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President discusses his vision for college Tamara Harmanson Tejano Tribune

El Paso Community College President, Dr. William Serrata is conducting campus wide town hall meetings for all who are interested in attending. Serrata’s last two town hall meetings were on both Tuesday, April 1. He conducted his first meeting at the ASC Boardroom from 9 to 11 a.m. and held a following meeting at the VV campus Cafeteria Annex from 2 to 4 p.m. These meetings give Dr. Serrata the opportunity to inform students, faulty, and staff on his vision for EPCC. In all meetings the school President goes over the SACSCOC update, enrollment strategies, comprehension study, the district wide master plan, a professional development day, and special recognition for students and faculty. At the last VV campus town hall meeting Serrata said, “We need to take time

April 9, 2014

ASC . Fort Bliss . Mission del Paso . Northwest . Rio Grande . Transmountain . Valle Verde

Ignacio Soto Conde / Tejano Tribune

EPCC President Dr. Serrata conducting one of the town hall meetings at the Valle Verde cafeteria annex.

to celebrate the amazing achievements that we have at this campus and that are led

by this campus. Many of you, faculty, staff and administrators, are

based on this campus.” For enrollment strategies EPCC, along with 12 other colleges and universities and two school districts, partnered with Texas Education Consortium for Male Students. The organization seeks to align and coordinate existing programs and services for under-represented male students. The dual credit programs and early college high schools (ECHS) at EPCC is also a big part of enrollment strategies. “We have been approved by the TEA for a seventh ECHS at Burges and then we are also a part of a legislation to move forward with a Career and Technology Education (CTE) ECHS,” Serrata said. The new Ft. Bliss campus that is in works is a main part of the district wide master plan. “We will need new staff positions as well as a new dean to run the campus,” said Serrata. See Serrata page 7

Tuition & Fees Committee to meet at ASC The Tuition and Fees Committee will hold a meeting at the Administrative Service Center A Building, Board of Trustees Room #A200. The meeting will be held on Monday, April 14 at 2 p.m. The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss tuition and fees for the 2014/15 academic year. For more information call Fernie Flores at 831-6391.

Club Fair at Valle Verde EPCC clubs will be providing fun activities for students and handing out information on their clubs. The fair will be on April 11 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Americana Language Village near the portables. Come for the free live entertainment, food, and the opportunity to boost your resume by joining a college club. For more info email

Are you addicted to selfies?

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April 9, 2014

Tejano Tribune

International Honor Society looking for members Jesús A. Rodríguez Tejano Tribune

If you are a student with high grades at EPCC, you may qualify to join Phi Theta Kappa. Students that meet the requirements have already been sent out an invitation. The eligible students have till the end of April to accept membership. “When you get these brilliant and beautiful brains together there’s no telling on what they might be able to do for the college or the community at large,” said Zaira Crisafulli, EPCC’s Phi Theta Kappa advisor. By joining Phi Theta Kappa, you will have the opportunity to be an active member, serve your community, and learn organizational and leadership skills. It will be noted on your transcript that you are part of this society. Members will qualify for over $36 million in scholarships at four-year colleges and universities. To join, students must

EPCC’s Phi Theta Kappa members will qualify for over $36 million in scholarships at four-year colleges and universities.

have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher and have completed at least 12 credit hours toward an associate’s degree program. Even though April 4 was the original deadline to join and be considered for the induction ceremony, which will be on April 17. The organization will continue to accept applications during April. Make sure to check your EPCC e-mail and your home mailbox to accept membership before the closing date. After joining, students

must maintain a 3.25 GPA and be enrolled in at least three credit hours at EPCC to remain in good standing. “It is a wonderful organization, and when you obtain this academic success, you want to be around like-minded individuals, it’s hard to find that,” said Crisafulli. Phi Theta Kappa is the only international honor society for two-year colleges. It currently has more than 1,200 chapters on campuses throughout the

world and recently inducted its three-millionth member. Phi Theta Kappa the largest honor society in the world. The chapter in El Paso “Omega Gamma” was named one of the top chapters in Texas by the organization, their second year in a row. “We have a very active local chapter that helps the college and community in some way that it hasn’t already been served,” Crisafulli said. “We have different projects during the year.

