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This%project%has%been%funded%with%support%from%the%European%Commission.%This%publication%[communication]% reflects%the%views%only%of%the%author,%and%the%Commission%cannot%be%held%responsible%for%any%use%which%may%be% made%of%the%information%contained%therein.!

! Fat!Thursday.! ! Fat!Thursday!is!the!last!Thursday!before!Lent.!!It!depends!on!Easter.!The!next! Thursday!after!fat!Thursday!is!Lent.!! On!Fat!Thursday!people!usually!eat!a!lot!of!doughnuts!with!different!fillings.!All! bakers!make!delicious!and!lovely!doughnuts!which!people!buy!willingly.!A!lot!of! people!eat!“faworki”!(fried!cookies)!too.!! My!grandmother!usually!makes!100!pieces!of!doughnuts.!I!can!eat!them!all!day.! My!grandmother’s!doughnuts!are!the!best!in!the!world.! Fat!Thursday!is!my!favourite!holiday!because!I!can!eat!a!lot!of!doughnuts.!On! this!day!everybody!forgets!about!the!diet!and!they!eat!as!much!as!they!want.! !



The Baltic Festival of Fire

The main topic of the festival is fire. It refers to history of Gryfice which was burnt in 17th century. Every year many talented and famous artists come to the town. They entertain the audience with amazing tricks and dances with fire. For three days the city turns into a colorful place with parades and concerts. The burning of the city is shown in a beatiful spectacle in the city centre. The advantage of The Baltic Festival of Fire is a visit of " Poland has got a talent" show participants and music band.


Labor&Day& !

In! Poland,! Labor! Day! is! celebrated! on! the! first! of! May.! Formerly,! on! this! occasion!there!were!organized!marches!in!which!presence!was!compulsory.!It! was! one! of! the! most! important! holidays! of! the! socialist! authorities.! People! represented!their!professions!by!their!outfits!and!held!in!their!hands!the!Polish! flag.!Today,!the!holiday!is!not!celebrated!as!it!once!was,!but!it!is!still!a!public! holiday.! Nowadays,! people! hang! out! flags! in! their! homes,! but! do! not! have! to! participate! in! any! ceremonies.! Children! don't! go! to! school! on! this! day.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I!think!this!holiday!is!fantastic!because!we!can!spend!it!with!the!family.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! Formerly:!


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by!Gabriela!Janik! !

FAT THURSDAY One of my favourite celebrations is “Fat Thursday”. It is a moveable feast, and the date is dependent on the days on which Easter is celebrated. It is the last Thursday before the beginning of Lent. The first Wednesday after Fat Thursday is Ash Wednesday. The two traditional items served on Fat Thursday are donuts and Angel Wings. Polish donuts are traditionally filled with rose petal jam, but you can also buy them with marmalade, chocolate, whipped cream, pudding or advocate. It is believed that everyone should eat at least one donut on this day, because it brings good luck in the coming year. Fat Thursday should be an occasion to forget about calories. This festival has a long tradition and is celebrated in many countries. Fat Thursday is a very popular holiday in Poland. Certainly it’s one of the most pleasant and interesting days in the whole year.

Wiktoria Grzegoszczyk



“11th of November - National Independence Day in Poland” !

The!11th!of!November!is!a!National!Independence!Day!in! Poland.!Every!year!Polish!people!celebrate!this!day!by! hanging!out!Polish!flags!and!singing!Polish!Anthem.!Polish!flag! is!white!and!red.!!In!1918!Poland!regained!its!independence.! After!123!years!Poland!became!an!independent!country.!! Now!it’s!a!Polish!holiday.!! The!main!celebrations!are!held!in!Warsaw!in!Pilsudski!Square! at!the!Tomb!of!the!Unknown!Soldier.!Another!celebrations! are:!Independence!Run!in!Warsaw,!patriotic!concerts!or! street!parades.!Even!Polish!immigrants!celebrate!this!day.!! This!is!a!very!important!day!for!Polish!people.! ! !


