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October 12, 2016

Architecture program at EPCC nominated for award


Rendering of EPCC's upcoming architecture program building, this is the only building at EPCC which will be dedicated to only one program.

Fabiola Terrazas Tejano Tribune

The Architecture Program at EPCC has been nominated as one of the six finalists to compete for the Star Award. The ceremony is scheduled to take place on Oct. 26, at the Crown Plaza in Austin. According to a press release emitted by Ismael De La Rosa, EPCC Marketing Specialist, the Texas Higher Education Star Award was originally established by The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) in 2001 to recognize exceptional contributions toward achieving one or more of the goals of the former long-range Texas higher education plan. “This is a very prestigious award, all the schools and colleges of Texas compete

for the award, so we seem honored that our program has been selected,” said Dr. Aditi Sarkar, Director of HIS STEM Architecture Grant. The partnership between EPCC and Texas Tech started about 10 years ago with Andrew Vernooy Dean of Architecture at Texas Tech and EPCC Architecture Coordinator Ken Gorsky. They applied for a grant, which was approved and they are currently using it for the new architecture building. This is the only building at EPCC which will be dedicated to only one program. “Not many people know about this partnership that is right here in El Paso, so with this award it would be a good advertisement for this program, that it is a very high quality program,” said Sarkar. “This is a national model and that is why it is unique.”

This partnership allows students that live in El Paso and want to major in architecture, the chance to start at a community college and finish the last two years of their careers in a university such as Texas Tech. “What makes the program unique is the small classes compared to larger universities. It enables students to work on a small environment while having large university features. Such the availability of the Architecture studio, integrated classes” said Jesus Garcia, a student in the architecture program. It is a huge accomplishment for EPCC to have a program being nominated for such an important award. “The EPCC--Texas Tech partnership is one of only three programs in the nation that has formalized a vertical transfer pathway from a community

college to an accredited university-based program in architecture," added Sarkar. "It is the first such program in the state of Texas that serves as a national model to increase Hispanic students educational access by facilitating student transition from community college to a university education; thereby, creating a pathway for a professional degree." “I’m aware of the partnership between them, and I find it interesting that Texas Tech is engaged in helping the city," said Miranda Rodarte, a student at EPCC’s architecture program. "They also have architecture camps to teach from high school students to elementary. "EPCC could maybe start a similar program to attract high school students because I did not know about this sort of program until I attended this campus." ARCHIVES:






2 October 12, 2016

EPCC picks up new janitorial service Olympus

Tejano Tribune

TEJANO TRIBUNE FALL 2016 Fabiola Terrazas Editor Molly Schrader Layout Editor Douglas Carr Faculty Adviser Steve Escajeda Advertising Sal Armas Website


Olympus, awarded as new janitorial service company, keeps 70 percent of current staff, increases amount of working hours, and minimum wage.

Hope Barron Tejano Tribune The recent contract with GCA Services, El Paso Community College’s previous janitorial firm, expired on Aug. 31, which lead to a new contract with a brand new janitorial service company, Olympus. Olympus took over the contract Sept. 1. “Every five to seven years the contract goes out for bid, competitive bid,” said Richard Lobato, Executive Director of EPCC’s Physical Plant Department. The Physical Plant Department is responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of the buildings and grounds of all six EPCC campuses. This contract bid allows a new company to submit an offer to take over. A specially selected committee decided which company provided the best value and Olympus was chosen. According to Ruben Gallardo, Director of Purchasing and Contract Management for EPCC, the College District’s Administration

was aware that the contract was coming to an end. “They issued the Request for Competitive Sealed Proposals to allow any interested janitorial firm with the required experience to submit an offer,” said Gallardo. “The District considers these offers and awards the contract to the firm whose offer is considered the best value. “The procurement process in which Olympus’ offer was selected as representing best value was El Paso Community College Request for Competitive Sealed Proposals,” explained Gallardo. The standard process required by state law for Texas community colleges was followed for the solicitation. “The janitorial firms were then asked to physically come and make presentations to that Committee,” Gallardo said. “Six offers from six different companies were received. The ‘CSP Analysis Committee’ evaluated the written offers.” Out of the six offers, four companies were finalist, and out of those four, Olympus

was awarded the contract. Lobato added that the contract required the awarded contractor to maintain a minimum of only 70-percent of the current staff and the latest update he had was that Olympus hired only 85-percent of the current staff. “That with any contactor, we, EPCC, cannot dictate to them who they hire and who they don’t,” said Lobato. “The contract can dictate a number that they have to maintain or hire initially, and we just felt that 70-percent was a fair number, because it was the majority of them and we didn’t know how the staffing levels would fall or rise.” According to Lobato, Olympus increased the amount of working hours and the minimum wage for each employee. “Olympus has a more structured approach to their sanitary cleanup and we are hoping that will result in a cleaner environment for faculty, staff, and students,” Lobato added. “It’s only been a few weeks and there is a learning curve on their side and a learning curve on our side as well.”

