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Parents’/Carers’ Information 2013/2014

Teign School

On 1st March 2011 Teign School converted to an Academy. South West Teaching School Alliance

Teign School is proud to be a member of the South West Teaching School Alliance.

Education Business Excellence Award

Teign School is a quality provider of employmentrelated learning services.

Sibelco UK

Work in partnership with Teign School to provide land and on-site services.

The Senior Leadership Team Headteacher M Woodlock Deputy Headteacher

S Roughsedge

Assistant Headteacher

A Dolan

Assistant Headteacher

P Shaw

Assistant Headteacher

V New

Assistant Headteacher

C Marchant

Assistant Headteacher

W Treloar

Business Manager

K Matthews

Administration Team Leader

F Bearne

Headteacher’s PA

R Atkinson

Lead Finance Assistant

L Hill

Finance Assistant

J Hamlet

Finance Assistant

S Yarnall


A Germon

Staffing - Departments Year Leaders:Year 7 G Duke Year 8 H Epps Year 9 N Cripps Year 10 L Wagner Year 11 A Crispin Sixth Form A Dolan Restorative Skills Manager D Sansom Post-16 Teaching & Learning M Ingall Co-ordinator

House Leaders:Eagles House K Evans Wolves House M Wagner Sharks House J Miller Tigers House M Shepherd Art N Johnson (Department Leader) F Avis (Textiles & Photography) J Kay A Homer

Beliefs, Values & Citizenship R McClymont (Department Leader) K Evans F Roberts W Treloar L Wagner

English & Media L Howgate (Department Leader) S Ashman (Lead Practitioner) A Wheller M Day D Mather G Lang S Hutton E Snape E Strong R Bush

A Mosley K Cornforth M Slipszenko A Filmer-Bennett


J Miller (Department Leader) S Andrews G Palmer D Summers J Maxwell

History N Ely (Department Leader) M Sessions T Lea M McKellar

S Abbott

ICT C Wheeler (Department Leader) S Calladine M Wagner

B Dunford

Inclusion A Davies (Department Leader)

Mathematics C Hollands (Department Leader) K Butler (Assistant Department Leader) F Cox (KS Co-ordinator) J Roberts A Dolan R Neaum P Shaw R Dolan S Calladine S Kirby

G Duke C Marchant A Morgan

Modern Languages E Gavrilenko (Department Leader) A Peters (Assistant Department Leader) L Harris L Cheeseworth K Burns P Ventre C Bennett R Rueda-Soriano

R Gerry S Roughsedge

PE A Balsdon (TAST Director of Sport & PE) K Pearce (Department Leader) T Flint (TAST Sports Co-ordinator) R Parker (Ten Tors Leader / Duke of Edinburgh) G Payne (Outdoor Pursuits Co-ordinator) M Hart A Crispin N Poole

Performing Arts F Churchill (Department Leader)

Drama & Dance C Churchill


H Epps

T Carpenter J Kidd

Science J Mason (Department Leader) M Sims (Assistant Department Leader) L Wookey (Assistant Department Leader) R Thorne (KS Co-ordinator) J Nicholas (KS Co-ordinator) R Bright A Carey-Jones N Cripps S Hollyoak-Quinnell S Hukku K Kennedy-Bruyneels M Shepherd

J Clayton S Howard V New

Social Sciences M Ingall (Psychology & Sociology) M Wills (Psychology)

Technology J Smith (Department Leader) D McClean (Assistant Department Leader) M Evans C Lees

J Stainer

Department and Student Support Student Support Centre (& Attendance) team leader & year 7 ssc assistant (Year 8) ssc assistant (Year 9) ssc assistant (Year 10) ssc assistant (Year 11) pastoral assistant (6th Form) student futures co-ordinator work experience/primary liaison/ house admin

L Maynard S Parker C Webber B Miller T Cox Z Brodie E Perman S Newton

Student Assessment Centre team leader L Monaghan exams officer B Hoult sac assistant P Coniam data manager M Sessions


S Parker (Team Leader) K Beard D Cranton A Riggs E Rowett D Cusens S Taylor P Hearnden P Spicer

ict network manager – infrastructure M Dornan network manager - website M Rochelle technician A Westcott library & resources librarian vacancy library assistant L King print design centre supervisor R Brunt publicity & promotions assistant H Martin department assistants S Street (Team Leader)