The main college project is to work hand in hand with Dr. Serrata, EPCC’s president, to listen to whatever he wants to happen with the college, and we try to figure out what projects we can create to facilitate that.” The basic purpose of Phi theta Kappa is the recognition and encouragement of academic excellence. It promotes service to the El Paso community, fosters a spirit of fellowship among its student members, and provides


leadership development opportunities. If you are a student who hasn’t received an invitation yet but you do meet the eligibility requirements, please contact EPCC’s Phi Theta Kappa advisor to start the application process for membership. The official Phi Theta Kappa website is and the local chapter is For more information contact Zaira Crisafulli, at 915-831-5082 or online at

Tejano Tribune April 9, 2014



Fictitious or not, ADHD is very real to me Voices around campus My Silver Lining

Tamara Harmanson

Recently people have been saying that Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) doesn’t exist, it’s a made up thing. Teachers just can’t cope with fidgety kids in class or that it’s a conspiracy for the pharmaceutical industry to sell Ritalin. Inventor of ADHD, psychiatrist Leon Eisenberg, said before his death in his last interview that “ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease.” Have all ADHD patients been labeled for no reason? Parents and teachers have demanded that their

children and students take the proper medication for ADHD. It was always an easy solution, but were they learning anything from doing that? Saying ADHD is a conspiracy by the pharmaceuticals company to sell Ritalin is just too easy. In this situation I agree but then disagree that ADHD is made up. Those who suffer from ADHD have real problems and with each case the different problems vary. Where does that leave these children who are currently labeled as ADHD? In America 9 percent of children are labeled ADHD every year. Where as in France it is only 5 percent. What could be the causes for the difference? In France when treating a child with ADHD they take a different approach, like spending extra time

in therapy rather than just upping the pill dosage. The French also take a look at the nutritional end of it. Not too long ago a study, by Sara Novak, came out saying that food is the cause for 64 percent of all children with ADHD. The symptoms in the children improved with the dietary changes. That doesn’t necessarily mean just junk food. Maybe you don’t even feed your kids junk food, and they still act like they are not in the right mind or extra energetic. It’s because a food that is perfectly okay for one person may cause hyperactivity in another, an example of this is gluten. The way you can find out if your children have these food sensitivities is to do food sensitivity testing, which is different than regular allergy testing.

So if ADHD is made up how is that symptoms can improve with dietary changes? Possibly because the disorder may be made up but the symptoms are real. Blurting out answers, not waiting their turn, being easily distracted, or forgetful in daily activities, are all symptoms. It is the way that all the ADHD symptoms are grouped together and labeled as one distinct psychiatric disorder that seems like the made up part to me. We need to look at the underlying causes of all these individual symptoms and address those needs specifically. I see that there is a problem with children who are considered to have ADHD, but just maybe not the problem doctors have been giving us for years.

Compiled by Denisse Franco Tejano Tribune

The American Psychiatric Association labels taking selfies as an addiction. Do you agree?

Evelyn Quiñones Nursing

I strongly disagree with that. I consider a selfie a thing us, as teenagers, do. I take a selfie probably once a day. As I said, I don’t think it’s an addiction. Some people just like to take pictures or maybe they’re just conceited. Ivan Castillo Accounting

I personally take a lot of selfies, but not around people. I find it embarrassing. I see people taking selfies in stores and I think it is awkward. I also take a lot of pictures with people as well. I consider it a type of journal, but I just take selfies when I’m alone and I don’t upload them instantly like other people that upload every single picture they take.