EPCC adopts Ramona Elementary

Alyssa Estrada Tejano Tribune

In September, EPCC proudly announced that they have adopted Ramona Elementary as their third adoption for their elementary school adoption program. This elementary will be the first adoption of YISD as they adopted on Oct. 21, 2013 Campestre Elementary and adopted Douglass two years after. The main goal of this program is to create a college growing culture, meaning that they wish to make a comfortable setting once they are able to enter college, also establishing a stronger connection with this generation. They do so by having them visit EPCC. “We want them to feel comfortable around our campus… so that when

they are finally able to going EPCC they will be comfortable in their setting,” said Nita CorralNava, the Director of recruitment. Corral-Nava also stated that they wish to “familiarize the kids from pre-k to the 5th & 6th grade so that they have an avenue to go to college.” She believes that it is better to have the students be acquainted with the college at an early age, because when they are Seniors in high school it is late to create a college growing culture. The program was originally recruiting K-12, however when President Aranda came to EPCC he had brought this program from Texas Community College called “Adopting an Elementary School” and transported the structures initiative to the college which we all know of today.

During what we like to call being accepted or the confirmation, the children are given backpacks with different type of goodies and school supplies inside, while also giving each one a t-shirt to represent the unity of the Early college and their Elementary school. Even though EPCC does not select the schools for their adoption, they show the obligation to be there for them for any school.

Corral-Nava informs that they encourage volunteers to help their program to read to children and participate in events they have with their children. It’s a coproduction to the community as a college growing culture meaning that they wish to have more volunteers. For more information and interest on volunteering you may, contact them at (915) 831-2864.

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Valle Verde campus, Room A2710 P.O. Box 20500 El Paso, TX 79998 The El Paso County Community College District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity. MICHAEL INKS \ TEJANO TRIBUNE

EPCC adopted Ramona Elementary for their elementary school adoption program.

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3 October 12, 2016

Tejano Tribune

Voices around campus Michelle Luna Tejano Tribune

What do you think about the creepy clown craze? “It’s wrong because eventually in reality when they scare someone and they fight back, someone is going to get hurt. It’s not funny right now, why would they think it would be funny later. It’s not safe.”

Claudia Casillas Dental Program


I'm Faby-ulous, the new student editor

Faby's Footnotes Fabiola Terrazas

Hello to everyone out there who’s reading this. My name is Fabiola Terrazas and I’m going to be the new editor at the Tejano Tribune. I’m equally excited and nervous about this new chapter in my life. I know this is going to be a great opportunity for my future and I’m grateful for it. I know there are going to be many challenges for

me during this semester, but I think this job is really worth it. It’s what I’m passionate about, and being able to do what I love and getting paid for it is one of my goals in life. I hope to be up for the challenge, because let me tell you, this is not an easy job. I really want the Tejano Tribune readers to enjoy the newspaper and what we all have to say. One of the things that I really love about this job is being able to express myself and get people’s attention to what I have to say. I’ve been writing since I was little and I have a lot of imagination. I can come up any kind of weird scenarios. Up until the end of high school I had no idea

what I wanted to do with my life. It took me a while to figure it out. In the process of finding out what my path was going to be I kind of fell into this career, and now I’m happy to say that it’s all I hoped for and more. I am from Juarez, and I’m glad to say it, because really, it might not be a beautiful city, but Juarenses are people from an entire different world. If you’ve never been there you should really go and visit. I’ve lived there 16 of the 20 years I’ve been alive, so I think it’s safe to say that I know what I’m talking about. The other 4 years of my life I spent them in Parral, which is also in the state of Chihuahua, but I consider myself a Juarense.

