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Curriculum Material Development

Teguh Eko Setio

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Core Competence Basic Competence Indicator Aim Learning Material Source and Media Methodology Step of Learning Evaluation KTSP 2013 Instructional Design

Instructional What is instructional ? What to teach and options how to teach

What is Instructional Design ? 1. Instructional Design involves purposeful and systematic planning of a course (or components of a course). 2. It is a process that begins with an analysis of the intended student learning outcomes, identifies teaching strategies and student activities to enable : â—? â—? â—?

Students' achievement of the outcomes The development of multiple methods to assess whether What extent the outcomes were achieved.

How does it work? Instructional design focuses on the integration of three key elements: 1. Learning Outcomes – defines what the students will know or be able to do 2. Instructional Strategies – defines teaching methods and student activities that will support the students' achievement of the learning outcomes 3. Assessment – defines methods that will determine whether and to what extent students' achieved the learning outcomes

Instructional Design

In Curriculum Material Development

Curriculum Framework The Curriculum Framework specifies what is to be taught for each subject in the curriculum,include : 1. Long Term Transfer goals 2. Big Ideas 3. Concepts 4. Competencies 5. Essential Questions aligned to Standards and Assessment Anchors 11.Where appropriate 12.Eligible Content Curriculum Material Development

Curriculum Material Development

Curriculum Framework 1. Long Term Transfer Goals: Statements that identify what we want students to be able to do when they confront new challenges - both inside and outside of school. They give purpose to our learning and become the guiding force in designing instruction. 2. Big Ideas: Declarative statements that describe concepts that transcend grade levels. Big Ideas are essential to provide focus on specific content for all students.

Curriculum Material Development

Curriculum Framework 3. Concepts: Describe what students should know (key knowledge) as a result of this instruction specific to grade level. 4. Competencies: Describe what students should be able to do (key skills) as a result of this instruction, specific to grade level. 5. Essential Questions: Questions connected to the curriculum framework and are specifically linked to the Big Ideas. They should frame student inquiry, promote critical thinking, and assist in learning transfer.

Syllabus A syllabus (pl. syllabuses, or syllabi as a hypercorrection;[1][2] from modern Latin syllabus "list", in turn from a misreading (σίλλυβος sillubos) of the Greek σίττυβας sittubas "parchment label, table of contents"), is an outline and summary of topics to be covered in an education or training course. It is descriptive (unlike the prescriptive or specific curriculum). A syllabus is often either set out by an exam board, or prepared by the professor who supervises or controls the course quality. It may be provided in paper form or online.

The Use Syllabus The syllabus serves many purposes for the students and the teacher such as ensuring a fair and impartial understanding between the instructor and students such that there is minimal confusion on policies relating to the course, setting clear expectations of material to be learned, behavior in the classroom, and effort on student's behalf to be put into the course, providing a roadmap of course organization/direction relaying the instructor's teaching philosophy to the students, and providing a marketing angle of the course such that students may choose early in the course whether the subject material is attractive.

The Use Syllabus Contract between faculty members and their students, designed to answer student's questions about a course, as well as inform them about what will happen should they fail to meet course expectations

Curriculum material development  
Curriculum material development  

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