! Dożynki!)!Harvest!festiwal! ! !!!!!Every! year,! after! harvest,! people! in! every! villge! celebrare! our! Polish! festival! "Dożynki"! It! is! similar! to! American! festival! "Thanksgiving".!People!want!to!enjoy!the!end!of!summer!and!thank! for!the!harvest.! !!!!!In! my! village! everything! starts! next! to! the! church.! People! come! there!and!go!to!the!playing!field.!There!is!a!great!parade!!Everybody! is!wearing!different!costumes.!For!example,!funny!masks!and!colorful! clothes.!There!are!a!lot!attractions,!carousels,!and!miniFshops!where! you!can!buy!some!sweets,!waffels,!iceFcream!and!much!more.! !!!!!I!like!this!festival!very!much.!I!think!it's!the!best!of!all.!Today,!not! many!Polish!celebrate!"Dożynki"!like!in!my!village!but!it!s!great!too.!

Chocolate Day I’ll$never$forget$the$Chocolate$Day$Festival.$I$was$there$last$year$ on$ 23th$ March.$ It$ was$ in$ the$ house$ of$ my$ friend.$ There$ were$ girls$ from$my$class.$ One$of$the$things$I$liked$best$was$the$contest$“What$chocolate$is$ this?”$ Each$ girl$ covered$ her$ eyes$ and$ had$ to$ guess$ what$ kind$ of$ chocolate$she$was$eating.$ After$ activities$ we$ ate$ delicious$ food.$ There$ was$ a$ huge$ table$ with$fresh$fruit,$fountain$of$chocolate,$chocolate$cakes,$biscuits$with$ chocolate$ and$ fruit,$ fruit$ jelly$ and$ pancakes$ with$ chocolate$ and$ strawberries.$To$drink$we$had$hot$chocolate,$coffee,$fresh$fruit$juice$ and$mineral$water.$ We$ celebrate$ Chocolate$ Day$ every$ year.$ We$ always$ have$ great$ time!$ $ $

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Easter! !

! Polish!people!celebrate!Easter!in!the!last!week!of!March!or!in!the!first!or! second! week! of! April.! The! festival! takes! place! on! Great! Thursday,! Good! Friday,! Easter! Saturday! and! Easter! Monday! but! Easter! Sunday! is! the! most! important.! Easter!is!the!name!for!the!special!celebration!of!Christians.!They!celebrate!Easter! at!home!with!their!family!because!years!ago!Jesus!Christ!rose!from!the!dead.! ! ! People! in! Poland! are! very! creative.! Our! country! likes! doing! many! homeE made!decorations,!so!for!Easter!we!must!do!them.!Preparations!in!Poland!aren't! easy!because!people!must!prepare!a!basket!with!their!food!for!Easter!Sunday!on! Easter! Saturday.! They! put! there! cakes,! some! meat,! some! cheese,! some! spices,! many!different!eggs!and!a!few!slices!of!bread.! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! We! start! Easter! breakfast! at! 9! o'clock! or! 10! o'clock.! We! prepare! many! dishes! for! that! day! so! it! is! amazing! and! special.! After! Easter! breakfast! children! always!get!presents.!Children!believe!that!Easter!Bunny!gives!them!presents!on! that!day.!They!are!very!happy!and!they!always!wait!for!the!bunny.!It!gives!many! things!to!girls!or!boys,!but!they!are!always!wonderful.!It!is!the!day!which!people! like!very!much.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! This!year!we!had!Easter!at!the!end!of!March.!Our!Easter!was!fantastic.!We! ate!many!homeEmade!dishes.!For!example,!we!had!many!different!and!colourful! eggs,! sweet! cakes,! some! meat,! bake! rolls,! bread! and! dishes! with! many! spices.! That!festival!was!amazing!and!I!won't!forget!it!for!a!long!time.! !


Ewelina!Ĺ obodziec!!

Children’s Day

Children’s Day is a special day for children from all over the world. It takes place on the first of June. On 1st of June children can spend a great time. Sometimes they go on class trips or have a lot of competitions, from quizzes to sports contests. Usually there are fantastic awards. There are also attractions for teenagers – they go to youth clubs and dance all the day. On this day you can buy on streets tons of colorful balloons, teddy bears and sweets. Because of the summer time it is a perfect day to spend it outside. Just Have fun! Children’s Day is fantastic event, not only for young people. Parents should celebrate it, too! On this special day you will see happy faces everywhere. Don’t forget and take part in it!

