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Vol. 46 • Issue 3

Chak De India! This past month, while all my friends were going crazy over March Madness, I was obsessed with the Cricket Twenty20 World Cup 2014! The tournament was held last month in Bangladesh and featured sixteen of the world’s top national cricket teams including Sri Lanka, West Indies, South Africa, Australia, Pakistan, and of course, INDIA! As an avid cricket follower, the World Cup started on such a high note for me. India beating the arch rivals Pakistan in their opening match of the tournament was the best thing a Team India supporter could ever ask for. Our team beat Pakistan by 7 wickets! Naturally, the excitement for every Indian fan was off the charts, but this victory also raised expectations for Team India and its performance in the entire tournament. Our “Men in Blue” surpassed all our expectations as the team went on to win every single match it played up until the finals! The excitement doubled every time as our team went undefeated after every match. After the match with Pakistan, Team India went on to beat West Indies by 7 wickets, Bangladesh by 8 wickets, and Australia by 73 runs. The semi-final match was against South Africa, and our team won that match by 6 wickets as well! The stars of the team were the extremely talented and loved Virat Kohli, Amit Mishra, and Ravichandran Ashwin. Mishra and Ashwin both won two “Man of the Match” awards each and Kohli won the same award in the semifinals. Their performance has not only set high expectations for our other bowlers and batsmen, but has also raised the bar for the team as a whole. Throughout the tournament, Team India was praised and commended for its players and strategy, especially since it was the only team in the tournament that went undefeated up until the finals. The final match was against recent Asia Cup champion - Team Sri Lanka. The match was close, but the powerful Sri Lankan team was able to beat the undefeated by 6 wickets. Even though we couldn’t bring the World Cup home this year, it was nonetheless an amazing effort put forth by the Indian team. The excitement of every cricket fan, including myself, was through the roof! I especially enjoyed reading the analytical, humorous, energetic, and sometimes just plain competitive tweets and Facebook posts. “#BleedBlue” was the most common tweet this season, thanks to Nike for branding our jerseys. I also sported my customized Team India jersey multiple times while watching these matches! The funniest part was when I was trying to explain to my American friends and co-workers that cricket and baseball are really not as similar as they look. After some basic explanations about cricket, my excitement sparked their interest in the World Cup too! As you can tell, I’m very proud of Team India and its accomplishments in this tournament. The players did a good job and “KING KOHLI” has become one of my favorite batsmen! IAOGH has also made great efforts to get our community involved in cricket. Last year, we hosted a successful cricket tournament, and I truly hope that we can make that event bigger and better this year! Keep an eye out for information about our IAOGH Cricket Tournament 2014. So who’s ready to bat some sixes and throw some yorkers? -Editor Purvi Shah

Meet your IAOGH Board of 2014!