Anti-gun senator arrested for trafficking weapons: hypocrisy at its finest Shane Brandt Daily Cougar

(UWIRE) University of Houston - Last week, California State Sen. Leland Yee was arrested by the FBI on suspicion of weapons trafficking. Yee, who was a frontrunner for secretary of state, has now been suspended from the state’s Senate as well. Yee, a longtime Democrat known for his antigun stance, was arrested after allegedly offering to set up an arms deal for an undercover FBI agent who posed as an East Coast Mafia member. According to reports, he faces mul-

tiple corruption charges, and the FBI has audio evidence. Democratic legislators throughout the U.S. often express their adamant disdain for things like barrel shrouds and magazines — they usually end up confused on what they actually are — and claim banning such devices will curb gun crime in the States. While perhaps some measures need to be taken and can be taken to protect citizens from gun abuse, many have too easily voted away their rights to politicians like Yee. Many students in particular with concealed

handgun licenses are not allowed to exercise their rights to defense. Petroleum engineering junior Nehemiah Niccum said students should be allowed to carry weapons if they meet certain criteria. “I believe students should be allowed to carry on campus,” Niccum said. “After, of course, completion of a CHL course, as well as a background check.” I feel sympathetic for all students who worry about gun crime on campus, but what cannot be stressed enough is that those licensed to con-

cealed-carry are rarely guilty of violent crime. According to statistics from the Texas Department of Public Safety, CHL holders made up 0.1897 percent of crimes in Texas in 2012. Those responsible for school shootings are not CHL holders. Don’t let your right to defend yourself continue to be trampled by politicians who play the emotional appeal instead of the statistical one. Even if you are progun control, none of us should be happy with current attempts at reform. It’s time for students to start demanding change.

I don’t think they’re really an addiction. I rarely take them. I usually take them when I want to show off my outfit or makeup, but I generally don’t take them. I find it irritating when people update selfies almost every hour, but I don’t think it is addictive.

Laura Chavez Architecture

Yazzrell del Valle Public Relations

I completely agree. I think selfies are harmful for the self-esteem of people because it makes you think that if you don’t get enough likes, you will not be accepted by society. This a serious problem that is strongly affecting our youths. It is a necessity for people that do not have good self-esteem and only worry about what other people think of them.

Tejano Tribune Spring 2014

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Intramural Sports keeps bringing the house down

Staying positive in times of adversity

Gerald Ceballos-Rosas

File Photo

Ericka Miller Tejano Tribune

Michelle Rosado / Tejano Tribune

EPCC student Austin Davis shooting at the Free Throw Basketball Competition Shout Out at VV.

Kevin Osborn Tejano Tribune

There’s nothing better than a quick cardio. Unless it’s a quick cardio and meeting new people. On Friday, March 28, EPCC’s Intramural Sports held a Free Throw Basketball Shoot Out competition at Valle Verde campus in the gym. The event ran from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and was open to all EPCC students interested in taking part. As are all the Intramural Sports events. Intramural Sports events run all throughout the semester. Students just simply need to show up and sign in and then they are ready to compete. The contest was for both male and female competitors who were interested in having great fun. EPCC students and faculty may be unaware of why intramural sports hold their events so frequently. Louis Hernandez, Intramural Sports Coordinator said “It’s for the students to have fun. Events like this happen all throughout the semester and that we should look forward to more. We are always changing up events to keep it interesting.” If fun is not enough motivation for students, first through third place winners received shiny medals. The event was a simple free throw competition where all students had to

shoot from the free throw line. Players each had twelve tries to ‘shoot’ for the top. “All you need to do is show up and register,” said Hernandez. Austin Davis, a Business and Accounting major, after receiving a score of five said “I’m sad.” Scores of four through seven were common among the student competitors. “It was embarrassing, I am not a basketball player at all, but it was fun,” said Stephanie Dominguez, a Kinesiology and Criminal Justice major. EPCC Intramural Sports receives a diverse amount of students who are eager for a few spontaneous moments of fun. Joel Davila, Physical Therapist Assistant study, said “I could have done better.” He scored an eight out of twelve. Burst out of your shells and participate, there is nothing wrong with a few moments to laugh and play like a kid once again. “Even though I haven’t played in a long time, I did pretty good,” said Aaron Gutierrez, a student who is part of the EPCC Automotive Program. The next Intramural Sports event for students will be the Punt, Pass and Kick contest on April 17 at the VV Soccer Field at 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more information contact Louis Hernandez at 831-2567 or online at

