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EPCC’s Rodriguez is TACHE president-elect Jesús A. Rodriguez Tejano Tribune

Mauricio Rodríguez, M.F.A, Associate Professor and district-wide coordinator of the Chicana/o Studies program at El Paso Community College was elected on Feb. 22 by the Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education (TACHE) as PresidentElect. “I accepted the role as President-Elect after careful consideration, especially in terms of my time, because I understand the commitment that this position comes with.” “It is an extremely difficult position, a lot of responsibility,” Rodríguez said. Since 1974, TACHE has been an organization that focuses in the improvement of educational and employment opportunities for Hispanics in higher education. Rodríguez is one of the

Mauricio Rodriguez

original founding members of the Chicana/o Studies program, a degree that is offered in EPCC. He has been the dis-

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trict-wide coordinator of the program since 2006. He is the first faculty member, not an administrator,

to be the president of TACHE. “No one ran against me, I ran unopposed, but first you have to be nominated by a state board member,” Rodríguez said. “I was asked to run as president by the three previous presidents.” “I accepted the nomination after I got the support from Dr. Serrata,” Rodríguez said. As a Chicano, he is concerned about the little representation of Chicanos in the community because of lack of higher education. “We don’t have representation. When you think about how many brown professors a school in El Paso has, you would think that as a border community, the largest bicultural community on the face of the planet, you would assume that our background See TACHE page 4

New core makes it easier to transfer Second of a two-part series on Texas’ fall semester core modifications

Tamara Harmanson Tejano Tribune

It is very important that every college has a Core Curriculum, especially two year colleges, so students can easily transfer. All students and faculty at a Community College or University should have a great understanding of its own Core Curriculum and all its functions. El Paso Community College Curriculum and Instructional Development Director Dr. Katherine Kelley said “Having a Core will allow a student to gain a foundation of knowledge of human cultures and the physical and natural world. It also helps to develop principles of personal and social responsibility for living in a diverse world.” EPCC has recent Core updates taking place this fall semester and it means big things for the incoming freshmen. “With the change in the

Core across the state the students will develop critical thinking skills, communication skills, empirical and quantitative skills, teamwork skills, and personal and social responsibly skills,” said Kelley. If a student completes the Core at one institution and then transfers, the student can be assured that the Core will be accepted where ever the student transfers in Texas. The other courses that the student has completed outside of the Core may or may not transfer depending on the receiving institution. “The core makes it easier to transfer credits. Each institution in Texas honors the Core from the other Texas institutions, because we all followed the same criteria in selecting the courses to be placed in the core,” said Kelley. “If the entire core is complete and a student transfers out of state, in most cases, those courses because they

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Mission del Paso Early College welcomes freshmen for Fall 2014 Tamara Harmanson Tejano Tribune

The incoming freshman for the Fall 2014 semester have already been chosen for enrollment at the Mission del Paso Early College High School (MECHS) program. All students who are interested in enrolling and becoming a member must be residents of the Socorro district. They must possess a good discipline record too. Prospective students should exhibit a sincere interest in academics and be prepared to fit into an adult environment and willingness to work hard to meet the high standards of MECHS. Applications had to be turned into each student’s Counselor at their home middle school. “There is a selection process,” said Jason Long, MECHS principal. “300 students apply and are narrowed down to a little over 125 students.” All together the early college holds almost 500 students. “We have a lot of students who thrive here because they are in a smaller environment,” said Long. “Our students have a huge advantage when moving on to a University.” Students must meet certain requirements as well to become part of the program. They are to maintain a grade point average of 80 during the student’s 8th grade year in core subjects (English, Math, Science and Social Studies) and must meet minimum requirements on the 7th grade state mandated STAAR. Students are also required to See Early College page 2

File Photo

Curriculum and Instructional Development Director, Dr. Katherine Kelley

are in the Core are accepted.” EPCC received its approval notification for its new Core Curriculum on Jan. 17

from the Texas higher Education Coordinating Board See Curriculum page 4

Will you attend any El Paso Chihuahuas games this year?

