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How to Find the Best Anime Watching the best animes online is becoming more socially interactive every day. Sites offer efficient video players, chat options, ratings and well organized lists to help users stay connected socialize and make the choice of which is their favorite anime. The site is easily accessible from any location by simply typing in the URL. It is straight forward and a breeze to navigate. Icons are clearly marked and arranged along the top and sides of the webpage so that the user can quickly scan through and click to go where they need to. Through the interactive feature of the site, users are able to rate shows and leave comments on each episode. This data is then compiled into top ranking lists. The top three titles found are: Naruto Shipuden, Sword Art Online and Guilty Crown. New fans of anime tend to check through these first while long time followers may choose to add or subtract. Before choosing to view episode, users can read feedback from fellow fans or read the plot summary provided by the site. After reading through comments and summaries, to watch anime online with this site is pretty simple. For each series, the episodes are organized from the earliest to the most recent. Users basically click on the episode of choice and they are immediately brought to the page with the video screen. There is no rerouting through a third party. Video buffering time is determined by the speed of your internet connection. Once you click on “play”, the video immediately begins to buffer. All videos have subtitles in various languages so that users of any language can watch anime subbed. There is the option to view anime online or to download video. During the video users can chat online through a “chat” interface located on the video page. You may even watch the same video simultaneously with other fans. After watching your video, you may also post comments and provide feedback for other users, or comment on what someone else had said. You are free to view an unlimited amount of anime videos without limits. You may also

comment and leave as much feedback as you wish no limits. These sites are in constant improvement, so users help to build the site. Their feedback determines the top watched lists and the more traffic they provide increases the overall rating of the website. Site owner and user can also work together to improve site when new series titles are suggested and promptly made available. On this site one can view more than just the best anime videos there are. There is an offering of manga copies free online. You can read while your video is being loaded. There are a lot of different website that host the most popular and best Anime and allow visitors to watch Anime online free of cost. for more information click on the given link View Animes.

How to find the best anime  
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