Easter'in'Poland' My favourite celebration is Easter. Catholic Church usually celebrates Easter in April. At Easter we celebrate Christ’s Resurrection and his victory over death and sin. On the morning of Holy Saturday we prepare a special Easter basket. It is a small basket with various things to eat. We put in it Easter eggs – which are the symbol of life, meat, salt, horseradish. Later everyone goes to church to bless their baskets full of eggs, meal, salt, bread and horeradish inside. On the next day - Easter Sunday we have traditional breakfast. Easter Sunday is the most important day of Easter. We eat sour barley soup, stuffed eggs, salad and sweets. Children look for presents from Easter Bunny. A few days before parents hide presents and they have traces with chocolate eggs. Later children follow the eggs and they find their presents. It is great fun. In the afternoon we go to church for solemn mass. On Monday after Easter Sunday children pour water over each other. It is great fun and everyone is happy. Boys often pour the water over girls, when they leave church. A lot of people don’t want to be wet, so they slip away. This day is very funny. I very like Easter because it is happy time. You can spend time with family and Easter precedes the coming of spring. I think it is the best Polish festival.

Memories(of(Pilot(Day( ! I!will!never!forget!the!Pilot!Day!Festival!we!had!when!I!was!a!little!boy.! On! 15th! June! everyone! went! to! the! nearest! airfield! from! our! village! to! see! amazing!plane!stunts.! The! best! moment! of! the! festival! was! when! the! huge! plane! fleet! was! preparing! to! take! off.! After! that! every! plane! was! making! beautiful! stunts.! Everyone!was!delighted.!I!got!an!autograph!from!the!best!pilot!of!the!show.! This!year!there!won’t!be!such!festival.!I!miss!all!these!planes!and!pilots.! I!hope!I!will!see!something!like!that!again.! Marcin!Wójcik!

! Constitution!day!Festival! I" will" never" forget" the" Constitution" day" Festival" we" had" every" year"when"I"was"a"little"boy."On"3rd"May"everyone"in"our"city"used"to" celebrate" the" day" when" the" first" Constitution" of" Poland" had" been" signed."" One"of"the"things"I"like"best"was"when"people"walked"around"a" square"with"red"and"white"flags!" "" After" the" march," people" met" in" their" houses" with" their" friends" and"ate"tasty"dishes."" " " " " " " "

Today" not" many" Polish" citizens" celebrate" Constitution" day" Festival"in"the"traditional"way"we"used"to."I"always"had"a"great"time" though,"and"I"feel"happy"when"I"think"about"it." Paweł"Mika"


I'll never forget the First Day of Holidays Festival we had every year in primary school. On 1st of July I used to meet my friends on the beach. We celebrated the end of school and the beginning of holidays. One of the things I liked best was swimming. We had swimming competitions. We also danced on the beach. Our favourite was Gangnam Style. We all really loved it. After swimming and dancing we had delicious food our mothers prepared. We had fruit and vegetable salads, ice-cream and cakes. We drank Coke, Fanta and Sprite. At the end of the day, there was never any food or drink left. Today children don't celebrate the First Day of Holidays the way we used to. I always had a great time, and I feel happy when I think of that.

Aleksandra Tokarz!

! Festival!in!Przegędza! ! !!!!!I'm!writing!about!a!festival!in!Przegędza,!a!small!village!near!my! hometown.!Every!summer!people!come!to!Przegędza!to!meet!friends.! I!don't!know!why!this!festival!is!celebrated.!Maybe!my!two!visits!to! this!festival!is!not!enough!to!get!know!that!!! !! !! !People! can! taste! regional! Silesian! food:! cakes! (poppyEseed! cake,! cheesecake,! apple! pie)! and! many! more.! Some! people! come! to! show! off!their!vehicles!(motorcycles!and!cars!from!MB!Silesia!Club!Poland),! other! people! come! to! watch! them.!In! addiction,! people! can! listen! to! rock! bands,! take! photos! and! watch! road! rescue! show.! Children! can! have!fun!on!carousels!and!play!team!games!with!friends.!! !! !! !I! like! that! festival,! because! I! can! meet! friends,! spend! time! with! them!and!link!it!with!my!passions:!photography!and!old!vehicles.! ! !

Polish festivities and special celebrations  
Polish festivities and special celebrations