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The Big Scout Society...

20.0% increase in Teignbridge District Scouting Membership.

It was at a recent local parish planning event evening that someone still tried to get my As the buzz phrase for this year is attention by shouting “dib dib dib”. “The Big Society” it is worth noting That echo will remain with us all that many aspects of this movement, and still reflects the traditional have been covered by scouting since values of what makes scouting great. its conception. But now more and more are seeing For the third year running that Scouts have big adventures. Teignbridge District have increased They can fly planes, race buggies, our membership. This is not only sail, help the community have fun. down to the amazing amount of All of this plays a large part of this hard work of our leaders but a large new society, which in turn gives our part is down to what we now members a great start in life. actually do in scouting and what exciting activities are planned for This year we have over one the coming years. thousand three hundred members -

the most Teignbridge has ever had in its history and something to be proud of. With new units being opened in Kenton and Heathfield it only goes to show the strength of the movement and the value that is delivered to community through scouting. To continue to deliver these exciting opportunities we need fresh new ideas and people with the “can do attitude” that helps makes the movement what it is today. To be part of the big adventure contact your local scout leader or email us for further details.

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DRUMBEAT Common sense comes out of the dark

A recent judgement on a Scouting accident which occurred in 2001 relates to a game run in the dark and has led to enquiries from leaders.

to stop – broken wrists, bumped heads, for example), polished wooden floors, tables and chairs around the edge of the room. 2. The age and ability of those taking part 3. Do they know the rules? It is good to remind them in case of new joiners or if they have not played it for a Some games are best played outside only, while. 4. Ensure adequate supervision where there is much more space. Additionally, after a spate of Dodgeball incidents, please follow the same principles; Remember, those games, locations and assess the risks and consider the surface of activities we use most often are assumed the the activity area, and whether it is free of slip safest and may be forgotten as having potential for an accident when assessing the and trip hazards. risk.

The Judge in the case acknowledged the value that Scouting brings to young people and the wider community. It is important to The open-air is the real objective of appreciate that the judgement related to a Scouting and the key to its success. Lord Baden-Powell specific case with specific circumstances where a game was intended to be played in the light and was simply transferred to dark Some games are played standing on chairs or conditions, indoors, without sufficient benches. Be sure this is suitable for the age consideration given for the increased risk and ability of those playing. involved in the view of the Judge. Considerations This judgement does not mean the end of In summary, when planning all games – games in the dark. consider: Assess risk The key message continues to be that you assess the risk for your activity and consider whether it is suitable to take place in the dark and, if it is, what additional controls might need to be in place to keep it safe.

1. The space and environment in which your game is taking place

Explain boundaries or potential hazards that perhaps can’t be removed such as walls (lots of injuries are caused by running into walls

Extreme night time gardening might not have the same effect during the day

p o t h it w p u m a e t s cub tourist attractions

Media Manager for Devon County. On a recent visit, he noticed that perhaps the scout pack on camp at 1st Kingskerswell Cub pack have the village might need bringing a teamed up with Torbay’s top tourist little up to date. attraction Babbacombe Model Village to give them their So a few phone calls later and a impression of how the cubs see chance meeting with myself, we set to put the 1st Kingskerswell Cub scouting today. pack through their paces. Best summer camp ever - will never forget the giant moss


scouting today”, they cut pasted and drew a large collage which of all the things they think of what Cubs get up to.

From hiking, to boating and from Archery to Camping all aspects of cub life were shown. This fabulous collage will be presented to the modelling team soon, so we might well soon see Blue and White The idea came from Steve Hagger With the theme of “how do cubs see scarves in Torbay shortly.

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y it n u m m o c in s g in Chudliegh br f r u t g in t t u c s t r a t s d n a support

Group and has kindly been providing facilities and storage at Ugbrooke Park. Construction work progresses well on the new Headquarters. Despite snow, ice and rain the builders, FREMAT, are slightly ahead of schedule, a hardy bunch indeed. The roof will be covered during this week then work will begin inside by all the other trades.

A turf cutting ceremony took place on Saturday (27th.November) to celebrate the start of work on the 1st.Chudleigh Scout Group’s new headquarters. Early this summer our Scouts will move from our existing cramped and dilapidated hut into the new purpose built headquarters which will provide much more space for our very successful Group.

