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Our school philosophy At TEIS we create a happy, healthy, caring and stimulating environment that fosters a positive self image and a love of learning. Each and every child is special and we respect that all of our children have unique qualities and skills. We put each child at the centre of their own learning programme and we value, support and nurture their individual needs and learning styles. We create a positive atmosphere where all children receive encouragement and praise and feel proud of their achievements and talents. It is our privilege to guide children at the beginning of their learning journeys. Our children gain independence and develop the ability to solve problems, to work with others, and to learn how to learn. These skills enable them to be happy and successful in their continuing education, and throughout their lives.

A culture of English To walk through the doors of TEIS, is to enter a culture of English. Our children are surrounded by a rich English-language environment, naturally created by our native speaking teachers.

Children’s close bonds with their teachers enable them to easily communicate their needs, feelings and ideas. This love, care and support nourishes our children who quickly develop as skilled and confident communicators. They develop their language skills and vocabulary in the same way that they acquire their mothertongue, which is known as total language immersion. In doing this they have lots of fun; we use songs, stories, rhymes and games. We listen to, and truly value what our children have to say. This creates an ethos of pride, so that TEIS children love communicating in English and are confident and proud to do so.

Your child’s journey When children first come to us they are toddlers, just able to walk and talk. Four years later they walk proudly out of our doors able to express themselves clearly and fluently in English, and fully prepared for a primary school education. Throughout their journey with us, children learn through play and by working with their peers and teachers.

In Pre-school (2-3 years old) and Nursery (3-4 years old) children develop their communication skills, confidence, gross and fine motor skills. They also learn how to share with others, how to follow guidelines and to understand boundaries, which helps them to develop self-control and to form close friendships. We support them in this by using praise and positive reinforcement. In these early years of language learning children initially develop their receptive skills; the ability to receive and understand language. We focus on exposing them to a rich range of native speaker English and developing their confidence and early fluency.

In the second two years Reception (4-5 years old) and Year 1 (5-6 years old) children become more independent and are able to discuss and solve their own problems with support. During these years our children build on the foundations of the first part of our programme, developing their productive skills; the ability to speak and write in English. Their fluency and vocabulary develop considerably and the high level of language acquired is secure and within them throughout their lives. At this stage of their journey, TEIS children also begin to develop reading and writing skills. We use active, creative methods and games that make learning literacy so much fun.

A creative curriculum Learning at TEIS is a joyful adventure. Our children create and explore different projects relating to topics such as animals, nature, space and dinosaurs. Children are excited to learn about different areas through these projects. Our curriculum is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage which is used in England. Within this curriculum there are six broad areas of learning. This allows a holistic educational programme in which children make connections and develop their thoughts and ideas around a central project. Children contribute to their own learning and every question that a child asks is valued and thoughtfully answered. Children are inspired and motivated by a project-based approach as they realise that they have choices and options and that they are central to the learning process.

Our areas of learning and development are: Communication, Language and Literacy (speaking, listening, reading, writing) Creative Development (art, drama, music and dance) Knowledge and Understanding of the World (geography, history, science, nature, computer skills) Personal, Social and Emotional Development Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy (numbers, shapes, space and measure, calculations and problem solving) Physical Development (sports, fine motor development, movement and dance) We know that young children learn actively, and by using all of their senses. With our guidance they create their own knowledge and understanding by touching, experimenting, listening and looking. Our curriculum is carefully designed to give our children a rich range of experiences from which to learn and develop.

Healthy bodies, healthy minds... At TEIS, lunch and snack times are happy, learning times too. Children help to set the tables and we eat together like a family. We support our children to eat independently, helping them to help themselves. Children learn about nutrition and try a range of food from our balanced menu. They are given lots of positive reinforcement and praise which supports them to adopt a healthy approach to food. We are role models for our children and good table manners and courtesy are an important part of our children’s education. An important feature of our school culture is to enable our children to develop physically, as well as mentally. Children’s general health, gross motor skills and independence benefit hugely from playing and learning in the fresh air throughout the year. Our children have fun playing in our garden which has been carefully designed with the highest standards of safety in mind, as well being an excellent environment for promoting learning and development.

Educational trips and after school clubs We give children a wide range of experiences from which to learn. In the planning of our topics we decide on trips which will broaden our children’s horizons and enhance their learning. Each class goes on a trip for each topic and we welcome additional opportunities to enrich learning by living. When there is a topic-based focus, children see everyday places through different eyes, this can be the simple experience of visiting a supermarket or park, or the excitement of a museum or firestation. The options are limitless. We know that our parents are positive in the support of their children’s learning, so we always provide information about trips. A number of after school clubs allow children to develop their interests and their confidence to try new things within their own supportive environment. Children really enjoy experiencing these clubs with friends and it is a great opportunity for them to make new friends from other classes.

Special events A number of special events take place throughout the year with the aim of inspiring our children and showcasing their learning. These include shows at Christmas and in the summer as well as a major charity event during the year. Shows are a wonderful way to increase children’s confidence and selfesteem. In our annual whole-school project, all of our children explore and investigate a project, and produce creative expressions of their holistic learning journeys crowned by a wonderful exhibition. This allows them to teach and learn from each other while developing their confidence, self-esteem, general knowledge and sense of aesthetics. The excitement generated throughout the year and the pride of seeing their work valued and exhibited at school, at a museum, in a public area, or even in another county are amazing opportunities for TEIS children to experience success and achievement.

It’s your school too! Our parents are important members of the TEIS family. We really believe that working in partnership with our parents helps our children to flourish and grow. We work together to create a shared philosophy and mutual understanding of our children’s learning and development. We help children to share their experiences and achievements with their parents by sending regular emails, newsletters and information letters. We are here to support and guide parents, and teachers are happy to arrange meetings before and after school. Parents experience first-hand the joy of learning at TEIS at specifically designed workshops, as well as from their children on many occasions, from show and tell times to portfolio presentations. Our Parents’ Association represents the entire parent body. Its members work enthusiastically on projects which enhance our school ethos emphasising an awareness of social responsibility.

From your arms to ours... On your child’s first day at TEIS we become part of the same family, and together we share your most precious gift with love and care. The first experience of school is an exciting step and this can be a challenge for you and your child. We will support you both to settle in happily. Children need to know that Mummy and Daddy will leave them in their teachers’ care and that they will still have lots of fun and, in time, will be able to share these experiences excitedly when they go home. Our teachers support and comfort children and ensure that all TEIS children feel loved at school and are happy and secure in our embrace.

Firsts are miraculous! ....and we’re here to make them happen!



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TEIS 2010 Brochure  
TEIS 2010 Brochure  

TEIS 2010 Brochure