Tejano Tribune April 9, 2014

When tragedy surprised the life of freshman Tejanos catcher Gerald Ceballos-Rosas with the death of his close aunt it didn’t stop him from continuing to shine on and off the field. She lost her battle to breast cancer in January of this year. Ceballos’s aunt was like a mother to him. He remembers vividly their trips to the park, church and baseball practices. “She was my mom’s best friend and like my second mom,” Ceballos said. She had previously been treated twice for cancer and beat it. This time around the doctor’s prognosis projected two days of survival but she proved them wrong and lived longer than expected. “She fought for two years,” Ceballos said. “My only goal now is to make her proud.” When Ceballos traveled to Rio Grande, Puerto Rico for his aunt’s funeral his presence was undeniably missed by his new family back in El Paso. “We go as far he goes, when he is positive were really good but when he is down on himself it’s kind of when we struggle at times. The kids call him “Papi” he’s kind of like the dad of the kids,” said Tejanos head coach Robert Martinez. Team leaders are typically older and upper classman, not for the Tejanos. Although Ceballos is a fresh-

man he possesses qualities of a captain. Ceballos leadership and positive spirit continues to inspire his team mates as they look up to him and respect him. “He’s such a responsible kid on and off the field almost like another coach. He is our everyday catcher and suns the show on this team,” expressed Martinez. Ceballos is proud to be in El Paso and part of the team. “I trust everyone, we are a family, one for all and all for one,” he said. Although Ceballos is thousands of miles away from home mourning the loss of his aunt he is not alone. He feels lucky to be part of such a family oriented and supportive team. Ceballos wishes to stay positive amidst this nightmare and be strong for his family. “He wants an education and to continue playing baseball,” said Martinez. The coaches are very pleased with his performance and hope to bring him on the team one more year. Ceballos is a Puerto Rican native and is currently studying kinesiology at EPCC. On the field, the Tejanos dropped three out of four games at Western Texas College last week. After losing the first three games, EPCC rallied to drub the Westerners 22-5 in the finale. The Tejanos are now tied with New Mexico Military Institute at 9-11 for the fourth and final playoff spot in the Western Junior College Athletic Conference standings. EPCC is 1521 overall. EPCC will host Luna Community College in a four-game series this weekend at the Valle Verde baseball field. Friday’s doubleheader will get underway at noon, with the second game starting at approximately 3 p.m. The two teams will repeat the process on Saturday with games slated for noon and 3 p.m.

Tejano Tribune February 21, 2013



Power 102 rocks EPCC Event at Valle Verde encouraged students to register early

Yossif Al-Harbi, Education Major

Valle Verde students have having fun at the Power 102 event.

Ivan Mayen, Network Security

(L-R) Ramon Soltero, Diego Lucero, and Oliver Roldan.

Photos by Nicolas Lopez and Eduardo Ovalle / Tejano Tribune

Power 102’s John Rodriguez, EPCC Marketing Director Joyce Cordell.

Diamond Gomez from Power 102 and Sun City Girls in charge of the mini golf station.

Deyba Garcia, Business Administration and Jesus Newton, Mechanical Engineering.