S Fear L Jenkins C Sanders C Fath

L Gaston C Bradburn L Harris Z Brodie

G Wotton M Bourne M Pillivant

tutor mentors

V Baxter (Team Leader & Assistant SENCo) J Allen J Edwards C Kneebone S Mortimer C Collings K Clark S Heather C Sanders J Trewin C Westcott C Brown J Howard L Strickland T Caunter J Daniels J Harvey R Levett J Light L Kilbride A Mortimer T Fardon A Murray Y Burgoyne S Jones N Booth M Steel P Mortimore T Platts S Baxter P Searle (REACH Co-ordinator) C Townsend (REACH)

cover teacher mentors art/inclusion S Fear bvc/geography I Gibbs-Gilpin english J Whear history/ technology L Portsmouth ict/pe C Mortimore mathematics M Gilpin mfl C Bennett performing arts vacancy science N Legg premises staff site supervisors D Jury J Taylor premises assistants L Squire R Wall minibus driver M Shambis cleaning supervisor L Squire catering catering supervisor (Team Leader) vacancy acting catering aupervisor M Westaway acting assistant catering supervisor M Robertson catering assistants R Germon J Bevins

mealtime assistants N Willoughby

N Denning

J Henley

J Daniels

family support worker A Findlay

Anyone wishing to contact the Governing Body should do so via the Clerk to the Governing Body, Miss Atkinson, at the school (01626 366969).

SCHOOL DAY Teign School operates a two-week, five-period day with lesson times etc. as follows:-



08.40 08.50 09.10 - 10.10 10.10 - 11.10 10.10 - 11.30 11.30 - 12.30 12.30 - 13.30 13.30 - 14.15 14.15 - 15.15 15.15

Staff Briefing Registration, Tutor & Assembly time Period 1 Period 2 BREAK Period 3 Period 4 LUNCH Period 5 End of School



Registration is a legal requirement. An attendance register is taken during morning registration at the start of the day and at the beginning of every lesson.

All students have the option to:

The register must record whether the student was: • present • absent • present at approved educational activity • unable to attend due to exceptional circumstances The school uses an electronic registration system which enables the tracking of punctuality and attendance throughout the day.

ATTENDANCE Under the Education Act 2006, the Local Authority and the Governors have a statutory responsibility to ensure that parents/carers secure education for students of compulsory school age and where necessary, use legal enforcement. Regular school attendance is essential if students are to achieve their full potential. The Governors and staff of Teign School believe that regular school attendance is the key to enabling students to maximise the educational opportunities available to them in order to fulfil the potential of each individual. Where students of compulsory school age are recorded as absent, the register must show whether the absence is authorised or unauthorised. Absence can only be authorised by the school and cannot be authorised by parents/carers. All absences will be treated as unauthorised unless a satisfactory explanation for the student’s absence has been received. Parents/carers should advise the Student Support Centre at school by telephone on the first day of absence and provide the school with an expected date of return. Alternative arrangements will be agreed with non-English speaking parents/carers. Heads of Year and Senior Leaders meet regularly with the school’s Educational Welfare Officer to promote good attendance and investigate and deal with any attendance concerns.

• eat a school meal • bring a packed lunch The school ‘Canteign’ is open three times a day serving breakfast rolls; hot and cold snacks and meals at both break and lunch times. Teign School uses a cashless catering system Smart Card, which means students do not need to carry cash with them each day. The cards can be ‘topped up’ at any of the tills when ‘Canteign’ is open. If parents/carers should wish their child to return home for lunch then they should complete and sign a request form.

RELATIONSHIPS FOR LEARNING At Teign School the quality of relationships across our school community will be a strong determinant of our overall success. Positive relationships are fundamental to effective learning and classroom management. The relationships between students, staff (teaching and support staff) and parents must be open, honest and respectful and have the achievement of the student and the well-being of all parties at their core. All parties ie students, staff (teaching and support staff) and parents must accept they have a role to play in the development and maintenance of these relationships. The quality of these relationships will be reflected in the outcomes for students. Students will be empowered to take an active role in developing the school ethos. It is the policy at Teign School to develop an ethos where there is a commitment to the Restorative Approach. Our belief is that all members of our community should:• accept our shared responsibility for the school ethos and the effectiveness of the learning climate • value, respect and listen to other members of the community • acknowledge, empathise and support the needs of others • be independent, reflective and self motivated learners • take pride in our school and celebrate success

