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Free Games Are Available Online On Y8 People of all the age groups enjoy games, whether you are a child or an adult, you cannot just resist the fun they offer. Games come in a variety of genres. Each of these genres target different audiences and are as per the preferences of the targets as well. Recently online gaming has taken the internet with a boom. These do not just make a gamer comfortable but they also provide a great deal of fun as well. A person may wonder that, how can these provide comfort? Well, the answer is quite simple. When a person chooses to play a game over his computer, he is required either to buy a disc or to download the game’s installation files to his system, which can be very time consuming as mostly these files have disk sizes in Gigabytes. This not only consumes time but also consume a great deal of bandwidth as well. On the contrary, these online games do not need any such effort as they can be played directly within the browser; however, they only need the latest version of flash player installed. Different websites like Kizi and Y8 are making their mark in providing excellent games and that too without any cost. Friv2 is another one in the cadre of these sites. When you opt to play a game online, you are not supposed to pay even a single penny for it. However, a simple registration may still be required. The registration process is quite similar in kizi, Y8and friv 2. The registration gives a user many advantages. All these sites allow a limited number of games to be played in a day by an unregistered user. However, a registered user is exempted from this limitation and can enjoy any game for as many times as he wants. Moreover, the registered users of sites such as Kizi, Friv 2, and Y8 are even allowed to pause their games should they need to go off the seat. These paused games are automatically saved and allow the gamer to resume from where he last left. In terms of games genre Friv 2 is quite different from the kizi and Y8. It tends to provide gamers of young age with games that are solely built for the educational purpose. It is a great website for parents who want their children to develop good mental skills before they start going to the school as it provides numerous types of puzzle games to help build ones analytical skills, which can

give the child a head start in his education as well. The other two sites, however, are more focused over recreational gaming. If you are a person who loves to enjoy games then these websites can truly be a bliss for you all you need to do is register yourself today and enjoy for the rest of your life. Friv 2 is not a new name when it comes to online gaming; this website excels in providing games, which tend to be focusing on developing the mind of a gamer. For more information click on the link Kizi.

Free games are available online on y8  
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