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Avoiding and protecting against evil eye The myth of evil eye is prevalent throughout the world even in these modern times. People of all the continents, one way or the other, believe that the look of malice or greed cast upon a flourishing person by someone who is jealous of his achievements can cause a lot of harm. The person who brags about his many worldly achievements is most likely to be victimized and succumbs later to bad luck. His belongings and happiness are seen to vanish and he may become mentally or physically abnormal. Many charms and talismans are used by superstitious people for protection against jealous eye of envious people; they either hang them in their homes or wear them around in the form of beads, pendants or lucky-eye bracelets. How to Avoid the Evil of Evil Eye? 1. Amulets and talismans. These are decorated with an eye made of blue and white

concentric circles. These charms were first born in ancient Greece where people believed extensively in myths and legends and were fearful of unforeseen powers and circumstances. According to the legend, these charms direct the evil look back towards its owner. They are referred to as ‘apostrophic’ in Greek derived from the English word ‘prophylactic’ meaning protective. Another type of talisman is the symbol of a hand with an eye on the palm. This hand is known as ‘Hamsa’ and has various other names in different cultures; Muslims call it ‘hand of Fatima’, Jews call it ‘hand of Miriam’ and so on. 2. Kohl dots. These dots are marked on the forehead, behind the ears, near the angles of

the eyes, in the chin dimple or at some other hidden body part for protection against evil eye. These dots are seen in mainly the newborn children and on pretty young girls. These dots are basically used by overtly cultural people like those found in the Subcontinent; Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and also in Afghanistan.

3. In Greece people with ancient beliefs and especially the Gypsies burn the fur of a bear

to ward off the evil. They also apparently cure the evil of the evil eye by massaging the head and forehead of the victim. 4. Another uncanny way to cure the curse of evil look is practiced by Assyrians, Armenians

and also Greeks. They believe that pinching the person on the neck or the back will undo all sorts of bad luck and illnesses brought by the look of malice and envy.

5. Kabbalah bracelets. This is a popular piece of jewelry known by many as a protection

against the likes of greedy and jealous people. It is also popular among celebrities of today including Olsen twins and Madonna. The evil eye protection are also popular and are thought to protect the wearer from bad luck.

Avoiding and protecting against evil eye