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Delivery of Frozen mice at your door Do you know that you can easily decide when snakes need to eat snake food by simply observing how often they prowl from their cage or the increase of their tongue flicks? The majority of snakes do prefer to be fed eat with mammals, because main source of snake food is hunting animals, squeezing their Prey and venom attacking. Therefore, frozen mice, frozen rabbits, and frozen rodents are the best frozen reptile food. Nevertheless, some types of bigger snakes, for example King cobra as well as King snake, feed on other smaller snakes. Snake food varies according to type of your pet, for instance, brown snakes prefer snails, but a white-bellied Mangrove snake prefers crabs as well as blind snakes, these are mostly living underground, and they don’t use their eyes, therefore, they mainly eat ants, termites, and other underground creatures. Click here to discover best frozen snake food ever. Experts recommend you to feed your pet a pre-killed animal instead of a living prey. It is worth mentioning a small number of snake types will insist to eat live or fresh snake food. When it is time to feed your pet, you are advised to wear gloves, in case your pet likes to lunge at its snake food. Also remember that every species have their special reference book for nutrition, click here to see a list of preferred frozen reptile food. Natural food should be given for your pet prior you decide to deviate to another diet, like frozen mice or frozen rabbits. Finally, if you own more than a single snake, you are highly advised to feed your pets in separate, tom avoid fighting among both of them. Click here to read about the best frozen reptile food. You can search among a huge stock frozen snake food. Here you can find the best yet the less expensive snake food in the market. The aim is to provide all kinds of exotic animals for all types of reptiles, like corn snakes, lizards as well as tawny owls. We can offer frozen mice in a variety of sizes starting from few grams to almost half a kilogram and more. These are suitable for all types of snakes because of range of their sizes, i.e. rat pups are very ideal snake food for younger snakes plus hatchlings of snakes, for example like boas, while jumbo rats great are perfect for adult snakes. Different types of frozen rodents can be also supplied, click here to find how. We can provide unusual harder to get frozen reptile food. We can supply snake food for picky feeders plus adding a variety of frozen snake food to satisfy your pet. Guinea pigs are at top of our list for snake food, they usually range in size from 250grams to 400grams, and they are intended to feed larger snakes, like greedy boas and carpet pythons. Actually, any snake used to be feeding one such sized frozen mice or rodents, e.g. small rabbits, would most probably enjoy guinea pigs. Click here to read about the best frozen reptile food. You can search among a huge stock frozen snake food. Find more information through this link frozen mice.

Delivery of frozen mice at your door