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Max Walker: The Cricketer And Footballer Formerly known Australian cricketer Maxwell Henry Norman walker was born on 12 September 1948. He is also known as Max Walker on national and international television. He was also a footballer played in Australian football league. He is architecture and now working as a motivational speaker and a commentator and now has different diversified business interests. He was a known footballer during early 70’s. He made his football debut in late 60’s. His football career has 46 matches on the total that started in 1968 and he played his final match in 1972. During his student life, he worked at the MCG as a scoreboard operator and the maintenance man. He loved playing cricket during summer and football during winter. Max Walker is a well-known test cricketer of 70’s due to some of his best innings. In 1972, Max Walker made his test debut, right after saying bye to his football career. He played 34 tests and 17 one day international matches for Australia and due to these, he was taken to be one of the best cricketers of his time. He was also known for his commentary on radio and television that was loved by the people. After retiring from the cricket, he became a celebrity on the radio as well as television. As panelist, he appeared on the Sunday footy show. Along with this, he worked as a commentator on the channel nine’s cricket. During the work on the channel Nine he hosted nine networks and nine’s wide world of sports program till it was canceled in 1999. From 1986 to 1991, he also worked as a commentator for the matches. Max Walker is also a known writer and has written a few books including How “To Puzzle A Python” and “The Wit Of Walker” and “How To Kiss A Crocodile”. The Twelfth Man has also parodied walker in 1994. Apart from these he walker has also appeared in a number of TV adds because of his fame among the people. Walker has also been named as a Member of the order of Australia on 13 of June 2011 for his services for cricket on both national and international level as a commentator as well as cricketer. As far as the personal life is, concerned walker is married to Kerry walker and has five children. Three of them are from the first marriage. Walker is a fan of avid collector of fountain pens and loves to use them for writing the manuscripts for different books. Currently Max Walker is running his own business in different parts of the world. he is known to be one of the best motivational speaker of Australia and all the speeches are readily available in the form of audio and video content. Max Walker is considered one of the most renowned influential speakers in the country too. Find more information through this link Max Walker.

Max walker the cricketer and footballer