There is still time for bad weather to affect finishing the outside but at least progress will continue inside.

families with children 0 to 5 years can access a range of activities and Time is short for our ‘old’ building support. that has served us well but we all The Daisy Chain Pre-school will look forward to all the new modalso move to the new building. cons.

Funding has also been obtained from the local community and businesses together with donations from other charities including Ugbrooke Environmental Ltd. With over 100 members there will Lord Clifford closely supports the be more room for activities and also more storage permitting us to extend the range of activities on offer. The Group have been trying for quite a few years to fund a build following Chudleigh United Charity’s offer to lease us a suitable area of land. This year an opportunity arose to work with Devon County who would provide substantial funding if they could make use of part of the accommodation also.

Watch this space for the ‘Grand Opening’. David Waller Group Chairman 1st.Chudleigh Scouts

This was agreed so the building will also house a Devon County Sure Start Children’s Centre, where

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Take this rare opportunity to visit our farm and have-a-go on some exciting and adrenaline pumping activities. Don’t miss out ! N New Arrivals, Lambs, Piglets and Calves Countryside Camp Mad about Machines Climbing Wall Tractor & Trailer Rides Mini Trikes Bug Encounters

Feed a Lamb Leaf Blower Assault Course Crate Stacking Lake Activities Ropes Courses Earth Fair inc. Coconut Shie Bicton Barbecue Carvery


March 11am - 4pm 2 20          

Book Online now

Exotic Creatures Felt Making Laser Metal Cutting Dog Show & Dog Agility Horse Weighing Bicton Strippers (Strip and Rebuild a MF T20) Please park at Bicton College Main Campus

There will be a full programme but activities are subject to change and may have a small charge. TOXOPLASMOSIS WARNING: WOMEN WHO ARE PREGNANT SHOULD NOT ENTER LAMBING AREAS. Bicton College, East Budleigh, Budleigh Salterton, Devon EX9 7BY

Tel: 01395 562300

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Beavers helped h g u o r h t ll u p y it n u m m o c

Being part of the local community is one of parts of scouting you should be incredibly proud of and 1st Newton Abbot Beaver colony have demonstrated how vital this role can play in todays society.

Together with the help from Maggie at Kings care, who arranges the lucky people to receive these parcels.

At an arranged time the Beavers and parents turn up to personally deliver Every year 1st Newton Abbot the hampers. Which is welcomed Beavers collect donations from the and enjoyed by all recipients. colony, parents and the leaders. This year it was more probably more Normally they manage to make up 4 special explains Iris “because a few hampers but this year they really out days after delivering the hamper we did themselves and made up seven were stuck by the snow and ice.� hampers. The Beavers have since received Iris Burrows, Beaver Leader from letters from some of the receptients 1st Newton Abbot, explained that to thank them as they were not able they work closely with the local to leave their homes and the Kings care which is attached to the hampers helped them through this local Doctors surgery in difficult period. Kingsteignton.

Hampers arrived at a time of great need

The 1st Newton Abbot Beaver colony has a strong group of some twenty beavers pictured below and have now been running for five years.

If you wish to find out more please contact Iris Burrows on 01626 331196 Email

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ramme Training Prog


Date Wednesday 16th March Wednesday 6th April Away Events) Wednesday 11th May Sat & Sun 21st/22nd May Wednesday 22nd June Wednesday 13th July Wednesday 7th September Wednesday 21st September Wednesday 12th October Wednesday 23rd November Wednesday 7th December

Scouts HQ. Walborough St. Newton Abbot

Module 5 (fundamentals of Scouting) 16 (Introduction to Nights

1&6 (Introduction Modules) 38 (Nights away) 15 (Challenging Behaviour) 12 (Balanced Programme) 14 (Young People Today) 1&6 (Introduction Modules) 17 (Activities Outdoors) 3 (Tools for the Job) 1&6 (Introduction Modules)

Please book at least 14 days before the course date. Each course in 2011 will be limited to 15 Participants.