President Mukesh Desai

Vice President Tejal Vallam

Treasurer Bharat Faldu

Joint Treasurer Dinesh Bhagani

Secretary Purnima Shah

Joint Secretary Vipul Vaishnav

P.R.O Rajesh Parekh

Editor Purvi Shah

Parth Desai

Vidya Iyer


Mukesh Chhaya

Mahi Arora

Anita Kumar

Rupal Ravat

Kiran Parekh

Advisory Committee

Romi Ahluwalia

Gaurav Patel

Ravi Harjani

Yashswini Naraidoo

Krishna Parekh

Sport Director Himanshu Patel

Sports Co-Ordinator Dipen Dedania

Madhu Reddy

IAOGH Professional Networking Mixer - March 27th As we all know, networking is extremely important and essential for survival no matter which field, generation, or area you belong to in today’s world. The concept of “Networking” consists of four stages: (1) Connecting with people that have something in common with you, such as ideas, occupation, background, etc., (2) Building a web of individuals, groups, and organizations that you can lean on for support, (3) Maintaining the network, and finally (4) Leveraging those connections to seek advice, build ideas, advance your own career, and eventually support others as well. We on the IAOGH Board felt that it would be great to utilize our already established community to build professional connections, and offer advice and help to our youth. We started this concept last year, when the Youth Committee successfully hosted the very first IAOGH Networking Event in the summer. The first networking event for this year was held on Thursday, March 27th at Shish Kebab House of Afghanistan in West Hartford. The event was, once again, a huge hit as we were able to bring together over 80 people from our community to interact with each other on a professional level. The attendees were a mix of college students, recent graduates, young working professionals, and experts of various fields. The attendees also represented a variety of different professions, career levels, and areas of expertise, which enabled each person to bring something new to the whole group. Everyone was encouraged to wear a name tag so that they could be easily approachable. Vandan Divatia was the guest speaker at the event. Vandan, who is an entrepreneur, engineer, and manager at Northeast Utilities, spoke to the attendees and shared his insights about networking in general. He also gave advice on entrepreneurship and shared his story of how he was able to leverage his network and develop business plans to create and own small businesses. He particularly emphasized the importance of mentorship. He advised that each person have atleast one mentor, who can guide them in their professional career and personal growth. He also suggested that IAOGH start a mentoring program for our youth so that they can learn from experienced individuals from our community. Point taken, Vandan! Hopefully we can make this happen! All in all, the event grew from the last time and we hope that it grows even more in the time to come. We received feedback from many attendees that they enjoyed a professional happy hour setting where they could interact with each other formally and informally as well. Based on popular demand, we have decided to make this mixer a quarterly event! The next Professional Networking Mixer will be tentatively held on Thursday, June 12th at Hot Tomatos in Hartford. Check out pictures from the event on our Facebook page. See you all in the summer! -Editor Purvi Shah

5 stars for Rajesh Panwar’s “Sunehri Yaadein” - April 12th With his rich, beautiful, and deep velvet voice, Rajesh Panwar skillfully took the crowd on a nostalgic journey of our days past! Singing seamlessly from a most comprehensive list of the most beautiful songs from the Golden Era of Bollywood music, the crowd was simply enchanted with Rajeshji! IAOGH decided that for such lovely music as Rafi and Jagit Singh, we needed to set the mood properly. Having a banquet hall setting, decorated as a intimate setting for a private concert for friends and family – Rajeshji began the evening with his wonderful rendition of ‘Jab Jab Bahar Aai’ and the mood was instantly set! You can see the videos and photos posted on our Facebook Page: IAOGH. Rajeshji complemented our community by saying that we were simply “the best audience he has had the pleasure to perform for yet!” He was just so taken back by the enthusiasm and respect all of us gave him. Thank you again to all who attended the concert! It is safe to say, that all who walked into the show on Saturday evening did not know what to expect but we all left that evening becoming lifetime fans of Rajesh Panwar! And, we heard all of your requests to bring him back in the Fall! We will make sure Rajeshji lights up our hearts again soon! Reviews for Rajesh Panwar: “What a wonderful evening! Totally enjoyed.” – Hema Chhaya “Rajesh Panwar was absolutely fantastic! Looking forward to his next performance!” – Mahruk Sharma “Best event after long time!” – Purnima Shah, IAOGH “What a great night with friends and family. And, to top it off, with a talented singer like Rajesh Panwar! Let’s have him back next year!” – Rajesh Parekh, IAOGH - Tejal Vallam


Gain the chance to go behind the scenes at Connecticut’s only PGA TOUR event! Join the team of more than 4,000 people who donate their time to help make this event such a success. Corporations, community groups and individuals are all encouraged to become a part of the 2014 Travelers Championship. WHY IS VOLUNTEERING SO GREAT? It is a great way to NETWORK & CREATE NEW BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS! It is a great way to BUILD YOUR RESUME & GAIN EXPERIENCE! It is a great way to GAIN EXPOSURE TO THE PROFESSIONAL SPORTS INDUSTRY! It is a great way to MEET NEW FRIENDS & ESTABLISH LONG-TERM FRIENDSHIPS! It is a great way to SEE SOME OF THE WORLD’S BEST GOLFERS! It is a great way to SPEND A SUMMER AFTERNOON! It is a great way to GIVE BACK TO YOUR COMMUNITY & SUPPORT MORE THAN 100 CHARITIES! VOLUNTEER COMMITTEES Administration Hospitality Amateur Caddies Media Concessions Player Logistics Distribution Practice Facility Event Services Pro-Am Fan & Kid Zone Scoring Gallery Control Skyboxes Gates Volunteer Villa For more information, please visit our website at or email us at