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7 Students loans no joke

April 2, 2014

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Empty Bowls fights hunger Tycho back with new album

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April 2, 2014

Tejano Tribune

Orientation packed with info for new students Early College from page 1 Sergio Vela Tejano Tribune

New student orientation can be the starting guide of a new college career. EPCC had its last new student orientation on March 22 at the Administrative Services Center. “There are three main purposes in student orientations; student services, degree planning, and placement exam interpretation,” said Oscar Velasquez, EPCC counselor and new student coordinator. These three essential elements happen all in one day. The student orientations for EPCC are fast, informative, and very productive. They take place usually Wednesdays or Saturdays depending on the amount of students attending. New student orientations can vary from fifty students to three hundred students. “These orientations are so massive it would be so time consuming conducting them in the campus,” said Velasquez. The student orientations take around six hours. The times are from seven thirty in the morning to two thirty in the afternoon. There are about six student orientations per month, and around twenty five per semester. You get all the information from the counselors, they help you with your degree plan, answer any ques-

tions you may have. After you get advised then you finally get to register. This one day orientation is a fast mechanism that helps both the upcoming students and the counselors to save a lot of time, not to mention a lot of payroll. “It is like a one stop shop,” said Velasquez. These orientations also include different faculty and staff presenting organizations, clubs, and activities the students may get involved in. The morning part of the orientations basically consists of signing in, getting informed of what the orientation will consist of. Also provides the students with a supply bag that is used throughout the day, and getting the students pumped up with a video on how to deal with the college life. The students in attendance are offered breakfast and lunch thanks to the partnership EPCC has with Wells Fargo. The orientation then continues with informative information on the different services EPCC provides for the students, like the different testing centers, and all the degree plans, and financial aid. The counselors are really detailed with the testing and the degree plans since these two elements answer a lot of questions students

may have. After the lunch break there are multiple presentations from EPCC faculty and staff. Finally the students get the chance of getting one by one with the counselors and help them get advised and registered for the upcoming semester. The orientations held on Saturdays is only hosted by the Valle

“There are three main purposes in student orientations; student services, degree planning, and placement exam interpretation.” Verde campus counselors and is for all the students registering, even from different campuses. All new student orientation are free of charge and mandatory for all incoming students. The next orientation will take place on April 12 at the ASC campus boardroom from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. For more information contact Mayela Rodriguez at 831-2101.

be in compliance with state attendance policy. “This is an opportunity for students who are greatly under represented,” said Long. MECHS offers multiple extracurricular activities, like the Phoenix Flames Dance Team and a ballroom dance team.There is also an organization at MECHS called GEAR UP. It is a six year program funded by the Department of Education to expand educational opportunities, to assist students in becoming college eligible and academically successful in higher education. The early college will be having its Prom in May. Graduation for MECHS seniors, who will be receiving both their high school diploma and an Associate’s degree from EPCC, will also be in May. For more information contact Jason Long at 937-1202 or online at


Mission del Paso Early College Students

Tejano Tribune April 2, 2014


Missing flight 370 stranger than fiction My Silver Lining

Tamara Harmanson

It has been weeks since the disappearance of the Malaysian flight 370 aircraft and all the souls on board. Just thinking that a plane, a Boeing 777200ER to be exact, with 12 crew members and 277 passengers can seemingly go missing is extremely hard to grasp. The flight departed from Kuala Lumpur International Airport on March 8 and was arranged to land at Beijing Capital International Airport the following day. Just about an hour after takeoff, the plane bizarrely disappeared and ceased all communication, even the transponder signal was lost.

I am not a fan of flying, especially after hearing eerie news like this, I don’t think I will be anytime soon. With different answers slowing coming in day after day, it is quite odd looking back at all the false solutions people were trying to come up with. News reports on the situation got weirder and weirder by each day. Panels of experts and outsiders speculating about what might have happened were on constant rotation on every news source available. It may have been too much balderdash. Conspiracy theories, like why the passenger’s cell phones were still ringing, left the world with more questions. The pilots of the flight were also suspected to have a connection to the disappearance of the plane. Some viewers like the alternative speculations so much that they adhere to it anyway.

text from Malaysia Airlines stating “Malaysia Airlines deeply regrets that we have to assume beyond any reasonable doubt that MH370 has been lost and that none of those on board survived.” I find it particularly impersonal to give a phone call or message with such strong information to families. The latest on what searchers have spotted turns out to be merely debris, none of which is from the missing plane. The Malaysian Officials have a lot of answering to do. What is there time limit on the search and are the proper authorities even searching in the correct location? The whole world, including myself, seems transfixed on this matter. With still no evidence of the airplane or its commuters, the public is hungry for more news of the curious case of Flight 370 than the news providers have to offer.