Please email all course applications to Book online at

Evening courses start at 7.30pm. Doors open at 7pm to meet with other leaders

Torbay Headquarters Lummaton Cross, Torquay, TORBAY DISTRICT 1st

Saturday 15th january 2011


Multi module day, learning delivered will cover: 1 essential information, 3 tools for the job (section leaders), 5 fundamental principles, 12 balanced programme Wednesday 2nd march 2011 11 Administration Wednesday 23rd march 2011 13 Growing the movement Sunday 10th april 2011 18 Practical skills & skills day 16 introduction to residential experiences (venue and times to be confirmed) Wednesday 15th june 2011 17 Activities outdoors Wednesday 14th september 2011 38 Skills for residential experiences - planning evening Weekend 1/2nd october 2011 38 Skills for residential experiences - residential weekend Wednesday 19th october 2011 8 Skills of leadership 9 working with adults Wednesday 16th november 2011 19 International Dates of first aid training will be advised shortly Uniform does not need to be worn, please bring a note pad and pen

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DRUMBEAT Date set for this years Mini Five Tours

20km and 25km, each with five or more checkpoints, geared respectively to older Cub, Scouts/ less experienced Scouts, more experienced Scouts and Explorers.

Mini-5-Tors 2011 – Saturday 24th September – please note the date.

Last year’s Mini-5-Tors brought together over 170 Cub Scouts, Scouts, Explorers, Leaders and District Ten Tors Training Team support crew from more than half the Groups in the District in a memorable day’s hill walking across North East Dartmoor.

Leaders and suitably experienced adults/parents are required to guide and oversee the Cub Scout/ less experienced Scouts teams.

Full details will be circulated to all Teignbridge Groups in early July so that everyone can plan accordingly; in the meantime, please note the date The weather was wonderful and the of this year’s Mini-5-Tors – 24th start/finish at Buttern just large September - in your respective enough to accommodate everyone. Section programmes.

The views from the tors and hills of Mike Ruffles North East Dartmoor were as good District Ten Tors Manager as it gets - truly stunning - and, for many, a brilliant introduction to walking High Dartmoor.

Given the District’s on-going growth, the District’s Ten Tors Training Team planning for even more participants in 2011. Mini-5Tors will offer routes of 15km,

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s d n u f a r t x e n r a e d n a Go green

Scouts Appeal is a fantastic fundraising can be used to help run your club, buy recycling programme for Scout Groups equipment, fund excursions or anything We have great resources to help you get across the UK. else you decide. the most out of your appeal, from Your group will earn cash for every Not only that, your recycling efforts will posters and fact sheets to letters to local reusable mobile phone and empty have a positive impact on our businesses and parents – everything you need to get your appeal off to the best printer cartridge recycled - so the more environment. possible start can be found on our you collect, the more money you will website. raise! To sign up visit See ad on page two or Inside front Cover The Scouts Appeal benefits so many or call 08451 30 20 10. for further information. people. The money your group generates

How have you raised money? Why not share it with the rest of the community. Especially if its something different, fun or maybe just bizarre

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DRUMBEAT Old sea scout! gives back to sailing

Andrew Cox of Starcross has donated a Mirror Dinghy as a project to the River Teign Sea Scouts. The Sea Scouts intend to renovate the dinghy then they will offer the completed dinghy for sale with the proceeds going into the Groups funds which will help pay for their running costs for the year.

holidayed with him from the South East. Andrew’s grandson and he had spent many days enjoying sailing the mirror but now his grandson had grown up he did not get the use out of the boat he wanted to.

Andrew has therefore decided to donate it to a group that could make use of the proceeds from it.

Andrew, a keen sailor and an old Sea Scout from Luton in Bedfordshire, The Sea Scout Group is very grateful to Andrew for this fantastic donation and is really pleased to be able to undertake a project for their Scouts who have never had the chance to work on a wooden boat. The new dinghies they have in their fleet are all roto-moulded plastic and as such do not need the maintenance a wooden dinghy requires.

The River Teign Sea Scouts 1st Shaldon (RTSS) who have been awarded funding from Sport England, Awards For All, The Devon Community Fund, Cllr James McMurray and Cllr Chris Clarance have only just bought a fleet of brand As he had been a sea scout in his new sailing dinghies in 2010, which youth and in his own words “got more are kept at TCYC Coombe Cellars. out of being in the Sea Scouts than he ever did at school” had looked for a As the Sea Scouts do not have a Head local Sea Scout Group whom he could Quarters of their own, Teignbridge donate the Mirror Dinghy too. District Council has arranged for the He had bought the dinghy some years Scout Group to use the Shaldon Ferry ago for his grandson to use whilst he Boat Workshop to work on the boat for the next four weeks meetings. decided that he wanted to put something back into sailing for the youth of the area and is really pleased that he proceeds from the sale of the dinghy will be used by the Group.