I see myself in a future living in a big city, full with energy and people from all around the world. I want to work in a newspaper or magazine and be a reporter for them and maybe, if I’m going big here, becoming the editor at that workplace. I hope that from now on you enjoy my columns and whatever crazy or not crazy story I want to share with you all. So you are going to hear from me every week, and if you have any ideas or complaints about the EPCC community, you can tell us about it. And hey! We’ll maybe run your idea. You can email me at leadeditor@, and I’ll make sure to listen to all your opinions.

At that hour the cafeteria gets crowded, the students go to the cafeteria to relax, chat with their friends, and eat or do some homework, but in my opinion some of those things can’t get done because the cafeteria gets packed. During my first year I had to walk through the cafeteria to get to my class and it was already crowded, I looked around and see that the Subway and the Tazas coffee was crowded too. During the first week of classes the bookstore gets packed because everyone is getting their books and the cafeteria is worse. There are no seats

available and some of the students prefer to stay outside. My friends and I prefer to stay outside or to go eat to a restaurant and sometimes when we buy food in the cafeteria we have to eat outside because there are no tables available. I suggest to make the cafeteria bigger and comfortable as well as the bookstore and maybe add more restaurants. I know the majority of the students don’t stay too long on campus because they have to go to work or they have another things to do. For the students who are coursing the first semester, I think they would enjoy a bigger

cafeteria, and new food options instead of only having Subway, the cafeteria, and Tazas coffee.Just as we current students like me who have more time in VV. Having a new and bigger cafeteria or maybe if it’s possible to build another building, will not affect the school neither the students, if anything it would benefit everyone. I think they will be grateful to have a new cafeteria, a new bookstore, obviously new restaurants and I think it would be a great opportunity for students who are looking for a job to add more restaurants. I know what I’m suggesting it’s difficult,

Naomi De La Cruz Physical Therapy

“I think it’s just a Halloween prank. People are messing around, it started in one place, a lot of people saw it and started copying it. That’s why we’re seeing it all around town, it became a trend.”

Many students are on campus at 7 a.m. and do not leave until after noon. During that time they have breaks and the first thing they do is go to the cafeteria and buy something to eat. The cafeteria is full of students, everyone is buying something to eat or they take a seat to relax, or finish their homework.

ag r ee? d isag r ee? sen d a "Letter to th e ed ito r" to: lead ed ito r@tejan otr i b u n m

Noa Martinez Psychology

It’s just a trend that’s going on, because of Halloween. I think it’s funny but it’s not safe for people to dress up as clowns because they’re getting hurt. Clown Lives Matter.”

Cafeteria needs more space and food choices

Guest Column Andrea Montes

“It’s scary but dumb. I heard that there’s people that have actually gotten hurt, but I think most of it just to scare. It will eventually people will get tired and It will die out.”

Orlando Argumedo Physical Therapy

What do you think about the creepy clown craze?


4 October 12, 2016

Tejano Tribune

EPCC Tejanos spend the fall getting ready for the 2017 baseball season Daniel D. Rangel Tejano Tribune

The Tejanos baseball team will be playing scrimmage games this fall in preparation for the 2017 season. Currently the team is still having tryouts, so the roster isn't complete yet but coach Gabriel Saucedo still sees a great season ahead of them. “Based on what we have seen this fall, we believe we have a very good chance at being in the top four of our conference and a chance to play in the region 5 tournament this season,” he said. “This year we will have good pitching and I believe we will have good hitting. What we found out this weekend is we

have a team that will never quit.” The returning players may have big shoes to fill and the new ones are still in the process of trying out for the team, but they are still leaving quite the impression on their coach. “Our pitching staff has been upgraded," said Saucedo, "They throw harder and are more consistent around the strike zone than last year; we lost some key hitters but I believe the guys coming back will not only fill in the holes of those that graduated." The EPCC Tejanos open their regular season with a four-game series against Scottsdale Community College at the EPCC field located at the Valle Verde Campus on January, 2017.


EPCC Tejanos baseball players, who are trying out for the 2017 season, take on some high school all-stars at the college baseball field on Saturday, Oct. 8.

EPCC hosts intramural crossfit

Damon Smith Tejano Tribune

EPCC Intramurals will offer students a chance to show off their athletic prowess. The department will hold a CrossFit training event at the Valle Verde campus cafeteria annex on Friday, Oct. 14. “We’ll be down there showing students on how to use the ropes, pulling the sleds, working with the kettlebells, doing burpees, push-ups and sit-ups, things of that nature,” said Louie Hernandez, Intramural Sports Manager. “We’ll be taking them through one-on-one-time training sessions.