matter your religion, your ethnicity . . . .” In the spirit of these inspiring words, EPCC students are being asked to volunteer as student-tutors at Bowie High School April 7-May 8, 2014, a total of twenty days. The student tutors are needed to help prepare a minimum of sixty (60) Bowie students to take the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) assessment test on Monday, May 11, 2014. Student tutors are needed in the areas of Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Tutoring sessions will be

M-Th for 1 - 1/2 hours per day. In brief, the State of Texas requires that all students who attend a public institution of Higher Education be assessed via the TSI assessment test in the areas of Reading, Writing, and Mathematics to determine their readiness for college-level work. Based on how a student performs, he or she will be enrolled in a college level course that matches his or her skill level or enrolled in a remedial course to

Letter to the Editor

Volunteer student tutors needed The spirit of American Exceptionalism is our willingness to volunteer in our community and around the world to help and bring hope to those in need. Idealistic college students are often at the vanguard of the American Exceptionalism spirit. Students at El Paso Community College are no exception. On Friday, March 21, 2014, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, speaking at a student conference for the Clinton Global Initiative Uni-

Speculation with no doubt can take on a life of its own. An idea of mine was the obvious, the Malaysian government may be holding something back. They were oddly slow with their investigation. The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak, has repeatedly gave mixed signals to the public and families of the passengers. What is with all the back and forth? An aviation mystery like this has never been seen before by the world. Internationally over 25 different countries are getting involved and helping the search. On March 24, Razak announced that Flight 370 is assumed to have gone down in the southern Indian Ocean. Families of the crew and passengers went into shock and disbelief to anger and frustration. Families also received phone calls and a SMS

versity at Arizona State University, reminded us of our American Exceptionalism, as she appealed to the idealism of college students. Secretary Clinton encouraged students to get involved in the world around them, so that “. . . every girl and boy . . . lives in societies that . . . no matter who they are, respects their potential and their talents, gives them the opportunities that every human being deserves, no matter where you were born, no matter the color of your skin, no


Voices around campus Compiled by Denisse Franco Tejano Tribune Are you planning to attend any of the El Paso Chihuahuas baseball games?

Yes! I am planning to attend the games because it’s something new and exciting in El Paso. I have never been a big fan of baseball, but I think this will end up changing my perspective about it. Eleanor Quintana Computer Science

Of course! I am looking forward to seeing the final outcome of the field. I am planning to watch a couple of games with some friends and have a fun time in the paw-errific new field! Samuel Smith English

Yes. I am planning to attend at least one game. I believe that it is very important to support local events and try something new. I think it will be interesting to see how the baseball field turned out. Sarah Cervantes Business

Honestly, I am not. I was excited when I heard that there will be a new baseball field, but I lost a lot of interest when they chose the name of the team. I might be interested in attending if they had picked a different name.

Jose Mendez Criminal Justice

See Letter page 4

Tejano Tribune Spring 2014

Tamara Harmanson, Editor Viridiana Villa, Layout Editor Denisse Franco, Office Assistant Douglas Carr, Faculty Adviser Steve Escajeda, Advertising


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Tejano Tribune April 2, 2014

Coach Martinez has Tejanos in the hunt

File Photo

EPCC Tejanos Baseball Team

Ericka Miller

Tejano Tribune

Unlike last year at this time, the EPCC Tejanos are still in the running to participate in this season’s playoffs. The 2013 Tejanos finished at the bottom of the Western Junior College Athletic Conference standings and were never a factor in the race. New Head Coach Robert Martinez hasn’t wasted any time, in his two-and-a-half months with the team, in changing its culture. For Martinez, it’s simply not just about coaching, he mentors his players by teaching them his philosophies of the game. “Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself,” said Martinez. “A lot of coaches coach by fear, not me. I want to relate to them. If we make a mistake it’s not the end of the world;



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(THECB). “The THECB would like this core to remain in place and see how it is working for at least a year at which time we can add or delete courses,” said Kelley. “Our Core is a good size and I do not anticipate adding too many more courses. Our new Core has approximately 30 fewer courses than our previous Core, because we were following seriously the suggestion that we select only those courses that provide an introduction to the subject.” Students indirectly had a say in what Core Curriculum changes needed to be made, through discussions with the faculty and in surveys that were


everyone deserves a second chance.” Having this attitude and poise has certainly contributed to the team’s esteem and appreciation for each other. “I don’t yell a whole lot,” explained Martinez. “I want to gain their confidence and make them feel comfortable.” Many of his players are buying into his philosophy. “Our team is family oriented, we want to play with each other,” said Stevie Robertson, a sophomore utility player from Dallas. “Coach’s demeanor demands respect from us and we want to respect him. “If someone fails the next guy will pick him up; it’s how we are as a team.” Robertson is currently talking to a coach from St. Edwards University about a possible scholarship. “People want to play for Coach Martinez,” said starting sophomore pitcher Eddy Torres. “We are more united and hungrier to win.”