STUDENT CHARTER At Teign School students are expected to:Support the school ethos by:• being polite and considerate to others in behaviour and use of language • taking care of the school site keeping it clean and tidy e.g. picking up litter • respecting other people’s property • wearing the correct uniform and looking smart Support the learning environment by:• being prepared for lessons with the necessary equipment and books • attending school every day unless there is a genuine unavoidable reason for absence • being punctual for school and lessons. • keeping to deadlines • contributing to the learning and not disrupting it • switching off mobile phones when inside school buildings Support the well-being of others by:• recognising other people and their needs • listening to other points of view • helping the school to tackle bullying • accepting and respecting differences

STUDENT EMPOWERMENT Teign School endeavours to involve students in school issues to make them feel they are part of the school community and to provide opportunities for them to develop life skills that will enable students to be healthy, confident and effective citizens. For example:- • Student Governors • SEAL Ambassadors • Upper and Lower School Councils • Year Councils Teign School SEAL* Ambassadors have facilitated conferences for primary schools, teachers and employers. They have been trained in the Restorative Approach, led workshops for teachers and employers and also taken lessons with Lower School students. *SEAL - promotes emotional and social development (Social & Emotional Aspects of Learning)

REWARDS: HOUSE POINT SYSTEM • this is used to encourage and reward students for good quality work, commitment and effort, improvement and service to the school community • students should be encouraged to value the system • points are awarded electronically through an online system ‘epraise’ • the ‘epraise’ system not only gives students a real-time representation of their individual performance, but also that of their Tutor Group and their House as a whole • every point that a student banks will give them one entry onto prize draws or saved for the House auctions There is no limit to the number of House

Points a student can earn within a year. However, the totals will be reset at the end of each academic year. House Points can be awarded to students for: • high quality written work • consistent effort in class • practical work • creativity • initiative • contribution to discussion work • teamwork and leadership • improvement in class work or in examination/assessments • involvement in extra-curricular activities not rewarded in other ways • service to tutor group or community of the school

CONSEQUENCES We believe that students need to learn that actions have consequences and to understand that it is their responsibility and choice, as follows:If you choose to support the Learning Environment, the well-being of others or the school ethos, the consequences may be:• recognition • note in planner • achievement cards • letter home • house points • certificate of achievement • merit stickers If you do not support the Learning Environment, the well-being of others or the school ethos, the consequences may be:• formal warning • time after school* • referral to Leader of Department target interview • report card monitored for a period of time • withdrawal from classroom • as a last resort, withdrawal from mainstream school Restorative meetings will be used as much as possible before reintegration to a class or the school. *It is an expectation that students will attend ‘ time after school ‘ as required.

PUNCTUALITY Punctuality is an important part of self-discipline and is essential. It is an expectation that all students attend all lessons, registration periods and assemblies on time.

EQUIPMENT IN LESSONS Students are expected to turn up to every lesson with the following equipment - a pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, exercise books or files, planner and any text books. In Maths, students are required to have a scientific calculator and an apron in Technology. A range of equipment needed for learning can be purchased in the library.

STUDENT PERSONAL ORGANISER/PLANNER Every student is issued with a personal

planner which is specific to their Key Stage.

or clarification then please contact the Student Support Centre.

The planner is more than a home learning diary; it is designed to help you to:


• plan your work • manage your time • record your achievements • review your progress The planner is a means of communication between the student, the form tutor, the teachers and parents. Parents should ensure that they see their child’s planner and sign it every week.

SCHOOL UNIFORM Students are expected to wear the official school uniform for all years of secondary compulsory school attendance and parents are actively encouraged to support us in maintaining this policy. We believe that wearing our school uniform ensures an acceptable standard of dress, helps to preserve the good reputation and image of the school, minimises social distinctions and avoids the sometimes costly or extreme competition in appearance that can arise amongst young people in secondary schools. Above all it helps to establish and maintain the identity of the school and engenders a pride in being part of the school community. Body piercing, flesh tubes, tongue and nose studs are unacceptable. Any student with body piercings will be expected to wear clear retainers. There is an expectation that a student’s appearance must be neat and tidy and appropriate for school. Extreme hairstyles, such as a shaven head or hair colours outside those regarded as natural are not acceptable. Make up should not be worn by Key Stage 3 students and for Key Stage 4 students it should be discreet.