We’ll be giving everybody some water and stuff like that as they finish.” Anyone looking for a facility in which to get ready for the competition can do so at the college. EPCC holds CrossFit training sessions at the VV gym on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1 to 2 p.m. “We take the sled out, we will have the ropes out there, we will have the medicine ball out there and we will go through some of the training session as far as using equipment there,” said Hernandez. For more information or to participate, go to the Valle Verde gym on the day and time of the event or call 915-831-2567.

7 2887 831- 831-413 . r D . r e and unte 19 H . Rio Gr 9 . e Verd 00 W Valle rande . 1 G Rio


ON THE SCENE EPCC baseball team is currently holding tryouts for 2017. The Tejanos will open the season in January.

Photos by Fabiola Terrazas Missed a previous edition? Archives available at:

Request Line 831-3251

5 October 12, 2016

Tejano Tribune


6 October 12, 2016

Tejano Tribune

EPCC named one of El Paso’s Hispanos Triunfadores Luis Gonzalez Tejano Tribune

On Sept. 22, EPCC President, William Serrata, was honored at the 17th Annual McDonalds’ Hispanos Triunfadores Award Ceremony and Luncheon at the El Paso Marriot. “It’s an honor to be named one of El Paso’s Hispanos Triunfadores along with such other dynamic community leaders,” said Serrata after receiving the award. The award honors a person who serves as an outstanding inspiration to the youth, as well as a role model. The award recognizes subjects in several areas such as: Government, Arts & Entertainment, Business, Lifetime Achievement Business, Science, Community Service and Education. Serrata, who won the Education award, earned his nomination for his FERNIE GARCIA/ EPCC MARKETING concern on the community and his (L-R) Art Fierro, Grace Quintanilla, EPCC President WIlliam Serrata, Jessica Serrata, John Uxer, Belen Robles and Carmen Olivas-Graham at the influence on higher education. Hispanos Triunfadores award ceremony. “Dr. Serrata is the best there is in the field of education. He has made a education more widely available as well among nearly 1,200 difference to the community college, as increasing the number of graduates— community colleges the most important post-secondary he has also cultivated community in awarding Associate education institution for our region,” collaborations, improved training Degrees to Hispanic Belen Robles, EPCC Board Trustee said. programs for industry and business and students, and 17th overall “He has also embraced the created partnerships with K-12, which among all colleges and community and is involved in our promotes a college-going culture. universities. city in addition to his dynamic role at “By creating a college-going Besides the previously EPCC.” The college has been awarded culture and innovative student success noted awards, EPCC has numerous national recognitions since initiatives, EPCC is opening the pathway been recognized with Serrata became involved with it. Awards to higher education and a better prepared the Higher Education such as the American Association of workforce in our region,” said Serrata. Excellence in Diversity Community College’s National Award “In recent years EPCC has been (HEED) Award and the of Excellence for Student Success in focusing on engaging students, growing Military Friendly Schools 2016, as well as being ranked among the community partnerships and fostering a distinction—which top ten colleges in the nation for 2015 by culture of excellence with measurable identifies colleges that are FERNIE GARCIA/ EPCC MARKETING the Aspen Institute. success.” doing the most to enhance Serrata became president in 2012, Nationally, the Community College the success of America’s EPCC President, Richard Castro (L), and William Serrata, during since then he has made access to Week has rated EPCC number one military service members, the 17th Annual McDonald's Hispanos Triunfadores Award

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7 October 12, 2016

Tejano Tribune

Ability awareness event encourages opportunities for those with disabilities


UTEP, in collaboration with EPCC and the Hospital of Providence, celebrating Ability Awareness Week, which aims to encourage people with disabilities to contribute to the nation’s workforce.

