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Its Celebration time again...

St George... Wedding... Camps...

Mar/Apr Issue 38

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Scouting a celebration ...

This is the time of year when most celebrations and with the mix of groups now start venturing out doors Easter and Bank holidays and the and continuing their big adventure. Royal Wedding it will be great to hear the different ways in which This month we are beginning to groups take this opportunity to feature some of those great events celebrate this time of year. that make Scouting such an We would really like to hear stories important part of the community. of what your group has been doing From helping with environmental this month, what did you do? Who challenge to visiting other took part? Especially if its organisations and just learning what something different or had a big impact in your local area. others get up to and how they fit. Of course this is also the time when we start on our St Georges day

potential new Beaver in the wings. Midwife been called and we are now just waiting to take the trip to the hospital so Im sure we soon hear the patter of tiny paws. As my wife is also the Beaver leader, Im just wondering if there any appropriate badges we could offer her on her return. Enjoy..

Steve Michaels Personally though I will have to sign ADCPR off shortly though as we have a Teignbridge District Scouts

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By teaming up . s ll u g e h t h it w e r o c s s Cub

When we pool our resource or even then soon recovered their energy seats in the Family Stand to watch ideas it can show how resourceful with a rewarding lunch in ‘Boots Torquay United go on to thrash the scout network can be. Even and Laces’. Shrewsbury Town 5-0. small trips can turn into some great opportunities for our members. This rounded off a fantastic day for us all, especially the avid Torquay Take for example 1st Highweek and United fans amongst us. 3rd Newton Abbot Cubs who teamed up for a fantastic day of Jeff Hiscoke. fottball action when they visited Highweek Cubs promotion hopefuls Torquay United. They met at Plainmoor, Torquay Uniteds Football ground in the early morning when the Cubs were given expert football training from Mark Titchard which was highly valued by all of the participants involved.

After lunch they undertook a behind the scenes tour of the ground; Home and Away dressing rooms, press box, control office and much more.

Today was also the day when the This then followed with a series of Gulls were taken on division rivals 5 a side football matches, which had Shrewsbury town so the astrosphere was tense but we were soon able to enough action all on their own. take our seats as the fans were now After changing back into their Cub beginning to arrive. uniforms, they visited the Club shop The cubs settled into their reserved

1st Kenton goes global... Newly formed group 1st Kenton have not standing still and have recently launched themselves onto the great world wide web.

Take a moment to keep up to date on all their latest news and events at

11th – 17th April 2011 Tick Bite Prevention Week provides information to help prevent ticks from biting people and pets. It also gives advice on what to do if ticks do attach. The campaign week is held in early spring when the weather gets warmer, people spend more time outdoors and ticks become more active. Don't panic but be 'Tick Aware'!

A real insider view into the back rooms of Torquay United

If you are involved in outdoor activities which take you into the countryside or parks and gardens with lots of wildlife (such as squirrels, hedgehogs and deer), you may be at risk of tick bites. Ticks can carry a number of infective organisms which can sometimes make people and pets ill if they get bitten. Simple precautions can help to keep you safe.

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Scouts meet e g n e ll a h c y it n u m com

natural heather to re-grow which otherwise would of stifled should the rhododendrons been allowed free reign of the park.

So armed with an arsenal of loppers and saws, the scouts quickly took to work and despite all the weather that the heavens could throw at us including rain and hail, they all worked hard and most importantly had fun.

Its great to see a group getting so heavily involved in the local community and this month has been an especially busy one as 1st Highweek Village Scouts continue the activities through out their group.

As part of their community Challenge badge the scouts spent six Six hours on the twenty seventh of February at the well known Stover country park, near Trago Mills just

outside Newton Abbot.

1st Hignweek scouts are incredibly grateful to the Staff and rangers at Stover Country Park for allowing them the opportunity to complete there community badge so successfully and look forward to when the next part of the pack needs a quick trim.

