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In previous seasons we have seen a lot of fabric innovation, the textile industry has worked firmly, worldwide crisis and unstable economy are sufficient reasons to push even harder to go further. It’s time to succeed or to miss the chance to stay high. In the last years we have seen almost everything in electronic appliance with high-end technology. Products are dominating consumers, individual needs have become must-haves. We aim to do the same. We reinvent – recreate – renovate to make the real new denim the unknown one, the undiscovered, the unexpected denim. Future is today!

The original denim Made with the best quality fabrics.

Art. Nirvana 414

Art. Megama

How would it look if you felt one size less in your jeans? High elasticity. Baggy free. Excellent recovery. High wash resistance. Stretchability up to 50% (according to finish) Comfort and ease of movement. Powered by LYCRAŽ dualFX™ fabric technology.

The hottest concept for a cold winter. The warm denim.

Art. Woolite 968

The blue’s new generation, Keeping on blues Dark blue, deep blue, blue black... the winter blue keeps on denim.

Art. Nirma

Black and Blue are the new Black. Dark tones revolving the old Fos concept. A powerful combination, the most vivid colors mixed with a smart black and blue. Art. Gema 47320 / Maya 96324

The new generation in color, a step forward, unthinkable ways in the same denim. Let the intense color be reborn.

Art. Iritech 96515

Extra soft handfeel. Comfortable denim and non-denim.

Art. Roxy 77518

Leathery touch, feel it as a second skin.

Art. Montana 94503

The newest leather finishing, two tones in the same fabric.

Art. Sogory 54791

Three dimensional denim, crushed leathery look

Art. Nix 41936

Downtown means color, Downtown means different structures, Endless of possibilities.

· Incredible hand · · Increased softness · · Flat and brilliant look · · Luxurious and silky look · Art. Cute-tob

Based on skincare properties. Powered by Tencel C fibre.

Art. Meganess



Powered by Lycra T400 fibre.

· Elasticity up to 15% · · Optimum comfort · · Unique hand feel · · Easy care properties · · Best Recovery · · Low Shrinkage ·

Art. Dawson

Art. Yuma 47510

Art. Gerry 77705

Art. Gerry 77706

Art. Gerry 77707

Art. Shelby 41321

Art. Ralph 96319

Art. Setech 96513

Art. Setech 96515

Art. Derby

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