conducted for the students by the Core Curriculum Committee. “The courses in the core ensure students that they can develop essential knowledge and skills they need to be successful in college, a career, in their communities, and in life,” said Kelley. The changes made was a three step process for the committee. The committee choose the courses, how to access them, and moved the provisional 100 courses previously offered down to 71. About 25 members are on the committee, including instructors and counselors, all from EPCC. The committee is required to meet 4-5 times a year, but they choose to

meet 18 times. In doing so the committee were able to swiftly notify the rest of the campus of when to make the changes. “Most students previously were graduating with over 100 credits at times, only needing the 60-62,” said Kelley. “The less classes students have to choose from the better off they are.” EPCC’s is in a 2-by-2 partnership with UTEP, and over 20 other colleges, in a articulation agreement that force the transfer school to accept all credits from the incoming student. For more info contact Dr. Katherine Kelley at 831-2654 or online at

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would be represented, but that’s not the case. That’s an issue,” Rodríguez said. In 2011, he founded the first student chapter in the history of TACHE. “We recently expanded our networking to include students, because we understand the value of having students in the organization,” Rodríguez said. He was presented with TACHE’s 2013 Distinguished Community College Faculty Award during their 38th annual conference in Austin. “Our primary goal is to advance our success within higher education. We do it through job promotion and networking,” Rodríguez said. TACHE gives financial assistance to its student members, does fund raising events, and community service. “We exist to promote success,” Rodríguez said. Contact Mauricio Rodríguez for more information at (915) 831-2243 or online at

The Tejanos split their four-game series with New Mexico Military Institute last weekend, putting their record at 8-8 in conference play and 14-18 overall. Martinez humbly credits his assistant coaches Dominic Bouvier, Rene Quiñones and Arturo Velasquez for their current advancement. “They do a lot more work than people give them credit for,” said Martinez. “I was lucky enough they want to work with me and be part of this. “I can’t get ahead of myself. You play one game at a time. Obviously our ultimate goal is to make the playoffs.” EPCC travels to Snyder, TX this weekend for a fourgame series against Western Texas College (5-11 in conference, 10-20 overall). The series will open with a double header on Friday, April 4 and will conclude with two more games on Saturday, April 5.

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help improve skills needed for success in college level courses. The EPCC student tutors will help Bowie students improve their skills in reading, writing and mathematics before they take the TSI assessment test. The goal is to have Bowie students enroll in college level courses without having first take remedial courses in these areas. The tutor students will be under the direction of Master Tutor Pete Villalva, a retired EPISD Teacher. The student tutors will assist the teachers in the classroom. EPCC students interested in serving as student tutors can contact Mr. Pete Villalva at (915) 731-7069. An orientation will be held on Friday,

April 3, 2014, 4-5 p.m. in the library at Bowie High school. The orientation meeting will take care of administrative matters, so that student tutors will hit the “ground tutoring” on April 7, 2014, the first day of class. Both, the orientation and tutoring, will take place at the Bowie Campus, 801 S San Marcial St, El Paso, TX 79905. As required by law, student tutors over the age of 18 will be required to fill a background check form and it will be done at no cost to the student tutors. By: Arnulfo Hernández, Jr., Bowie Class of 1966, Attorney at Law, Sacramento, CA.