Volunteers Sponsored by

June 16-22, 2014 I TPC River Highlands I Cromwell, CT

IAOGH is proud to volunteer for the Travelers Championship on Saturday, June 21st! We are looking for volunteers to join our team. Please sign up with Himanshu Patel - 860-841-5755 before April 31st. Registration fee is $37 (including T-shirt and Hat/Vizor). First 25 volunteers will get a $10 discount on their registration and 2 free tickets for the entire tournament. Sign up today and help IAOGH support the championship!

On behalf of India Association of Greater Hartford, I cordially welcome you to join the IAOGH team for relay for life. This year IAOGH is committed to giving back to our great community. In this manner, we have organized a Relay for Life team to help raise money for cancer research. This great event raises awareness to help find a cure for cancer, recognize our cancer survivors during a dedicated Survivors Lap, and offers respect to those who have passed from this catastrophic disease. This year IAOGH has organized a team to walk on May 17th at Farmington High School. The event begins at 9:00 AM. As a team we will be dedicated and show our unity by walking around the track until the completion of the luminaria ceremony (lighting ceremony). In order to sign up: 1. Please visit the Relay for Life website ( 2. Search for the Farmington, CT under "find an event" 3. Select "sign up" 4. Select "join a team 5. Select "pay registration by cash or check" (IAOGH will be paying your registration fee) 6. Complete your name and additional info asked In summary, we are hoping many of you join our first ever Relay for Life team! As stated above, IAOGH will be covering your registration fee. On behalf of the American cancer society, we encourage each participant to collect any donations from his or her friends and family and bring them that day. Our hope is that each person that registers can collect at least $100.00; however any contribution is meaningful and helpful. For any questions please contact: Parth M. Desai 617.671 .8953

Mahi Arora 860.538.3533

Thank you all and hope to see you out there. Regards, IAOGH team

Purvi Shah 508.494.5044

Gaurav Patel 860.805.2168


AND IAOGH Is Looking for the Next MISS INDIA CT. 2014! Saturday, September 21st, 2014 @ The Bushnell in Hartford Be part of one of the most exciting events in CT! A once in a lifetime opportunity for our young women! • Learn from the Pros Training on etiquette, stage presence, public speaking by former Miss Femina and Bollywood Actress, Parmita Kurda! •Learn choreography styles from Bollywood Choreographer, Rajiv Kinchi! • Gain exposure to Global Charities and Network with Professionals from various colleges and backgrounds • Build your self-esteem, gain personal and professional confidence in your abilities


• Must be between 17-27 years of age and unmarried • Must have a healthy BMI

For more information and to sign-up, please contact: Shobha Adige 203-524-2935 or Tejal Vallam 860-983-6999 Purnima Shah 508-494-4024 Dr. Rajesh Parekh 860-208-7342 Dr. Raghu Bajwa 860-716-9190 Deepa Pathak 917-640-6136