After the boat is completed the group will be offering the dinghy for sale, if anybody is interested in helping the Scouts during the renovation or in purchasing a very nicely renovated Mirror Sailing Dinghy then please contact Ben Miles on 01626 872873 or email at

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Beavers grow their own

Working Camp, Cadihhoe Opening Camp Date: 25 – 27 February 2011 Cost: Free Contact: Andy Ellis ACC ES Young Leaders Training Camp Date: 11 - 13 March 2011 Cost: £20 Contact:

Run2 The Fun Camp Date: 27th-30th May 2011, Bicton Collage Cost: See Own Leader Contact: Deborah Fox

Gillwell 24 Date: 8 – 10 July 2011 Cost: TBC Contact: TBC

Danish HO HO Date: 25 July – 6 Aug 2011 Cost: TBC Contact: Paul Charlton CamJam 2011 Date: 30 July to 6 August 2011 Cost: £275 Contact: David Moat ACC S

Frosty Hosty Date: 11 – 13 November 2011 Cost: TBC Contact: Paul Charlton

1st Bovey Beaver Colony spent an interesting evening at one of the areas leading garden centres.

Fermoys Garden Centre at Totnes Road, Ipplepen provided a evening of education with the knowledgable staff helping our young beavers on all the good things that can come out of our garden.

The Beavers took home with them a broad bean and some speedy salad seeds, with a promise they will carefully nature them and bring them to fruitrition. Hopefully at a future meeting we will be able to taste the fruits of their labour. Kevin Bastow Beaver Section Leader 1st Bovey Tracey Scout Group

SEE 2012 Jamboree, Holstebro, Denmark Date: 20 - 27 July 2012 Cost: TBC Contact: TBC

To add your explorer events email drumbeat

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d e d n e t x e e r u t n e v Invite of ad s b u C e g id r b n ig e T ll a to

weekend if the majority, if not all, on for approximately another hundred site are Teignbridge Cubs. if required. However, if this event is oversubscribed then it shall be done The cost covers full board from on a first come, first go basis. evening meal on Friday to evening meal on Sunday, accommodation The second deposit must be with me and all activities. by 18th April. The final balance by 12th July. There is a free Leader place for every eight Cubs. If you wish to take more leaders/adult helpers than the free allocation, they will need to be paid for.

Highweek Cubs have been going to PGL at Barton Hall annually for many years now. Last year, we took two other packs with us and we all had a great time.

This year I would like to invite all packs in Teignbridge to come with us. It would be a really great

How you raise the funds for more leaders is up to each individual pack to decide on. Don’t forget that ALL adults attending must have current NOTE: PGL do not refund deposits CRB clearance. – should a cub be unable to go after having paid monies then the If the leaders in your pack have no parents/guardians would need to nights away permits, you can still speak to PGL directly if they think attend this event. they should have a refund. I will not get involved in this! Unfortunately PGL need everything done well in advance. The first It would be help if you can email payment is due on Monday, 7th me your intentions as soon as March. possible to give me an idea of the take up – thank you. Therefore if you wish to go, you will need to get the forms out next week Jeff Hiscoke and returned with deposits the week after half term and to me by Sunday 6th March at the very latest. They will not hold places for us after that date. I have provisionally booked one hundred places for Cubs and, as of today, but there is capacity

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New Design to county site

re and more Beavers, trict is expanding, with mo Dis ut Sco e dg bri gn Tei e Th In order for us to keep ers joining every week! lor Exp d an uts Sco bs, Cu volunteers to help our minimum, we need more a to wn do s list g itin wa venture. members on their big ad hour a month - we love spare a night, a week or an can u yo if nd mi n't do We st rewarding roles you you to join one of the mo ite inv d an rs tee lun vo r ou might ever undertake.

We currently have the following positions available in our groups.