Tejano Tribune February 21, 2013



Tejano Tribune April 2, 2014

Student loans is second largest source of debt in US households Alisha Rosenwein-Noss Daily Bruin

(UWIRE) UCLA Steven Sabel, a former firefighter, decided to go to law school after a knee injury prevented him from returning to duty. He had wanted to be a lawyer since he was young. Sabel, now a secondyear student at UCLA, is financing his degree almost entirely on loans. Tuition at the UCLA School of Law costs more than $45,000 a year, and Sabel expects to graduate with around $200,000 in debt. “From day one of starting law school (I was) already accruing interest,” he said with a sigh. “(The debt) will impact what I do for work. … I have to get the big law firm job just to pay off the loans.” Sabel is one of many individuals who said student loans will influence their life decisions. A recent report by the Campaign for College Opportunity, a nonprofit advocacy organization in California, estimates that the amount of student loan debt in the U.S. was $1.08 trillion by the end of 2013, exceeding the national aggregate totals of auto loan, credit card and home-equity debt balances. The report notes that student loans are the second largest source of debt for American households, after home mortgages. Almost a third of people who receive a bachelor’s degree in the U.S. now graduate with loan debt. The report says that the number of federal student loan borrowers jumped 69 percent in 11

years – from 5 million in the 2002-2003 academic year to 8.45 million in the 2013-2014 academic year. For the 2012-2013 academic year the average amount of student debt was $25,884, up 47 percent from nine years prior. Kim Tran, policy director of the Sacramento office of the Campaign for College Opportunity, said student debt is rising partly because more people are attending college. “More students are going to college so the overall entire debt package increases, which is a good thing,” Tran said. “We recognize student loans

are good since otherwise some students wouldn’t have an opportunity to go to college.” UCLA’s students on average fare better in student debt than the state and national average. 48 percent of UCLA undergraduates take out student loans, said Ronald Johnson, the UCLA director of undergraduate financial aid. At UCLA, the average undergraduate student debt at graduation is $20,229, Johnson added. The study also found that, nationally, lowincome families tend to spend more overall on

college education costs, as many attend more expensive for-profit schools. Moreover, because their income is less than their wealthier peers, low-income families tended to pay a higher percentage of their income on college costs. Low-income students had as much debt as those with a higher income, but were also significantly less likely to graduate, according to the Campaign for College Opportunity’s findings. Black students took out student loans at the highest rate of any racial and ethnic groups, accord-

ing to the report. The New America Foundation, a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy institute, maintains that much of the $1.08 trillion in student debt is attributable to graduate students. Johnson said there are many more financial aid options available for undergraduate rather than graduate students. While undergraduates have several grant and loan options, graduate students must primarily rely on competing for fellowships, assistantships and a small amount of federal grant aid, he said. More than half of un-

dergraduate students at UCLA receive financial aid, which is higher than graduate students, Johnson said. The Campaign for College Opportunity report also argues that debt impacts students’ ability to fully partake in the economy. The majority of survey respondents said their student debt will make them reconsider whether they want to purchase a car or home, start a business or save for retirement early. The report says 44 percent of all undergraduates who took out private loans, which usually charge more in interest, did not make the most of their eligibility for federal student loans, possibly because they were unaware of the options available to them. Johnson said he thinks some UCLA students may have not completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid because they were unaware of the opportunity. He recommends that all undergraduate students fill out the FAFSA, regardless of socioeconomic status. Johnson also encouraged student borrowers to explore loan repayment options available to them early in their time at UCLA. “We want students to make sure that they continue to explore the options that are available to them for repayment and that they don’t wait until their senior year to do so,” Johnson said. “We want to plan ahead as much as possible to make the situation more manageable.”

Apr 2 - Apr 8

Gadgets Facebook provides new gender options 6

April 2, 2014

Rebecca Padgett The Southern

(UWIRE) Florida Southern College - Facebook has recently made a change to allow users to customize their gender options. Facebook has attempted to broaden their rage in appealing to all of there users. Facebook has added up to 58 new gender options for people to identify with. The genders vary from Cis Male, Cis Female, to being completely asexual. Huffington Post Gay Voice editor, Noah Michelson, believes that for Facebook users, these changes are a step in the right direction. In an interview with Marc Lamont Hill for the Huffington Post live, Michelson continued his praise for Facebook’s changes by calling them “excited” and “refreshing.” “It really does allow you to customize to whatever you want to be; it

now is more accepting of your privilege to be who you are,” Michelson said. Michelson elaborated more on how important these changes are by saying that people go on Facebook to share their stories with their friends and family. With the new options, users can now show a complete picture of their character.

Michelson has commended Facebook for the change that they have made. However, the news of the gender changes have caused confusion for some Florida Southern College students. When asked about the change to there gender settings, senior Brandon Fontana did not really

Consumer Beware In response to disaster, charities often form to help those affected. Not all charities are reputable. Before you donate follow these tips: Research the organization and their purpose Do not give cash; Write a check or money order to the organization, not the individual collecting for the organization; and do not provide personal information to anyone soliciting contributions. Protect yourself, your family and your finances. Contact the Bureau of Consumer Protection to report scams or fraud in your area.