JEWELLERY Jewellery is discouraged as Teign School cannot accept responsibility for damage, theft or loss. Only the following items are acceptable: • watch • one fine gold or silver coloured chain around the neck • one pair of plain stud or sleeper earrings • one unobtrusive ring

SAFETY The safety rules are subject to change in certain subjects. For example: • rings are dangerous if worn in workshops • an apron is essential and must be worn in Food Technology, Pottery and Workshop activities • jewellery must not be worn during PE or Games lessons If you require any further information

17 members of staff hold the full First Aid at Work Certificate. The majority of teaching staff are trained in other recognised first aid. A school nurse, qualified in child health, but not in school every day, is employed at the school on a part-time basis for health and well-being support.

PROPERTY Personal Property

While the school endeavours to safeguard students’ property, no responsibility can be accepted for loss or damage to property brought onto the school site. In order to minimise risk, students/parents should mark clearly all items of property, especially clothing.

Mobile Technology

At Teign School we recognise that mobile phones are now an important part of everyone’s life and therefore accepts that students are permitted to bring mobile devices to school but their use is limited and restricted. • students must not use mobile phones during or between lessons • mobile phones should not be visible in school buildings Failure to comply with these rules could result with the device being confiscated and parents called in for a meeting. It should be noted that it is a criminal offence to use a mobile phone to menace, harass or offend another person. As such, the school may consider it appropriate to involve the police if such use is deemed to fit into any of these categories.

School books, equipment and materials.

School items are issued on the understanding that students will take good care of them and must return them when required to do so. Any loss or damage must be paid for by the student responsible. It is school policy to send a bill to the parents/carers of students responsible for wilful damage to buildings, fixtures and fittings or to request that a contribution is made towards the cost of repair where a student’s negligence is the cause.

BICYCLES & SCOOTERS Students may ride their bicycles or scooters into school. By law all bicycles must be roadworthy. The school cannot take any responsibility for the safety or security of bicycles. However bike racks are provided and must be used. Any bicycle or scooter not parked in the racks will be confiscated. The school takes cycling safety very seriously; we offer cycling proficiency to all students. Parents can also help by ensuring that their child wears a helmet when cycling to school.



In Year 9 students will choose which subjects they would prefer to study throughout Key Stage 4. The options process ensures that your child has the best advice and guidance to make a balanced choice of subjects. This is supported by:

Learning Support Services Statement for Teign School

• option assemblies • individual counselling and guidance • parent/student information evening • support from Careers South West • informative options booklet • provisional choices • final choices By the end of Year 9, KS4 subjects will be agreed between the student, the parent and the school.

CURRICULUM See main School Prospectus and website for full details. An options booklet is available for each Year group.

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION & PERSONAL, SOCIAL & HEALTH EDUCATION All students follow a course in Beliefs, Values and Citizenship which combines Religious Education, Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship from which the law allows parents/carers to withdraw their child from the RE element and certain parts of the PSHE course. In Years 7 to 9 students consider ideas such as Identity, Community, Religion and Science, Relationships, Politics and Crime and Punishment. Then in Years 10 and 11 students engage in a deeper study of the issues surrounding Morality and Citizenship such as Matters of Life, Poverty, Human Rights and Multiculturalism. Students will be entered for a Full Course or Short Course GCSE.

ASSEMBLIES MON: Year 7 K-Hall; Year 10 Theatre; Year 12 Theatre TUES: Year 8 K-Hall; Year 11 Theatre WED: Year 9 Theatre THURS: Eagles (Mrs Evans) & Sharks (Mrs Miller) FRI: Tigers (Dr Shepherd) & Wolves (Mr Wagner)

At Teign School it is our aim to educate all students in line with the National Curriculum according to individual needs and abilities. We believe that every student is entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum through which they can progress according to their ability, talents and interests within a mainstream setting, whenever possible. With this aim in mind, Teign School allows for student support provision in the following areas: • gifted and talented students • special educational needs (eg Literacy, Numeracy) • communication and interaction • English as an additional language • behavioural, emotional and social difficulties • physical and sensory difficulties

GIFTED AND TALENTED POLICY STATEMENT All students at Teign School, whatever their ability or needs, will be given equal respect and value by members of staff and other students. The curriculum for able and gifted and talented students may need to be extended and/or enriched. This may include class work, homework, field studies, research/projects on extra curricular activities.

POLICY ON BULLYING There are many definitions of bullying, we consider it to be: • deliberately hurtful (including aggression) • repeated often over a period of time • difficult for victims to defend themselves Cyber bullying is a relatively new concern that schools now face. Issues which can be brought into school often start as a result of comments left on social network sites, or through mobile phone technology.