Assistant Leaders 3rd Newton Abbot

Sometimes its great to just have a bit To express your interest please send your This popular group, featured in our Night of a clear out to give yourself a little details to the email address below and we Hike feature earlier are currently seeking dust down and a new wardrobe. Well will pass them on. helpers for both their Cub and Beaver this is exactly what Devon Scouts sections. have done with their new feature Shop Assistant packed website. Teignbridge HQ Assistant Helpers

Due to retirement we are looking for extra help in our busy Saturday morning shop currently based at our Scout HQ in Newton Abbot. Any help will be appreciated in this busy shop environment and full training will be given. Exec. committee 3rd Newton Abbot

Are looking for various positions in their back room staff to help with anything from fund raising, administration, book keeping, marketing event organising in fact anybody who has a skill which will be of benefit to this ambitious group.

Chairman 1st Kingskerswell

We are looking to expand our Exec. committee with a dynamic individual to forefront our fund raising and recruiting movement. Working alongside our Group Scout Leader in ensuring we secure the future of the group.

2nd Newton Abbot

Due to further expansion a new cub pack opening in March/April are currently seeking helpers for both their Cub and Beaver sections. Beavers will meet on Thursdays between 5.30 and 6.30pm and Cubs straight after at 6.45pm. Union St, Newton Abbot.

Why not take a few moments and have a fresh look at their site I am sure you will find it worth the effort.

The team behind it have been busy working away filling the pages with information on up and coming events, Assistant Beaver Leaders details of the different sections, 1st Kingskerswell applications for various scouting In order to expand our recently relaunched events and editorial from various Beaver colony and our Otter going on section leaders. maternity we require as many new leaders as possible, no previous experience necessary and full training will be given. District Positions.

ADC Beavers ADC Explorers

There are also links to district websites , Nights away, details on how to volunteer and lots lots more.

With sites like this it shows how important it is to keep things alive For further details on these positions please with up to date news, features and contact Alan Partridge details on contacts information that keeps people coming page. back time and time again.

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1st Kenton a victory for scouting

The 1st Kenton Scout Group officially launched at the Victory Hall, Kenton on 1 February with 16 Beavers (ages 6 – 8) and 30 Cubs (ages 8 – 11).

Partridge and witnessed by their generosity from Beaver and Cub Scout Sections. community.”

Group Scout Leader Ed Froude said “this is an immensely proud occasion and a delight to see months The Beaver and Cub Scout Section of planning and preparation come to Leaders were formally Invested at a fruition. ceremony attended by the Assistant County Commissioner (Cubs), The principal aims of the Group are Teignbridge District Commissioner, to encourage the physical, mental Assistant District Commissioner and moral development of young (Cubs) and witnessed by the Scout people, so that they may take a Group’s Executive Committee, constructive place in society. parents and other members of the community on Tuesday 15 February. It is fantastic to see so many youngsters actively getting involved. Beaver Scout Leaders Becky Cox and Mandy Gosling; Cub Scout Leaders Andy Nicks, Declan Byrne We couldn’t have achieved all this and Ron Morten were invested by without the outstanding support of District Commissioner Alan adult volunteers and significant

ED WANT asher

Power W a Needed for to d en k wee r clean off oull a w outside Call S teve 4 546 on 0791937

ALE FOR Sis d Refurb he gh y Mirror Din ing or 8'6" row boat/tender Call Ben 873 01626872

D NEEDE hairs

Tables n C all Several sm bles card type ta for and chairs weekend Call Lucy 8 010 on 0786643 Mini-Bus d ee We are in n us ib in of a m rs for this yea p m a c er m sum rd Call Richa 578 7 4 8 0 on 0754




Activities thus far have included learning about the history and roots of Scouting, arts and crafts and celebrating the Chinese New Year.

Adults in Scouting are all unpaid volunteers and parents are actively encouraged to support the Group on a flexible basis, helping run various activities.

The group meets on Tuesday evenings from 5:30 – 6:30 pm for Beavers and 6:45 – 8:15 pm for Cubs.

For further information on ways to get involved with the Scout Group contact Ed on 01626 899185.


Post your r ts o needs, wan e . offers her email drumbeat@ britishpcrep

TED WAN rs led containe

20 chil e marquees couple of larg ets Portable toil ers ow sh le ab Port e Long zip wir y Email And is@devonscouts.o ell dy an

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DRUMBEAT Time to exercise those little grey cells

1st Kingskerswell invite you to exercise of March at the Scout Hut on Dobbins those little grey cells with their first fun Arch, Kingskerswell. filled family quiz. The quiz takes place on Saturday the 26th Tickets are just £5 for adults and £3 for under 12’s and are available from the Garden Gate shop at Fore Street Kingskerswell or from myself.