The ranger from Stover Park met us and once at the site discussed with the Scouts what we were to do and went through the health safety Christine Harvey concerns that a task like this would 1st Highweek Scouts need.

The main task of the day was to help clear back the ever increasing numbers rhododendrons. The ranger explained that this was to allow the

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NTASTIC EVENT GET FREE ENTRY TO THIS FA Day, but also to raise much needed s nt to not only celebrate St George

We are running this eve enture. As with any they can fulfill their right to an adv that so uts Sco ell ersw gsk Kin 1st funds for ety of roles we would make it happen so we have a vari that ple peo the as d goo as only event its plus get FREE entry for 29th and would like to get involved il Apr on free are you If . with love help il your immediate family, please ema

FREE FOOD? But do you have the stomach for it. Who will crowned our food eating champion of the night. Be the first to clear your plate and win!!!!!

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! ! ! ! ! e e r e f Oh Re

DRUMBEAT The recently re-launched 1st Kingskerswell Beavers have achieved their first challenge badge thanks to the intervention of a professional FA Referee. Darren Thompson

Challenge badge.

With a Football Association keep fit routine, team games and some work on the importance of monitoring blood pressure and heart rate. It quickly became apparent that all the Darren gallantly volunteered to put boxes were being ticked to get all our Soccer mad Beavers through our Beavers on track to earn their their paces as part of the Fitness first challenge badge - which of course contributes to the bronze chief scout award.

He shoots, we scored

After such a successful evening the idea of launching our own five-a- Denham, Ben, Jessy, Ciaran, Austin, side football teams is not such a Oliver, Reece and Josh. remote idea. Anne Michaels The Beavers who took on the Beaver Scout Leader challenge included Joshua, Giles, 1st Kingskerswell

. . p m o C n o Capti

Just for fun, email your own caption to the above pic to and we will publish the best. To start you off we thought â&#x20AC;&#x153;quick guys run Darth Vader is behind usâ&#x20AC;? but can you do better.

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ramme Training Prog


Date Wednesday 6th April Away Events) Wednesday 11th May Sat & Sun 21st/22nd May Wednesday 22nd June Wednesday 13th July Wednesday 7th September Wednesday 21st September Wednesday 12th October Wednesday 23rd November Wednesday 7th December

Scouts HQ. Walborough St. Newton Abbot

Module 16 (Introduction to Nights

1&6 (Introduction Modules) 38 (Nights away) 15 (Challenging Behaviour) 12 (Balanced Programme) 14 (Young People Today) 1&6 (Introduction Modules) 17 (Activities Outdoors) 3 (Tools for the Job) 1&6 (Introduction Modules)

Please book at least 14 days before the course date. Each course in 2011 will be limited to 15 Participants.

Please email all course applications to Book online at

Evening courses start at 7.30pm. Doors open at 7pm to meet with other leaders

Torbay Headquarters Lummaton Cross, Torquay, TORBAY DISTRICT 1st



Multi module day, learning delivered will cover: Sunday 10th april 2011 18 Practical skills & skills day 16 introduction to residential experiences (venue and times to be confirmed) Wednesday 15th june 2011 17 Activities outdoors Wednesday 14th september 2011 38 Skills for residential experiences - planning evening Weekend 1/2nd october 2011 38 Skills for residential experiences - residential weekend Wednesday 19th october 2011 8 Skills of leadership 9 working with adults Wednesday 16th november 2011 19 International Dates of first aid training will be advised shortly Uniform does not need to be worn, please bring a note pad and pen

Remember Deadline to get your stories, news, vacancies and letters in is by 20th of each month. Email your news, vacancies, letters and reports to

DRUMBEAT Highweek takes to the slopes

On Thursday, 10th March 1st Highweek Cubs went skiing with Torquay Alpine Ski Club at Barton Hall, Torquay. After getting kitted out with boots and skis, the Cubs were taken to the slopes where they had a couple of hours of expert tutelage.

