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How to seduce a woman You may think learning how to seduce a woman would take quite a bit of skill. Well, like most things in life, it doesn't take a lot of skill, but it certainly does take the right kind of skills and these skills must be practiced. You should be happy with this fact, as skills can be learned, as long as you have the right information. Be glad it's not just for those who were born with it. Confidence Confidence is key in knowing how to seduce a woman. You must understand there is a huge difference between being confident and being cocky. When you are confident, you can still make woman feel unbelievably special and immensely important. Usually when one is cocky, they tend to belittle and down play things. This is not the plan you want to follow. If you really want to know how to seduce a woman, you need to know you must be confident, but still make her feel like a queen. Be in control Another skill needed to know how to seduce a woman is you must be in control of the situation. This does not mean controlling like a dictator, however, know what you want and all the details. Once you know this, guide her; lead her; show her the way with a nudge here and a poke there. Be soft with your words and relaxed in your movements. The right setting You may be thinking those who know how to seduce a woman use candles and flowers and romantic stuff. While this is not out of the question, it is not the only answer. Think about the woman, what does she like? What is the situation? What would fit it best. Part of the art of seducing a woman is knowing how to push the element of surprise. Make it unexpected and unique. Make a connection Another piece of the puzzle when it comes to knowing how to seduce a woman is connection. Are you connecting with your partner? Does she only have eyes for you at this moment? Is she fully engaged with you. This is a must. Observer where her focus is. What is she paying attention to? These will be good indicators of your connection. There is an art to knowing how to seduce a woman. It is not just sleeping with each other. The very definition of the word seduce is to persuade. This in no way means anyone should do something they don't want to do or feel uncomfortable. In order to know how to seduce a woman, you must master the element of surprise while possibly being just a tad bit over the line, or at least on it.

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