Parents can help school reduce the risks of Cyber Bullying by being aware and monitor their child’s on-line activity. At Teign School we firmly believe that bullying is wrong and that ALL within this school community share in the responsibility for dealing with the matter seriously. Students, parents/carers should report any concerns regarding bullying immediately. Appropriate responses will be carried out in line with the school’s Behaviour Policy and Procedures. Students are expected to record their perspective of a bullying incident and a restorative session will be undertaken where appropriate.

HOMEWORK POLICY We believe that homework is an important part of the learning process in terms of developing good study habits and individual responsibility, involving parents and families in learning and consolidating the learning taking place in school. Homework should be meaningful and skills focussed, helping students to enhance their learning and enabling them to make further progress.

CAREERS ENTERPRISE EDUCATION, INFORMATION, ADVICE & GUIDANCE Careers and enterprise education is a vital part of the educational experience and is embedded throughout our school curriculum. All students experience, through focused activity days, a structured programme which develops important employability and life skills. We have a dedicated team of staff, and resources, who are available at all times during school hours for help and advice. Independent and impartial careers guidance is provided by Careers South West for all Key Stage 4 and 5 students. Work experience for Year 10 students takes place in the summer term.

ADMISSIONS For Teign School, the Templer Academy Schools Trust is the admission authority. All parents must make an application for their child to be admitted to a state-funded school or academy using a Common Application Form from the LA. Places are not allocated to a child automatically. Where the number of applications exceeds the number of places available in Year 7 (the PAN) the Academy Trust will use the following oversubscription criteria to determine those applicants who could be offered a place. Any child whose Statement of Special Educational Needs names Teign School will be admitted.

1. Children in Care or who were in

Care but ceased to be in Care because they were adopted, made the subject of a residence order or a special

guardianship order 2. Children for whom an exceptional medical or social need is demonstrated 3. Children who live in the school’s designated area, with a sibling on roll at application 4. Other children who live in the school’s designated area – attending a linked primary school 5. Other children who live in the school’s designated area. 6. Children of members of staff employed for more than two years by the school or recruited within the past two years to fill a vacancy for which there was a skills shortage 7. Children who live outside the school’s designated area, with a sibling on a roll at application 8. Children who live outside the designated area, attending a linked primary school Every parent who wishes to express a preference for a Year 7 place must use a Common Application Form from the home LA where the child lives. In Devon this is the D-CAF3, available at or within the ‘Next Step’ secondary admissions booklet – copies of which are available by calling My Devon. A reference copy will be available at the school from 1 September 2013. Residents of neighbouring LAs – Plymouth, Torbay, Dorset, Cornwall and Somerset - must apply by contacting their own LA even if a place is requested here. All applications must be made by the LA closing date: 31 October 2013. A full version of Teign School’s admission policy, for Year 7 September 2014 or for in-year admissions, is available from the school, 01626 366969 or www. For further queries, please contact the LA School Admissions Team, admissions@, telephone contact through ‘My Devon’ on 0845 155 1019.

SCHOOL POLICIES & PROCEDURES As with other large organisations, Teign School has a plethora of policy & procedure documents to meet various needs. If you have any queries about any issues, please feel free to contact the school in the first instance and we will act with common sense in a responsive and fair manner. However, should you require a copy of any policy/procedure, please contact the main office. In addition, the following are available on the school website:• School Complaints • Relationships for Learning • Statement of Intent • Charges & Remissions • Sex & Relationships • Anti-Bullying


First Day Tuesday 3 September 2013 (Years 7 & 12 only) Wednesday 4 September 2013 (Whole School) Last Day Friday 20 December 2013 (School finishes early at 1pm) half term Friday 25 October to Friday 1 November 2013


First Day Monday 6 January 2014 Last Day Thursday 4 April 2014 half term Monday 17 February to Friday 21 February 2014


First Day Monday 22 April 2014 Last Day Friday 18 July 2014 half term Monday 26 May to Friday 30 May 2014


Monday 2 September 2013 Thursday 24 October 2013

Teign School A TAST School Chudleigh Road, Kingsteignton Devon, TQ12 3JG Telephone: 01626 366969 Facsimile: 01626 335723 Part of Templer Academy Schools Trust, a company limited by guarantee registered in England, number 07518252 Registered office: Teign School, Chudleigh Road, Kingsteignton, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 3JG, Tel 01626 366969

Info book 2013 / 14  
Info book 2013 / 14