Alejandro Hernandez Tejano Tribune “This is an important week because it is meant to help those who need it. We should be thankful for what we have and help others without expecting to receive something back,” said Karen Hernandez, a student at the UTEP. UTEP in collaboration with EPCC, the Hospital of Providence, and many more are celebrating the Ability Awareness Week. The event's purpose is to celebrate the potential contributions that people with disabilities can make to the nation’s workforce. This event commemorates the annual event of October known as National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). A national campaign that raises awareness about disability employment issues and celebrates the many and varied contributions of America’s workers with disabilities. Organized by UTEP and Support

Services (CASS) the event will include several free events, which aim to increase disability awareness on campus, change attitudes regarding disability and increase campus accessibility. “It’s a shame most of the people don’t get to participate in these events. This helps us to look at disabilities with another eyes and have a better point of view about it. Many people with disabilities have done amazing stuff and they deserve all the respect for that,” Hernandez said. The event consisted of a whole week starting from Monday, Oct. 3 to Friday Oct. 7. On Monday there was an opening session with award recognition to those with disabilities that have done amazing things for the Tomas Rivera Conference Center. In the evening there was a wheelchair basketball game between El Paso “Air Wheelers” and Las Cruces “Rollers”. Tuesday, Oct. 4 an educational

NATIONAL FIRE PREVENTION WEEK Don’t Wait, Check the Date! Three out of five home fire deaths happen from fires in homes with no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms. Working smoke alarms cut the risk of dying in reported home fires in half. When smoke alarms fail to operate, it is usually because batteries are missing, disconnected, or dead. Smoking materials are the leading cause of home fire deaths. National Fire Protection Association

seminar took place on UTEP East Union Plaza. The follwing day, the Resource Fair took place which had a health and disability-related vendors and service provider’s exhibitions, a career fair of employers that are interested in hiring people with disabilities. Also a photo voice and reception took place at Tomas Rivera Conference Center on that day, where student presenters showcased their photographic images and narratives. The seminar will bring together advocates and policymakers to create awareness on issues of concern, such as health, housing, transportation, parking, accessibility, restroom gender designations for improving quality of life, and access to services for students with disabilities. The Ability Awareness Week is an important event that celebrates people with disability, helping them to find a job or motivating them to become a better version of themselves.

Clean water event to be held in Alamogordo Fabiola Terrazas Tejano Tribune The Bureau of Reclamation is going to host the Pitch to Pilot event at Alamogordo, on Oct. 19 at 6 p.m. The event's six finalists are going to compete for three awards of $100,000 to fund their projects. The finalists are going to test and create technologies in water treatment during the course of next year. The finalists are the UTEP, Lehigh, Pacific Advanced Civil Engineering, University of North Texas, California, and Mepilus, Inc. The attendance to this event is going to be free, and the attendees are going to have the opportunity to vote for their favorite technology. And also to know more about what Reclamation does for our environment and how they work with water in America. For more information or to register for this event go to

ENTERTAINMENT Blast off to Johnny Rockets for burgers and shakes 8

October 12, 2016


Melissa Garcia Tejano Tribune

Ever wanted to find an escape from life’s complications, so that you can enjoy the more simple goodness of life? If so come on down to Johnny Rockets. That was the general concept of Ronn Teitelbaum, when he established the first location back in 1986 in California. Almost 30 years later, there are 350 locations in 26 countries worldwide. Now El Paso is lucky to have two locations in the Sun City. The first location on Mesa and its second in Cielo Vista Mall. Whether you’re on the east or west side of town, they’re in arms length for you. As you enter a Johnny Rockets you get the feeling of a modern 50s style diner. With the classic goodness of burgers, fries, and shakes, it takes you back into time with a modern twist. Not only do they serve the classics but there’s also comfort food such as chili, chicken sandwiches and tenders, and if you want a lighter taste they have salads as well. Not only delicious food but also great customer service. “It is the quality and the friendly service that we provide at all

Miner Village features new Johnny Rockets drive-thru restaurant with burgers, shakes, and fries.

Johnny Rockets that makes us just a tad different than the rest” said Edgar Pardo, General Manager, Certified Trainer and Opening Unit Coordinator. That is completely true, for when I went to their grand opening weekend, it’s exactly what

I witnessed. I ordered an original burger with fries and a chocolate shake. When the waiter brought me my food I was expecting a box on a tray well I was mistaken, it was on a paper tray and its presentation took

Tejano Tribune

it from being fast food to gourmet food. It may be small inside but if you look a little farther into the restaurant you will notice a back patio, giving you the option of eating indoors or under the stars. With its tasty food and service it was the first restaurant that I saw that had over 5 managers on duty, each one helping out, and attending to their customers. You don’t see that every day, most places either have one or two managers on duty but not over 5. That’s what I think made the place more friendly and considerate. As a result to this service I would definitely recommend Johnny Rockets; it is a place for families’ friends and would make a great place for a first date, a milkshake with two straws under the stars please. The idea of having more Johnny Rockets in El Paso would be quite exquisite and that may just happen, according to Jose Luis Fernandez, General Manager, in regards to the mall location, “I believe that this location will go very far and that we will see more of Johnny Rockets in El Paso.” So if you are looking for a break from your complicated day, blast off to infinity and beyond at Johnny Rockets.