Apr 9 - Apr 15



April 9, 2014

Tejano Tribune

Facebook stepping into the future with Oculus Rift

Billy Lincourt Nineronline

(UWIRE) UNC CharlotteWorrying news spread fast in the gaming community when Oculus VR, makers and developers of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, was purchased by social media giant Facebook. Much of the outrage is due to Oculus selling out to a big company. Some also fear that this platform for virtual reality gaming will be turned, twisted and perverted into simply money grabs like “Candy Crush: Virtual Reality.” Basically, the worry is that having this amazing technology forced into scenarios that it was not made for will turn it into nothing more then a gimmick. There was also confusion about the acquisition by Facebook. It sounds odd that a social media company would be interested in acquiring the leader of the virtual reality gaming niche. Though, after some thought, it could be worse. A company like EA, a major video game publisher, would most definitely have treated it like a gimmick, forcing it into every product until people got sick of it. On the other end of the spectrum, Valve, a well-regarded game developer and creator of the digi-

tal distribution platform Steam, would most likely treat the Oculus headset with the respect and care it deserves. Valve is known for innovating and taking great care of the products they make; this would have gone over well with gamers. Some developers did jump ship from developing for the Oculus shortly after Facebook’s purchase. One of the largest and most well known is Mojang, the developers of the Internet

sensation “Minecraft.” Shortly after the purchase of Oculus went public, “Minecraft” creator Markus “Notch” Persson tweeted, “We were in talks about maybe bringing a version of ‘Minecraft’ to Oculus. I just cancelled that deal. Facebook creeps me out.” How many other companies with large loyal followings will jump ship like that? The implementation of virtual reality platforms in social media is unavoidable. It is going

April is Alcohol Awareness Month FAQ’s

· What is alcohol? Alcohol that is consumed is ethyl alcohol (ethanol) and is produced by the fermentation of yeast, sugars, and starches. Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant drug and ethanol is the intoxicating ingredient found in beer, wine, and liquor. · What is a “Standard Drink” of alcohol? A standard drink contains about 14 grams of pure alcohol; 12 oz. of beer or cooler; 8 oz. of malt liquor; 5 oz. of Wine; a 1.5 oz. shot of liquor. ·Isn’t beer or wine safer to drink than liquor? No. One 12 oz. beer has about the same amount of alcohol as one 5 oz. glass or wine or 1.5 oz. shot of liquor. (National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc.)

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Reproductive Resolutions Inc.

to happen eventually, and that is not a bad thing. The thought of being able to sit on your couch and interact with people in a virtual chat room where you can actually see them is undoubtedly cool for social networking and communication. Getting a full cinematic experience by watching a movie on your headset sounds fantastic, as does watching live sports or concerts from the comfort of your home, yet feeling like you are actually

there. Whether or not Facebook will make these interesting uses a reality remains to be seen. Grass roots tech enthusiasts were originally making Oculus as a gaming platform, and the chief fear is that it will be lost to the social media world now that the largest social media company bought it out. Sure, Facebook has experience with games, but they are always at the mercy of Facebook’s tendency to change their platform in an effort to get more users. Facebook just recently changed is layout again, and these changes are not always well received. Now games on Facebook are not really on Facebook, with more and more of these games just connecting to the site as a way to share scores and advertise. The goal of a social media platform is to gain more and more users; the goal of a game developer is to provide an immersive and entertaining experience through gameplay and storytelling. These goals, while not mutually exclusive, can compete with each other. If Facebook remembers that, in the case of gamers, the best way to get the most users is to make quality games, then they may just have a shot to win the gaming community over.

April 9, 2014


Tejano Tribune

‘Swan Song’ for EPCC Director Hector Serrano Sergio Vela Tejano Tribune

EPCC final play for this semester, Butterflies Are Free, is directed by Instructor and Director, Hector Serrano, who will be retiring this year. With over one hundred plays directed and at least half of those plays for EPCC, Serrano said “I feel at ease to be leaving my ‘house.’” “I’ve been calling this place my home for over 30 years, and I’ve seen it grow from when it barely started, till now that I’m retiring,” said Serrano. Serrano started as a part time teacher when there were still no school campuses. “We were right outside of Fort Bliss, and we where teaching in little portables,” said Serrano. He started teaching English because there was no theater available. Then finally when VV campus opened, which was the first campus to open at EPCC, Serrano joined and started the EPCC Theater Program in 1980. “Over all it has been such a pleasant ride, I seen the college grow, the theater program succeed, and these thirty years have helped me grow as person as well,” said Serrano. Serrano is proud to say that he was the first and only theater faculty member for about 25 years at EPCC. Serrano graduated from UTEP with a degree in Dramatic Literature. He then went to the University of Albuquerque to get his PHD, but did not get it because he decided to go to New York University. After he went to the University of London, then back to the “Acting Studio”, which is ACROSS