New HQ for Heathfield

Please note that as of the 3rd of March 1st Heathfield (Devon) we will no longer be using the school for their meeting place.

1st Heathfield will now meet at the Heathfield Community Centre.

Still on Thursday nights and still at The night will include a FREE buffet plus the same times we have a fab bar for the night as well as great questions for all the family and some Beavers 6pm-7pm fantastic prizes including a digital camera, Cubs 7.15pm-8.30pm. theatre tickets, steam adventure, remote control cars, candy grabbers, eden project trips and even more being added every day. Spaces are strictly limited and teams are limited to just six members per team. Lucy Bennett. 1st Kingskerswell Scouts email or call me direct on 07866430108

Exciting new Venue for 1st Heathfield

Email your news, vacancies, letters and reports to

DRUMBEAT Sailing S ailling with wit w h tthe h he R i er T iv eign ig S ea S couts River Teign Sea Scouts

If your Cubs & Scouts are looking for an evenings sailing, RTSS 1st Shaldon are offering Sailing Taster Sessions at ÂŁ8.50 each. We have 10 Brand New Sailing Dinghies which have been specifically purchased to introduce cubs and scouts into the fantastic sport of sailing. We are keen to offer this fantastic facility to the Teignbridge District.

If you are interested in getting your cubs or scouts afloat please contact Ben Miles on or leave a message on 01626 872 873. We are here to float your boat.

Email your news, vacancies, letters and reports to

DRUMBEAT Coffee helps save animals

River Teign Sea Scouts, 1st Shaldon have been working towards their global challenge badge and are investigating the effects of deforestation has on animals.

Things are moving at Liverton Beavers

The 1st Liverton Beavers have invested 6 new members into the colony - welcome to Jessica, Sam, Charlie, James, Charlie and Abigail - bringing our numbers back up to They have already participated in some 23. They also bade farewell to conservation work at Decoy Country Park Jemma, Mila and Abigail who have Where they learnt that trees sometimes need to moved on to the Cubs. be felled to preserve habitats and how replanting is not the same as replacing.

On the same evening we had an awards ceremony in which 9 Chief Scouts Bronze Awards were presented! Well done to Kiernan, Joy, Oliver, Sam, Luke, Jessica, Lily, Zak and Molly in achieving the top badge in Beavers."

They also discovered that there are more trees in the world today than there were twenty years ago but there are less forests.

Finding out that plastic bags cause problems for wild animals was interesting , as China and Ireland have banned the use of thin plastic bags and also banned businesses from handing out free bags which has resulted in billions less in landfill.

They have planned a trip to Paignton Zoo to research endangered animals and held a coffee morning at the Over 60’s Club in Shaldon which raised money to sponsor an endangered animal.

Any extra money left over will be put towards further Scout activities.

They hope soon that we will be able to raise enough money to sponsor an endangered animal and also raise awareness about deforestation and endangered species, and how we can do little things to help in the bigger picture. Kate Jones Scout Patrol Leader"

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rs 2012 o T n e T . .. n o ts o o b r u o y Time to get

District Recruitment Evening Ten Tors 2012 19:30 Tuesday 12th July 1st Bovey Tracey Scout HQ

District wishing to participate in the training programme for the 2012 event, our recruitment evening has to be forward by four months from November to mid-July.

Whilst Ten Tors 2012 takes place on Yes, I know that Ten Tors 2011 isn’t 12th/13thMay, eligibility for the until mid-May but as the Army is different Ten Tors distances is based revising the timing of the intake on participants’ ages as at 31st arrangements for the 2012 event, we August 2012. The critical birth dates for each distance for the 2012 event need to plan accordingly. are shown in the table below. In the past the forms used for requesting teams used to be Please encourage all Scouts and circulated in early September for Explorers who may be interested in return to the Army by mid- training for Ten Tors 2012 with the November, with decisions on team District and who fall within allocations being made known in respective age bands to attend the recruitment evening on 12th July. December.

This enabled us to hold a recruitment evening in early November in order to assess the level and balance of demand in the District between the 35, 45 and 55 mile events and to reflect this in the bids for teams which we made to the Army.