At the beginning there was a lot of very â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;uncoordinated movementsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; and lots of falling over but near the end of the session they were going the slope as if they had been doing it for years.

Your chance to be at the heart of Teignbridge

Can you think of one place where nearly every parent and perhaps new member of scouting has to go, some place where every group has in common.

The team that run the Shop on Saturday mornings desperately need your help. They need bright enthusiatic people who are not only knowledgable about scouting and know the difference between a woggle and a sizer badge, but are also are able to portray the right image for Scouting today. If this is you then the shop would love to hear from you.

Its the Teignbridge Scout HQ in Newton Abbot. Even though you can now buy all could ever want online now days its still the place where nearly every parent purchase their uniform and every section leader gets those well earned badges. Pop in on Saturday between 10am-12pm and I am sure they would love to hear The HQ on a Saturday morning plays an rom you. amazingly important role into how parents see the movement, a process that can make or break their impressions of scouting.

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Cubs Coastguard Visit

1st Kingskerswell Cub group along The crew from the station talked with three new beavers (who will about the stretcher and how it was shortly be moving up) visited used in air and sea rescues. Teignmouth Coast Guard Station. The cubs all had a try at being strapped in to the stretcher and showed them around the vehicle and were even allowed to sit in the drivers seat.

express their thanks to Carl and the other crew members in making it an enjoyable evening.

ick Goolding 1st Kingskerswell Cubs

The were also given an extensive overview of all the climbing ropes, how to fit climbing harnesses and gave them a talk on how to be safe when they are near the sea. The cubs really enjoyed an evening out from the hut and would like to

Each month we would love to do a special two page feature on just one group, who makes the team, what do you get up to, what do you have planned. Contact us for further details perhaps youre group might be the first.

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DRUMBEAT Drumbeat can come to you....

DRUMBEA DRUMBEAT The Tei The Teignbridge Scouting magazine for Members, Leaders, gnbriParents and Friends dge Scouting

Think you know scouting .... Its ti

magazine for Members, Lea ders, Parents a

Feb/Mar Issue 37

Cele rat io me agb ain... n

St George...

Flying ...


Sailing ...

& more


Think again ....

Ever fancied having ago......

For further details please contact Well Drumbeat can now come to you.. Steve Michaels by email at with Why donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t you let your Cubs, Beavers your meeting dates and we can see or Scouts put together a whole page of what we can turn you all into budding reporters. Drumbeat themselves.

We will bring all the equipment needed to your HQ help you put a story together, take pictures, fix them ready for print and then put them all together on the page. So you can see exactly how your favourite Teignbridge Scouting magazine is put together. We will even print out your own page there and then for everyone to take home with them.

We can help show what makes a great story and what doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t and perhaps what happens when it all goes wrong.

Email your news, vacancies, letters and reports to

DRUMBEAT TED WAN rs led containe

re and more Beavers, trict is expanding, with mo Dis ut Sco e dg bri gn Tei e Th In order for us to keep ers joining every week! lor Exp d an uts Sco bs, Cu volunteers to help our minimum, we need more a to wn do s list g itin wa venture. members on their big ad hour a month - we love spare a night, a week or an can u yo if nd mi n't do We st rewarding roles you you to join one of the mo ite inv d an rs tee lun vo r ou might ever undertake.

We currently have the following positions available in our groups.

To express your interest please send your details to the email address below and we will pass them on. Shop Assistant Teignbridge HQ

Due to retirement we are looking for extra help in our busy Saturday morning shop currently based at our Scout HQ in Newton Abbot. Any help will be appreciated in this busy shop environment and full training will be given. Exec. Committee 3rd Newton Abbot

Are looking for various positions in their back room staff to help with anything from fund raising, administration, book keeping, marketing event organising in fact anybody who has a skill which will be of benefit to this ambitious group.

Chairman 1st Kingskerswell

We are looking to expand our Exec. committee with a dynamic individual to forefront our fund raising and recruiting movement. Working alongside our Group Scout Leader in ensuring we secure the future of the group.

