate of mistakes was reduced significantly, with very few later complaining that they had been caught unjustly. The Penguin’s next version, the penguin 2.0 will be released later on, although the date has yet to be confirmed. This will be the latest Penguin update, which does not deviate from the initial planning of preventing Spamdexing, which is a combination of spamming and indexing; sending out unrequited and unsolicited information in a way that would be able to fool the search engines and provide higher ratings to these websites.

The Penguin program, along with the penguin updates, plan to change all the previous methodologies as well being different from its predecessor programs, such as the Panda Algorithm, which was created to reduce the ranking of the websites that were unpopular with the users because of their poor user experience. However, it was not considered to successful as those sites that had their ratings reduced complained as many of them had characteristics that did not require a high user interaction. According to Matt Cutts, from the Google team, there are many more features that will be added along the Google penguin updates that were never part of the previous versions, as well as improving on the existing systems as well so that they are more flexible with the various new and old forms of Spamdexing and other black hat techniques. The Penguin holds a lot of promise with the latest versions that have come out with an option on further improving in the next installments as well. Let’s see what happens now. Websites are doing search engine optimization only rather than focusing more on creating quality and engaging content. For more information click on the link penguin update review.

Penguin update information for google search engine optimization  
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