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Actual name of crocodile drug is desomorphine Crocodile drug was initially noticed to be in use in Russia in 2003. This drug was not noticed again until 2010 when several deaths were reported due to this drug. Alligator drug is a cheap alternative of heroin to people who cannot afford expensive drug like heroin. Crocodile gives similar high as heroin but is made from cheap chemicals. This drug replicates the doping effect of heroin. A person using this drug does not sleep for long time. It only keeps the person high for an hour or so while heroin keeps the user sedated for at least 4 to 8 hours depending on the dosage of the heroin. Purity of heroin also plays important role in deciding the sedation duration. Heroin is also a dangerous drug but crocodile drug is also similar to it. Like a real crocodile, this drug is known to be flesh eater. The person using this drug loses weight and flesh quickly. The skin of its user begins to become scaly like of a crocodile. This is the reason this drug is called crocodile drug. The reason why this drug becomes so dangerous is the method of preparation of this drug. Krokodil drug is generally produced at home with very less controlling factors. When this drug is produced at home using the cheap chemicals, very little care is taken. Proper processing and reaction control is not done. Due to uncontrolled process there are many impurities left in the crocodile drug, which are more harmful than the drug itself. When the impure drug is injected in the flesh of the user, it gives very adverse effects. There are cases reported when the veins of the user were clogged due to impurities of the drug. It is not possible for someone to control the reaction of drug when produced at home. If the preparation of the drug is done in a lab under controlled circumstances then only the impurities can be avoided. If proper research is done then the scientists can find better uses of this drug in medicine. This drug’s original name is desomorphine. Krokodil is a derivative of morphine yet much stronger than morphine drug. It is strong sedative as compared to all the derivatives of morphine. The reason why crocodile drug is attractive for a lot of people is the price. This drug is a lot cheaper than heroin but gives the same sedative effect. Some users even find it stronger than heroin when it comes to sedation. Alligator drug is not very common in market so very few people know about the adverse effects of the drug. There are heroin users who might get attracted to crocodile without knowing the details about the drug. There are many heroin users who switch to this alternative because of the cheap price and accessibility. Crocodile drug is used as an alternative to heroin drug for high purpose. For more information click on the link krokodil drug.

Actual name of crocodile drug is desomorphine  
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