Assistant Leaders 3rd Newton Abbot

This popular group, featured in our Night Hike feature earlier are currently seeking helpers for both their Cub and Beaver sections. Assistant Helpers 2nd Newton Abbot

Due to further expansion a new cub pack opening in March/April are currently seeking helpers for both their Cub and Beaver sections. Beavers will meet on Thursdays between 5.30 and 6.30pm and Cubs straight after at 6.45pm. Union St, Newton Abbot. Assistant Beaver Leaders 1st Kingskerswell

In order to expand our recently relaunched Beaver colony and our Otter going on maternity we require as many new leaders as possible, no previous experience necessary and full training will be given.

1st Kenton 1st Kenton have several positions available in there newly formed group and are looking for enthusiastic people to join them.

They are currently looking for Assistant Group Scout Leader and Assistant Beaver Scout Leaders.

20 chil e marquees couple of larg ets Portable toil ers Portable show e ir Long zip w y nd A Email andyellis@devo


Post your r ts o needs, wan e . offers her email drumbeat@ britishpcrep

Mini-Bus d ee We are in n us ib in of a m rs for this yea p m a summer c rd Call Richa 578 7 on 0754084


ALE FOR Sis d Refurb he gh y Mirror Din ing or 8'6" row boat/tender Call Ben 873 01626872

ED WANT asher

Power W a Needed for to d weeken r clean off oull a w e id outs Call S teve 4 546 on 0791937

Email your news, vacancies, letters and reports to


Flying high with 1st Lustleigh Group

1st Lustleigh Cubs, Scouts and Explorers were invited to visit Exeter Airport , over twenty members attended and were treated to a tour of the Terminal ,Watching a Fly-be commercial flight land ,taxi to the terminal apron and its passengers disembark.

This was followed by a visit to the Air Traffic Control [radar and Control tower] ,it was a fantastic experience , the Scouts were able to watch inbound aircraft on radar given flight instructions and then they were able to go up to the control tower and watch the aircraft come in to land safely.

After a lunch break , overlooking the runways , a tour of the Airport Fire Service followed, with a guided tour over one of their special Fire Tenders . This included a demonstration of the main water jet [over 70 m ] .

After this we were taken to the Flybe maintenance Hangars , where we were all shown many of the different aircraft parts and told of their use in flight.

We then went to the engine repair /service bay where we saw a jet engine awaiting to be sent back to manufacturers for a major service.

Finally all of our members were treated to a tour of a jet airliner

including sitting in the pilots / co pilots seats in the cockpit , where they were all shown the main controls and told how they worked. . This has to be almost every kids dream ! We are extremely grateful for this fantastic opportunity and I'm sure it will be remembered my many for a very long time, indeed some of our youngsters hope to have a career into Aviation in the future . Our thanks go to all who helped make this day possible , Special thanks go to Stephen at Exeter Airport , also to Katie and Ron at Fly-be and our Group Secretary Brett for organising the whole event and tailoring it to the air activities badge. Peter Harvey [GSL] 1st Lustleigh

Email your news, vacancies, letters and reports to


Run2 The Fun Camp Date: 27th-30th May 2011, Bicton Collage Cost: See Own Leader Contact: Deborah Fox Gillwell 24 Date: 8 – 10 July 2011 Cost: TBC Contact: TBC Danish HO HO Date: 25 July – 6 Aug 2011 Cost: TBC Contact: Paul Charlton CamJam 2011 Date: 30 July to 6 August 2011 Cost: £275 Contact: David Moat ACC S Frosty Hosty Date: 11 – 13 November 2011 Cost: TBC Contact: Paul Charlton SEE 2012 Jamboree, Holstebro, Denmark Date: 20 - 27 July 2012 Cost: TBC Contact: TBC To add your explorer events email drumbeat

The participant and Leader/Commissioner support resources for the Queen’s Scout Award Reach the Top have been updated.