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Reproductive Resolutions Inc.

see the point. “When did there become more then two genders? I was never informed that there was anything outside of male and female,” Fontana said. Junior Austin Macintyre said that he thought that Facebook was “making-up” the genders that were listed. These comments have each stemmed from the

idea that gender and sex are the same thing. However, that has not always been the case. FSC assistant professor of philosophy Drew Dalton understands why the actual meaning behind the word gender has had such an effect on culture in the past and present. “Gender plays a sediment role in our culture.

Tejano Tribune

We assume that there are only two genders, but that assumption shows that gender is more of a cultural idea, as oppose to a biological one,” Dalton said. Dalton distinguished the differences between sex and gender by saying how gender is a social concept surrounding sex. “Where sex is located in the body, gender always refers to how certain cultures interpret sex,” Dalton said. Dalton continued to explain how different cultures would determine a person’s gender according to the status they held in society. According to Dalton, a sexual-orientated males could be deemed as females if they were placed in a feminine role such as slave or servant in Egyptian culture, and a sexual-orientated female in power could be deemed a Male. This idea that a person’s gender is strictly set upon sexual make-up of a their body is simply not the case.

April 2, 2014



Tejano Tribune

Health Careers students required to take orientation Louise Reyes Tejano Tribune

El Paso Community College students who are a health career major under specialized admissions now have a choice to complete the mandatory Health Careers Orientation requirement in person or even online. All students who want to compete in the Health Career programs must attend the Health Careers Orientations that are held throughout each semester. EPCC Mission del Paso Health Careers Counselor, Pat Duran said “The purpose of the orientation is to cover the admissions requirement for the different programs and have the students declare their major.”

After attending or visiting the EPCC website for the Health Careers Orientation students are required to take a small quiz to show comprehension of requirements. Students then receive their application for specialized admissions to confirm that they want to compete for a seat in nursing or any specialized health career. At one time all Health Career programs were taking the same test, the accuplacer. Then nursing discipline broke away and declared the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) as their entrance exam. Other programs use Texas Success Initiative (TSI) as their entrance exam.

The TEAS Version V assessment was put in effect June 2013. Students in specialized admissions must meet minimum scores (57%) to qualify.

of acceptance into the nursing program will be fully addressed. All students should schedule an appointment for the orientation no later than 5 p.m. of the day prior to the orientation they

“The purpose of the orientation is to cover the admissions requirement for the different programs and have the students declare their major.” The Nursing Specialized Admissions Orientation is also mandatory under pre-program specific requirements. Within this orientation information concerning the application, qualification, ranking, and notification

choose to attend. The next Health Careers orientations will be on April 16 from 1-5p.m., May 14 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m., June 18 from 1-5 p.m., July 22 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m., and Aug. 06 from 1-5p.m.

All orientations will be held at EPCC Administrative Services Center (ASC) Auditorium located on 9050 Viscount. Students who wish to do the orientation online can visit the college website at www.epcc. edu and scroll over to online resources and select Health Careers Orientation, and click on Orientation.pdf under step 3. Applications may also be turned in at the Valle Verde Admissions Office for a fee of $10.00. Students wanting exact specifics are advised to visit their Health Careers Counselor at their home campus. For more information contact Elvia Lerma at 831-4636 or online at

Empty Bowls El Paso helps fill empty lives

Victoria Acosta Tejano Tribune

Empty Bowl El Paso held its 10th annual food bank at El Paso Community College in the ASC auditorium on March 22 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. El Pasoans Fighting Hunger is a nonprofit relief organization that helps store, solicit and inspect food for distribution. El Pasoans Fighting Hunger is also a partner distribution. The first food bank was located in the west of Texas in Odessa in the early 90s till now, and then the El Pasoans Fighting Hunger took over. This event has been held in El Paso for over 9 years. Empty Bowls for El Paso distributes to 130 organizations all around the state of Texas. The purpose for Empty Bowls is to help feed as many as possible among the region of El Paso that are in need. The process for Empty Bowls is quite ACROSS