For the 2012 event, the Army has indicated that bids for teams will need to be made prior to the school summer holidays, with team allocations being processed during the holidays and notified during September. To ensure that our bids reflect the likely level and balance of demand for the different distances amongst Scouts and Explorers in the

Members of the District Ten Tors Training Team welcome all opportunities to talk to Scouts and Explorers about what is involved Ten Tors, our associated training programme and the opportunities which both offer participants.

Please contact Mike Ruffles District Ten Tors Manager,

if you’d like a visit from a member of the team or have any queries.

Further details and promotional material will provided after Easter; in the meantime, please note and share the details of the recruitment evening. Distance 35 miles 45 miles 55 miles

Age range as at 31/08/2012

Born on or after

Born on or before

over 14 and under 16 yrs

01-09-1996 01-09-1994


over 18 and under 20yrs





over 16 and under 18 yrs or aged 17 & already has completed a 45 mile event


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S T C A T N O C P U O R G ach of our groups ........ Who to contact in e

1st Ashburton Contact Pat Layely 01364 642683 E.Mail

1st Ipplepen Contact Douglas Morgan 01803 812957 E.Mail

2nd ewton Abbot Contact: John Roberts 01626 212626 E.Mail

1st Bovey Tracey Contact Ken Daniels 01626 832042 E.Mail

1st Kingskerswell Contact Steve Micheals 07919375464 E.Mail

1st Shaldon - River Teign Contact Simon Durant 01626 360868 E.Mail

1st Bishopsteignton Contact Peter Condliffe 07866099701 E.Mail:

1st Chudleigh Contact Darren Le Marquand 01626 853918 E.Mail 1st Dawlish Contact David Bird 01626 891821 E.Mail

1st Heathfield Contact Andrew Perry 01626 834350 E.Mail

1st Highweek Village Contact Andrew Thorpe 01626 854177 E.Mail

1st Kenton Contact Edmund Froude 01626 891628 E.mail

3rd ewton Abbot Contact Paul Hewson E.Mail

1st Liverton Contact Rob White 01626 821918 E.Mail

1st South Brent Contact Peter Hopgood 01364 72056 E.Mail

1st Moretonhampstead Contact Eric Garner (No Phone record) E.Mail

1st Teign Valley Contact John Lund 01647 252485 E.Mail

1st Lustleigh Contact Peter Harvey 01647 277169 E.Mail

1st ewton Abbot Contact Steve Robinson 01626 360179 E.Mail

4th Teignmouth Contact Jo Bennett 01626 867002 E.Mail

S T C A T N O C T IC R T IS D l nbridge District Scout Counci Whos who on the Teig DISTRICT COMMISSIOER Alan W.Partridge F.Inst TT 01626 365383 E.Mail ADC Cub Scouts Jeff Hiscoke 01626 201368 E.Mail: ADC Scouts Neil Freeman 01626 366033 E.Mail ADC Development Form "M" Assessor Adrian M Partridge 01803 812280 E.Mail ADC Public Relations Steve Michaels 07919375464 E.Mail ADC International Patrick Gourd 01626 773903 E.Mail District etwork Leader Debs Rylands 07786444816 E.Mail

Local Training Manager Chris Solway 07969324649 Ten Tors Training Manager Mike Ruffles 01626 824675 Chairman Finance & General Purposes Godfrey Foot 01803 872159 District Chaplain Rev. Tony Meek 01803 814370 E.Mail Scout Support Leader Ken Purchase 01626 353063 E. Mail DISTRICT PRESIDET Lord Clifford of Chudleigh 01626 852179 E.Mail District Chairman Robert Gray 01803 812776 E.Mail Appointments Chairman Mike Ruffles 01626 824675

All details correct at time of going to print. Please email any changes to

District Minutes Secretary Jenny Wilson 01626 367325E.Mail District & Appointments Secretary Jean Ingram 01626 361156 District Headquarters Robert Gray 01803 812776 E.Mail District Directory Elaine Jeffery 01647 252786 E.Mail Scout Shop Manager Dulcie Purchase 01626 353063

Please note that Alan Partridge will be out of the office from 21st February to the 23rd March and that his son Adrian will be deputising for him whilst away.

Drumbeat Feb/Mar Issue 37  

Teignbridge Scouting Magazine for Members, Scouts, Leaders and Friends

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