"Stranger" is a refreshing thriller


Rachel (Emily Blunt) sitting on the train observing the "perfect couple."

Girl on the train stays on track for suspense Karina Chavez Tejano Tribune (L/R) Lucas, Dustin, Mike, and Eleven, star in Netflix's Stranger Things.

Gianfranco Portanova Tejano Tribune

The Netflix original series “Stranger Things” starts with a group of boys as they look for their missing friend. While that happens, we see the events of other people in the series relate to one another in the case of the missing child. The mother of the missing boy is going through a crisis whilst panicking for her lost son. Mike's older sister befriends the missing boy, Will's, socially awkward older brother, in trying to find the monster. In the midst of all of this, a mysterious little girl “Eleven” possesses strange powers that no one understands. The characters in the show are diverse characters as well as one of the main focuses of the series. These actors have

had the most respectful acting I’ve ever seen from a cast of children. Not only that, actors like Wynonna Ryder, David Harbour, Matthew Modine and Charlie Heaton gave amazing performances and portrayed the character and their problems in a very amazing and professional manner. Each character goes through some sort of arc and then turns to either the person they once were, or someone completely different for the better. The cinematography and lighting both come hand in hand with its very unique style. It has the mixture of both light and darkness, never getting too bright for scenes where it’s day time but also you can see that it’s dark from how bright it usually is during the day time. I believe it uses this to its advantage to get

that 1960 effect, because whenever you think of the 60s, it always feels like you’re going through some sort of flashback. With "Stranger Things" it is in a way one huge flashback since it doesn’t take place in modern times. If you haven’t seen “Stranger Things” and you have a love for Stephen King and Steven Spielberg, then go and watch this show right now! You will not regret your viewing time. Stranger things can be viewed on Netflix at any time, if you don’t have Netflix right now, then you better get yourself eight bucks for each month because you aren’t going to miss this show’s first season, and you definitely won’t want to miss Season 2 coming in 2017! I give Stranger Things 5 out of 5 stars.

Tate Taylor's 2016 film, “The Girl On The Train” is a movie that will keep you thinking from beginning to end. The film initiates with the main character Rachel (Emily Blunt) riding the train day-dreaming about her past life while watching the perfect couple out the window. Rachel rides the train every day to New York and back home with the only motive of seeing the perfect couple she comes upon while riding on the train. Later it is revealed that the home of the “perfect couple” is two houses down the street of where her own marriage fell apart on account of her alcoholism. The perfect relationship between Megan (Haley Bennet) and Scott (Luke Evans), made Rachel very interested and jealous of them because they had the type of relationship she always wanted. One day while riding on the train Rachel happens to see Megan with another man and starts to go insane because she knows how it feels to be betrayed by a significant other. She stops at a bar in New York and gets drunk with a random woman who expresses her

thoughts about the situation which makes her start screaming all these psychotic intentions of wanting to murder Megan for betraying Scott. She decides to call her exhusband Tom (Justin Theroux) to see how he and his new wife Ana (Rebbeca Ferguson) are doing. Rachel was on the train and decide sto get off the train to acknowledge Ana. She tells her how she really felt after so many years of not being able to find a way to tell Tom and Ana her true feelings. She was extremely drunk and blacking out, she passes by a tunnel where she believes she sees Ana and calls her a whore. After that she doesn’t remember what happens. All she remembers is waking up at her house without a single clue how she got there or why she is bleeding from her head. The film then goes into further detail through flashbacks. That’s when all her flashbacks dating to four months ago up until the Friday that Megan goes missing. The flashbacks from the film keep you on the edge of your seat wanting to figure out the truth behind every moment in which everyone is trying to figure out what happened to Megan. I would rate this movie 4 out of 5 stars.

October 12 | Tejano Tribune  
October 12 | Tejano Tribune