1. Backside 5. Anagram of “Space” 10. Aquatic plant 14. Anger

Sergio Vela / Tejano Tribune

After 25 years as Director, Serrano concludes career with Butterflies Are Free.

in New York, and finally finished in the Pasadena Play house, which is in Pasadena, California. Serrano said “I studied theater in all of these Universities and programs, and was able to acquire different skills that have taken me to where I am right now.” When it comes to his student actors Serrano said “I expect my cast to make the commitment, and fulfill it, and if they don’t, I get upset and bothered.” The Theater Ensemble practicing rehearsals vary depending on the play.

15. Stomata 16. Gladly (archaic) 17. A preacher 19. Humdinger 20. Not used

21. Corrosives 22. Pools 23. Insecticide 25. Homeric epic 27. How old you are

Sometimes they can start off from practicing once a week, to twice a week, to everyday of the week all depending on the cast and the play. “The students in my classes are really good to follow my rules and basically do what they have to do, to get the credit for the class. On the other hand, I’m really strict and disciplined with the stage practicing,” Serrano said. One of Serrano’s favorite plays he has directed is the Brighton Beach Memoirs, by Neil Simon. 28. Excluders 31. Amount of hair 34. Prisons 35. Regret 36. Breezy 37. Fastidious 38. Observed 39. Caviar 40. Trainee 41. Explode 42. Engravings 44. Put clothing on 45. Clan emblem 46. Durations 50. Nursemaid 52. Growing old 54. Best seller 55. Away from the wind 56. Letterhead 58. Catholic church service 59. To make known (archaic) 60. Bit of gossip 61. At one time (archaic) 62. Performed 63. Gentlewoman


1. Sporting venue 2. Stream 3. Dishes of shredded cabbage 4. Poetic dusk 5. Coins

“It was such a great cast, and production that two of those actresses are going to be in my last play, Butterflies Are Free,” Serrano said. “I like to direct all types of genres, drama, comedy, and horror. But I do really enjoy directing bilingual/Chicano, Mexican American theme play writes,” said Serrano. “With my understanding of the culture, I can really do a good job on them.” Serrano does has plans for after his retirement. “I’m going to stay with Shakespeare on the Rocks, it’s the company I started with,” Serrano said. “I hope I’m still invited to direct and help out with EPCC plays. I would also like to teach at least one class per semester and over all stay involved with the school.” EPCC Theater Ensemble’s Butterflies Are Free next showing will be at the TM campus Forum Theater, 9570 N. Gateway Blvd., on April 11 and 12 at 8 p.m. and on the 13 at 2:30 p.m. Immediately following the final performance will be a swan song reception celebrating Serrano’s talented work. The Box Office opens at 6 p.m. for evening performances and 12:30 p.m. for Sunday matinees. Phone reservations are available. The admission is $7 for EPCC students, faculty, staff, and senior citizens, $10 for nonEPCC students and military. General admission is $15 and only cash or checks are accepted. All proceeds benefit student scholarships. For more information contact Hector Serrano at 831-5056 or online at

6. Infant’s illness 7. Desiccated 8. Skeptic 9. Eastern Standard Time 10. Borne on the water 11. Clothes cleaner 12. Decorate with gold leaf 13. Rectum 18. Mobs 22. Quarries 24. Not difficult 26. Easter flower 28. Fertile areas 29. Regrets 30. Dispatched 31. Container weight 32. Violent disturbance 33. Verticality 34. Judicious 37. A temple (archaic) 38. Vocalized musically 40. Large town 41. Hand drum 43. Truthful 44. Turned down 46. Flexible 47. 8th Greek letter 48. Employed 49. Hinder 50. What a person is called 51. Winglike 53. General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 56. Calypso offshoot 57. Zero

