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Explore Toronto Dental Implant Clinics and System All those people who are looking for a solution to missing teeth should give a try to dental implants Toronto. No doubt, it is one of the best solutions of missing teeth problem. One can restore ones smile after going through this surgical procedure. There is a misconception about dental implants that it is very painful. However, it is not the case in reality. A dental implant is very simple procedure and nothing is complicated and painful in this process. Dental implants is a process in which expert downtown Toronto dentist places an artificial root into jawbone. Generally, an implant is not visible to anyone once it has been placed surgically. An implant is nothing but the replacement of real root of a tooth. This root is placed for holding a crown. Dental implants Toronto is suggested by dentist not only for tooth replacement but also for maintaining the density and shape of jawbone. When it comes to material of dental implants then a Toronto dentist likes to go for an implant made up of titanium or titanium alloy. The main reason behind giving this metal a preference is that it is very light and strong. In addition, titanium dental implant has biocompatible properties so it is not at all harmful towards the gums or other body matter; in fact, it is well supported by the body as well. Three main options of dental implants are being offered by expert dentist in dental office Toronto. First option is designed for a person who wants replacement of a single tooth and it is named as single tooth replacement. In this option of dental implant, a cosmetic dentist Toronto places implant into jawbone. The patient needs to wear temporary crown or denture for three to six months. This period is known as healing period. After this period, dentist replaces temporary crown with a custom-made crown. Second option of dental implants is specific for a person who has lost more than one tooth. Multiple

teeth replacement is done through dental implants. Toronto dentist fixes implants into jawbone where teeth are missing. He also places temporary denture so that patient can easily eat and chew. However, this denture is replaced with permanent denture once healing period is over. Full teeth replacement is third option of dental implants Toronto. As the name implies, in this option a dentist places implants on upper or lower teeth. Just like other two options, dentist first place implants into jawbone through a surgical procedure. Patient needs to wait for around five to six months. Once the healing is done, patient needs a fixed and permanent lower or upper denture. It is good to know that dental implants Toronto need care and maintenance. A person who has dental implants should always consult with his dentist of dental clinic downtown Toronto. A dentist usually advises a patient to take good of his oral hygiene. Regular brushing and flossing can decrease chances of bio-film production near implants and crown and one can avoid future replacement of crown. A Toronto dentist also suggests the use of special instrument for cleaning dental implants. Dental implants Toronto are made to be durable and are extremely tough. It is said that they usually outlive their wearers. For more information click on the link cosmetic dentist toronto.

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