1. Literary genre 6. Friends 10. Carve in stone 14. Keen

15. Hodgepodge 16. Roman emperor 17. Liberates 18. Young sheep 19. Rectum


simple, many crafts makers, potters, and educators come together and create handmade bowls. Each guess receives a handcrafted empty bowl, then are welcomed to try amongst the variety of soups. All the proceeds are donated to El Pasoans Fighting Hunger - El Paso’s food bank. “The problem with hunger in El Paso is startling, 1 out 4 children and adults are foodless, every $1 donated distrib20. Days gone by 22. The bulk 23. Bite 24. Unreactive 26. Impassive

utes $11 worth of food, when someone donates $1 it really makes a difference,” said coordinator of Empty Bowls, Liz Claudio. El Pasoans Fighting Hunger has 20 full time members, 130 partner organizations, and has over 100s of volunteers every month. Along with three programs, backpack, social services and outreach. For more information contact Liz Claudio at 298-0353 or email at INFO@

30. Metal 32. Classical Greek 33. Gloss over 37. Agreeable 38. Lustrous 39. Away from the wind 40. Snooping 42. Displeased look 43. Sweetie 44. Putting surfaces 45. They make wool 47. Compete 48. Computer symbol 49. A lively whirling Italian dance 56. Bluefin 57. A Freudian stage 58. Strips of potato 59. Black, in poetry 60. Solitary 61. Open, as a bottle 62. Shopping place 63. Make a sweater 64. Scallions


1. Resist 2. Unusual 3. How old we are 4. Encounter 5. Insecticide 6. A small vascular growth 7. Wings 8. City in Peru

9. Temperance 10. Graniteware 11. Adult male singing voice 12. The outer layer of the Earth 13. Party thrower 21. Disencumber 25. Born as 26. Transgressions 27. Hard work 28. A single time 29. Officer 30. Front parts of human legs 31. Bell sound 33. Iota 34. Found in some lotions 35. Stitched 36. Female chickens 38. Talk about your business 41. Foot digit 42. Tense 44. Martini ingredient 45. Aqualung 46. Show respect towards 47. Hotel employee 48. Bit of gossip 50. Nameless 51. Hindu princess 52. Sea eagle 53. Bloodsucking insects 54. An escape of water 55. Vipers

For the answers to both of the April 2 puzzles go to


How to play: The numbers 1 through 9 will appear once only in each row, column, and 3x3 zone. There are 9 such zones in each sudoku grid. There is only one correct solution to each sudoku. Good luck!

Entertainment 8

April 2, 2014

Tejano Tribune

Levels of imagination open No shame in their game up with Tycho’s “Awake” Kevin Osborn Tejano Tribune

Tycho is a type of music that can set your mind from stressed to liberated.

Yvonne Del Rio Tejano Tribune

Tycho has just released their newest album Awake on Mar 17. Containing only eight tracks, that last the average of five minutes, Tycho is a type of music that can set your mind from “stressed” to “liberated.” It doesn’t contain lyrics; it’s all just music, not instrumental music but more electronic and not tedious. In fact, it’s the type of music you can lighten up to, but if you are still puzzled, let me narrow it down a bit more. With Tycho’s music you can easily read a book, do your chores, take a walk, run, and do homework or even study, or simply lay in a comfortable peaceful place to release yourself from every thought you have in your head. “Listening to their album can take you to a different level of imagination,” said Diana Escobar, a fan of Tycho who listens to the band often. “There not all that popular, but their music contains so much meaning.” Diana, all of the other fans, and myself have grown along with the band. Their music contains complex emo-

tions, varying from cheerful to even a pensive mood. Either way Tycho will leave an impact if added to someone’s playlist. Their music is definitely not something you would not hear coming out of the radio. As mentioned earlier, Tycho has different types of categories labeled onto their music, but one very obvious outbreak is the positive increase of energy it leaves in you. It’s the sort of music that does not require words to speak to you because the beat does that itself. This new album has something diverse to offer, a complete better experience than the previous albums. Tycho has returned with an increased impact that is eventually going to lead them to gain more fans. If you ever feel like listening to something out of the ordinary, Tycho is the music you want to turn to. Fans, recognize their music as one of a kind. I fully recommend listening to the latest album Awake. It is exceptional for any age; starting with the youngest to oldest it could be aiming towards any listener. I give this album 5 out of 5 stars.