For the answers to both of the April 9 puzzles go to


Serrata from page 1 “Now some of you may live near that area, want to be on the new campus for the excitement that the new campus brings and if that’s the case wonderful. But then we have to back fill the position whether you’re at the VV campus, MDP campus, or the TM campus. We can’t stretch people thin. We have to look at hiring new faculty and staff.” Serrata wants to implement a Professional Development day for students in each semester. On those specific days there will be no classes for students, but it will require participation by all faculty and staff. For the Fall 2014 Semester it will be on Thursday Sept. 18 and in the Spring 2015 semester it will be on Tuesday Feb. 10. “We actually shut the institution down. I would like to provide a state of the college. We will know where we are with SACSCOC by that time with our reaffirmation process. As well as where we’ll be with the master plan process.” Anyone interested in attending is encouraged too, there is no charge. Attendees also will be able to ask the President questions about their own areas of concerns. Serrata’s next town hall meeting will be on Thursday, April 10 at the MDP campus cafeteria from 9 to 11 a.m. It will be the President’s last town hall meeting. For more information contact William Serrata at 8316511 or online at wserrata@


How to play: The numbers 1 through 9 will appear once only in each row, column, and 3x3 zone. There are 9 such zones in each sudoku grid. There is only one correct solution to each sudoku. Good luck!

Entertainment 8

April 9, 2014

Tejano Tribune

TBS delivers emo happiness on 6th album Jeffrey C. Hernandez Tejano Tribune

Taking Back Sunday’s sixth and newest studio release Happiness Is hit stores on March 18. I hope I can speak for most fans when I say that this is the Taking Back Sunday we all know and love; sonically and lyrically. Many things on this album resemble 2003’s classic release Tell All Your Friends. For one, the emotion and feelings that seemed to be lacking in recent releases are back and more present than ever. Another thing that fans should be thrilled about is the fact that the original lineup that reunited in 2010 is still together and they are doing better than ever. The last release that this lineup put out was actually recorded here in El Paso in 2010, the band even named the first song on the album after our city and have said

they love playing here in El Paso. Some fans say that their last albums were rushed, forced and didn’t feel very genuine. That isn’t the case this time around. Happiness Is has tons of emotion pouring out of every line that front-man Adam Lazzara sings out. The first single off of Happiness Is, “Flicker, Fade” is a ballad type song with a heavy chorus that seems to get better every time you hear it. It’s a song that seems like it could be from the 2003 era of the band, the only difference is that it seems like they have matured more as individuals and as a band. Given the fact that they have been a band for about 15 years now and have had some troubling times, this song which opens the album definitely shows that these guys have learned a lot from each other and from life. The second single which is entitled

There are also a few standout tracks on the album including “Beat Up Car” which goes from a steady moving bass line with emotionally filled vocals to a heavy chorus that is so full and rich that it just fills your heart with the feeling of wanting to run away with that one person you just can’t be without. Overall, I’m very happy that Taking Back Sunday took about 3 years to write, record and release Happiness Is. It’s a well thought out album and is put together perfectly. The only thing that I feel this release is lacking is Taking Back Sunday’s tradeMany things on this album resemble 2003’s clasmark back and forth vocals that Adam sic release Tell All Your Friends. Lazzara and his guitarist/vocalist John “Stood A Chance” is a very fun pop punk Nolan pulled off so well on Tell All Your song that is energetic and easy to get Friends. Although Happiness Is may be misslost in or even hop around to. The music video that accompanies this song is ing this one beloved element of the band, also very fun. It includes everything you I still love this album. I feel Taking Back Sunday’s new recould think of from confetti, paint, fire, lease deserves a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. and even a tiny pug dog.

Divergent doesn’t quite fit Viewers starstruck by ‘Cosmos’ Juan Gutierrez Tejano Tribune

Divergent is full of adventure and action and it screams thrills and adrenaline.