Kids Page! Jainism A lot of times Jainism is confused with Hinduism. Many people assume that Jainism is a section of Hinduism or has been derived from Hinduism; however, both religions, their practices, and their Gods are completely separate. Jainism began in India and is one of the oldest religions of the world. There is no founder of Jainism because Jains believe that our universe has always been here and will continue to always be here, so there can be no founder. Its history is traced by the lives of 24 saints or Tirthankars, that promoted the religion, spread its message through the world, and re-established order to the world. Lord Adinath was the first Tirthankar and Lord Mahavir was the last of the current era. For long periods of time, Jainism was the state religion of various Indian kingdoms and was widely adopted in the Indian subcontinent, before the growth of other Indian religions. Jainism is a religion and a way of life. Jains have five main principles/beliefs: 1. Ahimsa (Non-violence) is compassion and forgiveness in thoughts, words, and deeds towards all living beings. For this reason, Jains are vegetarians. 2. Aparigraha (Non-possessiveness) is the balancing of needs and desires, while staying detached from our possessions. 3. Astaya (Non-stealing) is the avoidance of taking that which does not belong to us or that we have not earned. 4. Satya (Truth) is to speak the truth, however when speaking the truth would lead to violence it is preferable to remain silent. 5. Bhramacharya (Celibacy) is the practice of reducing indulgence in order to reduce attachments in our lives. Most of you may have heard about Karma. But what really is Karma? Imagine Karma as little pieces of dirt. Jains believe that our soul attracts these little pieces of dirt through negative thoughts, actions, and speech. You are in control of your own actions and consequences of your actions. Hence, Jainism is also a non-theistic religion. This means that whether or not a God exists does not matter in Jainism because you yourself are in control of your own actions, and praying to a God will not bring any benefits or grant any wishes. The only way you could wash away this Karma and become free from it is through positive actions, thoughts, and speech.   

DID YOU KNOW? Jain Temple = “Deraser” Approx. 6 million followers of Jainism worldwide Mahatma Gandhi followed Jain principles in the battle for India’s freedom!

Jain Symbols Jain Flag

Mahavir Jayanti As mentioned above, Lord Mahavir was the last Tirthankar of the current era for Jains. Mahavir Jayanti, also called Mahavir Janam Kalyanak, is one of the most important holidays for Jains. It celebrates the birth of Lord Mahavir! According to Jains, Mahavir was born in 599 BC on the 13th day of Chaitra (first month of the Indian calendar). This year, the holiday was on Sunday, April 13th as per our regular calendar. On this day, statues of Lord Mahavir are given the ceremonial bath, called Abhishek. During that day, special Poojas are performed in temples to celebrate his life and his teachings. Many Jains also do some sort of charity in the name of Lord Mahavir and many travel to temples to meditate and offer prayers. It is said that Lord Mahavir’s birth name was Prince Vardhaman, and he was born to King Siddharth and Queen Trishala in a kingdom which is present day Bihar, India. It was after attaining Nirvana (enlightenment) that he became “Lord Mahavir.” Before his birth, the legend says that Queen Trishala had dreams of 14 auspicious symbols, animals, and objects, which indicated that her son was going to become a great leader. At the time of his birth the whole kingdom became prosperous in terms of agriculture, health, wealth, and wisdom. Hence, he was named Vardhaman, derived from the word Vridhi (prosperity). At the age of 30, Vardhaman left his kingdom and his family to gain spiritual awakening. For the next 12 and a half years, he practiced intense meditation and penance. Once he achieved his enlightenment, he traveled all over India for 30 years to teach his philosophy based on the main principles of Jainism. Lord Mahavir went to Moksha (Heaven) after his physical death at the age of 72. He was one of the most popular promoters of Jainism and is regarded as the reformer of Jainism. - Editor Purvi Shah


Trustee: Vijay Faldu Harish Pandya President: Mukesh Desai 617.840.8953 Vice President: Tejal Vallam 860.983.6999 Treasurer: Bharat Faldu 860.371.5203 Joint Treasurer Dinesh Bhagani 860.655.4422 Secretary: Purnima Shah 860.529.9637 Joint Secretary: Vipul Vaishanav 860.614.4023 P.R.O. Rajesh Parekh 860.208.7342 Editor: Purvi Shah 508.494.5044

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Relay for Life

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June 12th

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June 21st

Travelers Golf Tournament


August 16th

India Day Celebration

Capitol Building, Hartford

September 21st Miss India CT 2014 Pageant

Bushnell, Hartford

September 26th Garba


October 18th

Diwali Program


Dec 6th

Black Tie Charity Event


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VSEI Presents Vasant Bahar cultural program Plainville High School 860-233-5684 203-878-0945

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