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- Photo by Dan Bartman

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ULI Al. Neyer UC Competition Bond Hill Redevelopment

Group 7: Marco Wimmer, Maria Calvert, Monica Salguero, Tejali Mangle, TJ Dunn

START SMALL... DREAM BIG! The Bond Hill site commissioned by the Cincinnati Redevelopment fund is located on a primary corridor with the potential to capture not only the local community market but the commuters that use Reading Road every day to go to work or those traveling to the Maketewah Country Club. The exposure of being on a major corridor is an advantage for the potential for growth and redevelopment. At the same time as a popular commuting route the speed of traffic makes the site precarious for pedestrians as the current street scape allows drivers to speed by without a second look.

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The design of the proposed site begins with Phase 1 (parcels A, B and C) as the commercial anchors to the corridor. The vision for the Bond Hill Reading Road site as a commercial business district and one of community engagement and eventually walk ability. Acting to not only to connect the community by bringing them together in a central public space on a weekend but also taking advantage of Reading Road connecting Bond Hill with the rest of Cincinnati. This begins with the slowing down of traffic. Traffic on the site can be slowed down without causing congestion on this artery road with the addition of on street parking in front of Parcels A and E. The first phase of the development during year 0-3 will focus heavily on creating the image of community core. Events planned in the plaza and the amenities provided through the mixed-use building. A central plaza nested between two commercial buildings allow for the use of the space by potential patrons of retail businesses as well as a space for community events such as farmers markets, food truck rallies, concerts. The aesthetics of façade renovation and new buildings will blend into the fabric of the existing community to invite the residents of Bond Hill into core of the community space.

Bond Hill Site Plan

South West Aerial View

Scale: 1”=50’

Bond Hill

New Internal Street Section

Commercial Recreational Mixed Use

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Reading Road Street Section

North East Aerial View






Office Building

Town homes/Coffee Shop

Existing Retail/Plaza

Mixed Use- Retail and Studio Apartments

West Elevation

East Elevation

Grocery Store



Uli final poster  
Uli final poster