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Teija Rom-Colthoff Specializes In Baton Twirling

Teija Rom-Colthoff is a responsible, hardworking, and motivated individual who aspires to become a medical assistant. She is a resident of Aurora, Ontario and has studied at Sir William Mulock Secondary School,in Aurora Ontario. Teija is a very dedicated student who strongly believes in the power of education. She has just completed her high school and is currently working part time as a bar tender in a billiard hall in Vaughan. She is also continuing in her capacity as Baton coach at Spectrum North Baton Club, where she trains children of the age group 4 to 14 and help them learn about the basics of baton.

Baton twirling is an interesting combination of dance, cheer, and gymnastics. A skilled baton twirler can create a stunning display of beauty, harmony and aesthetics for the audiences. Teija Rom-Colthoff has demonstrated her excellent skills in baton twirling by participating in a number of Canadian championships and coming in the top 20 at various world competitions. She has great passion for baton twirling and also provides training to beginners in baton for her club and a couple of soloists as well.

Apart from being an accomplished baton twirler, Teija is a competent and dynamic sales associate. Teija has excellent communication and inter-personal skills with an outstanding ability to persuade others so as to ensure a successful sale. She worked at Spirit Halloween, Aurora, ON, as a Sales Associate where she processed cash, assisted customers and managed changing rooms. In addition, she also assisted in processing store merchandise, inventory count, and packaging products.

Teija Rom-Colthoff is a very reliable and responsible employee. She always received appreciation from her supervisors for her brilliant customer service skills. Besides, she also worked at Camp Green Acres as a Specialty Supervisor, where she organized and executed specialized classes for campers of the age group 6 to 13. She was also responsible for maintenance of supplies and some paper work. Apart from the afore mentioned, she has a training in Standard First Aid and Smart Serve. Her sense of commitment, focus, and diligence help her to complete every task in the best way possible.

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Teija Rom-Colthoff Specializes In Baton Twirling