Please check Members Resources online for further info.

Email your news, vacancies, letters and reports to

DRUMBEAT Sailing S ailling with wit w h tthe h he R i er T iv eign ig S ea S couts River Teign Sea Scouts

If your Cubs & Scouts are looking for an evenings sailing, RTSS 1st Shaldon are offering Sailing Taster Sessions at ÂŁ8.50 each. We have 10 Brand New Sailing Dinghies which have been specifically purchased to introduce cubs and scouts into the fantastic sport of sailing. We are keen to offer this fantastic facility to the Teignbridge District.

If you are interested in getting your cubs or scouts afloat please contact Ben Miles on or leave a message on 01626 872 873. We are here to float your boat.

Email your news, vacancies, letters and reports to


S T C A T N O C P U O R G ach of our groups ........ Who to contact in e

1st Ashburton Contact Pat Layely 01364 642683 E.Mail

1st Ipplepen Contact Douglas Morgan 01803 812957 E.Mail

2nd ewton Abbot Contact: John Roberts 01626 212626 E.Mail

1st Bovey Tracey Contact Ken Daniels 01626 832042 E.Mail

1st Kingskerswell Contact Steve Micheals 07919375464 E.Mail

1st Shaldon - River Teign Contact Simon Durant 01626 360868 E.Mail

1st Bishopsteignton Contact Peter Condliffe 07866099701 E.Mail:

1st Chudleigh Contact Darren Le Marquand 01626 853918 E.Mail 1st Dawlish Contact David Bird 01626 891821 E.Mail

1st Heathfield Contact Andrew Perry 01626 834350 E.Mail

1st Highweek Village Contact Andrew Thorpe 01626 854177 E.Mail

1st Kenton Contact Edmund Froude 01626 899185 E.mail

3rd ewton Abbot Contact Paul Hewson E.Mail

1st Liverton Contact Rob White 01626 821918 E.Mail

1st South Brent Contact Peter Hopgood 01364 72056 E.Mail

1st Moretonhampstead Contact Eric Garner (No Phone record) E.Mail

1st Teign Valley Contact John Lund 01647 252485 E.Mail

1st Lustleigh Contact Peter Harvey 01647 277169 E.Mail

1st ewton Abbot Contact Steve Robinson 01626 360179 E.Mail

4th Teignmouth Contact Jo Bennett 01626 867002 E.Mail

S T C A T N O C T IC R T IS D l nbridge District Scout Counci Whos who on the Teig DISTRICT COMMISSIOER Alan W.Partridge F.Inst TT 01626 365383 E.Mail ADC Cub Scouts Jeff Hiscoke 01626 201368 E.Mail: ADC Scouts Neil Freeman 01626 366033 E.Mail ADC Development Form "M" Assessor Adrian M Partridge 01803 812280 E.Mail ADC Public Relations Steve Michaels 07919375464 E.Mail ADC International Patrick Gourd 01626 773903 E.Mail District etwork Leader Debs Rylands 07786444816 E.Mail

Local Training Manager Chris Solway 07969324649 Ten Tors Training Manager Mike Ruffles 01626 824675 Chairman Finance & General Purposes Godfrey Foot 01803 872159 District Chaplain Rev. Tony Meek 01803 814370 E.Mail Scout Support Leader Ken Purchase 01626 353063 E. Mail DISTRICT PRESIDET Lord Clifford of Chudleigh 01626 852179 E.Mail District Chairman Robert Gray 01803 812776 E.Mail Appointments Chairman Mike Ruffles 01626 824675

All details correct at time of going to print. Please email any changes to

District Minutes Secretary Jenny Wilson 01626 367325E.Mail District & Appointments Secretary Jean Ingram 01626 361156 District Headquarters Robert Gray 01803 812776 E.Mail District Directory Elaine Jeffery 01647 252786 E.Mail Scout Shop Manager Dulcie Purchase 01626 353063

Drumbeat Mar/Apr Issue 38  

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