Drugs, assault, child endangerment, theft, murder, and lastly sexual misconduct; what more could you ask from a television show? Shameless, created by Paul Abbott, follows the lives of the Gallagher family as they struggle just to find another day. The show just started its fourth season. As more episodes are produced, there are but three aspects that best describe why the show itself was titled Shameless. These three being the blunt crimes that are executed without any regard to the repercussions, the dysfunctional family ethics that constantly cattle prod your mind, and the constant selfish decisions that are made even if it means sending your elementary school son to a penitentiary in order to get what you want. If this is not enough to peak your interest then maybe a few examples will. Like leaving cocaine on the living room table and not paying any attention as your infant brother crawls into such and inhales amounts that could kill a pig in normal circumstances. Maybe a father convincing his son he has cancer in order to exploit funds from the government. How about attempting to murder your cousin or have him locked up on false molestation charges all just to keep a broken down house? Still not enough, maybe having your

son break your knees with a sledgehammer outside your ex-girlfriend’s house in order to use up her insurance all to gain access to medical drugs and in the process furthering her mental unstableness. Each week viewers are left to ponder the big question “What will the Gallaghers do next?” With a notable cast of William H. Macy and Joan Cusack, and a less notable Emmy Rossum and Jeremy Allen White, Shameless is just that a story of a family that has no “rock bottom.” After just a few episodes some may ask “Why would they allow a show to exist?” It’s as simple as any news you ingest in your daily lives. Although the story is scripted one hundred percent, the underlying truth is that there are many families just like the Gallaghers. We often turn a blind eye hiding behind the sense that ignorance holds paradise in its hands. Each week leaves you at the end of your seat in preparation for what is to come the following week. The controversy will not leave you bored and drooling in a corner. I recommend to at least witnessing one episode that alone can be enough to shock you and draw you in. The series appears on Showtime on Sundays at 9 p.m. It’s first, second, and third seasons are all available on Blu-Ray or DVD. I give Shameless a standing 4 out of 5 stars.

Shameless follows the lives of the Gallagher family as they struggle just to find another day.

Students beat Guinness world record for making sandwiches Helen Baik The Daily Trojan

(UWIRE) USC - On Friday at Alumni Park, The Special Events Committee in collaboration with Zeta Phi Rho fraternity made 17,341 sandwiches and beat the Guinness World Record of most sandwiches made in an hour. At least 20 different teams from varying organizations competed to make the most sandwiches and win the $500 gift card award. The meals were donated to Union Rescue Mission, Midnight Mission, and others to feed the homeless on Skid Row. “One of the main goals other than making sandwiches was to make sure we could mobilize college students to do something good for the community and give them a reason to,” said Vincent Ong, a junior majoring in cognitive sciences and president of Zeta Phi Rho said. “That’s why we implemented the prizes. People like competition and gifts so we made the whole thing more interesting with the help of USC SEC.” As SEC ’s mission is to push traditional boundaries and create memorable experiences for students, the committee thought attempting a world record could accomplish both. “We decided on making sandwiches because one:

the impact on the community and two: the feasibility of it,” said Director of Special Events Committee Kim Chu. “We had already started planning our event, and Zeta Phi Rho was planning their annual Zeta Phi “Skid” Rho event, back to back actually. We contacted them to work together because we both have the same mission, and why not combine forces of their expertise in making sandwiches — as they have done this for years — and our expertise in planning large scale events?” Students from other campuses came as well to participate in this event. “I’ve seen YouTube videos of this in the past and wanted to come out and support but there was conflict of schedule,” said Bryant Voong, junior majoring in math and science at the University of California, Santa Bar-

bara. “But being spring break [for him], it was the perfect opportunity to show face and help out. I thought the amount of people who came out was crazy and I thoroughly enjoyed making sandwiches.” Evelyn Liu, a junior majoring in biological sciences and communications, noted at one point sandwich supplies ran low and thus encouraged student collaboration. “Before the hour was up, we started to use up all the ingredients and at that point we started sharing ingredients with the other tables, ” said Evelyn Liu, a junior majoring in biological sciences and communications said. “Our goal at first was to beat the other teams, but with the short supply, we helped each other out to make sure the world record was broken. Our focus became more of the bigger picture.” In the end, Chu noted that the event turned out to be quite the success. With over 17,00 sandwiches were made, the students came in three times greater than the previous record. “I think the event went very well as there was an overwhelming number of participants,” said Kim Chu, a senior majoring in business administration and director of SEC said. “In previous years, Zeta Phi Rho has gotten about 100 people and we had just hoped to double that number — but there were over 400 today.”

Tejano Tribune | April 2 2014  
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