Yvonne Del Rio Tejano Tribune

Released in theaters on March 21, Divergent has many levels of observations from viewers. The blockbuster is your classic best-selling book turned into a film. It is full of adventure and action and it screams thrills and adrenaline. Definitely a movie for those who prefer feeling exploratory. Although, Divergent is more about self-identity and finding a group or family in which you want to belong to, or truly belong to. I see how the movie can relate to our modern society today, like how we are constantly labeled or longing to be a part of a group. Yet, this movie is so unoriginal, it is the balance of The Hunger Games and Twilight. Like Twilight, it has the aspects of romance and true love; The Hun-

ger Games it has a similar program that these young adults are placed in. The main character Tris Prior is played by Shailene Woodley. Her role as Prior was to portray her desperation of wanting to find a place to fit in. She carries many strengths but her main attraction is her special talents. This film contains some romance, but not enough to label under the romance aisle. Watching along you might notice the settings in which the movie took place. It was extremely detailed and great for grabbing the audience’s attention. As your eye captivates amongst the buildings and scenario changes, you might not be able to grasp the concept of the movie unless you are not familiar with the book. It is always difficult for a newbie to follow along, but Divergent can remain

entertaining either way. Another thing that stands out in this motion picture is the characters clothing and specific dialogue. The male lead character is played by Theo James and he plays a large role of strength in this movie. His most detailed feature is the tattoo. That is marked in his back, it’s fairly large and interesting. James’ acting experience is fairly new, but he is not out of practice, the director was wise about choosing the characters and their assigned characters. It is not your ordinary movie; in fact there are still controversial opinions circulating about it. For a fact the movie is a thrill-packed rush, but if you have yet to watch it I suggest you be the judge of the ending. I give it only 3 out of 5 stars.

A simple search on your IMDB app can give you basic information on any particular television show or movie, including a small synopsis of the storyline. Unfortunately, there isn’t an existing condensed review that can properly inform you of everything that the new television series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage has to offer. The show first originally aired in 1980 with its original host and co-creator, Carl Sagan. The New York Times described the show then as “A watershed moment for science themed programming.” Today, the show has been re-created and re-written with the help of late Sagan’s widow, Ann Druyan and other big name executive producers. Along with Druyan, current host and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson had a difficult time getting networks to not only recognize the significance of the show, but also to call to an audience not only interested in the sciences. Seth MacFarlane has played one of the most influential roles when it came to financially launching the show. While he has earned his stripes as a writer and animator with shows such as Fam-

Cosmos first aired in 1980 with its original host and cocreator, Carl Sagan.

ily Guy and movies like Ted, MacFarlane used his clout in the television industry to finally get the show on television after many years of it not being able to air. A fan of the 1980 broadcast, MacFarlane not only set up meeting with the heads of Fox programming, he also provided funding to have some of Sagan’s personal work donated to the Library of Congress. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey is the new title of the show and it shares many parallels to the original thirteen episode production. For example, the “Ship of the Imagination” is still the computer animated vessel that is designed to take viewers to the outer layers of space and/or the inner depths of the human anatomy. Tyson, who was also inspired by Sagan, took on a role greater than himself. He understood the importance of the original broadcast, but also acknowledged the

challenge of reaching out to a new audience. Today’s audience is filled with an abundance of independent social media, allowing them to fine tune their intellectual intake with filters and spam blockers. MacFarlane, Tyson, and Druyan all knew they had to write the show in a fashion that will accommodate not only to the audience stuck in social networks, but also to those starving for more knowledge of the past, present and unknown future. Already four episodes into their first season, Tyson is promising to continue feeding the minds of the curious across the globe. I see the legacy and spirit of Carl Sagan now living on through Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. The new hit show is available for viewing on all Fox networks Sunday evenings, and Mondays on the National Geographic Channel. I give the show 5 out of 5 stars.

April 9 2014 | Tejano Tribune  
April 9 2014 | Tejano Tribune