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Don’t be such a Sophomore

gPS doesn’t get you far

Dear newbies

You can’t sit with us

by Diana Timmermans

by Madi Denton

by Shelby Curtis

“Where are the 300s?” “Wait, where are the 800s?” “Hey, do you know where room 605 is? What about 101?” What you need to do to not be such a sophomore in your first year at the big and sometimes scary, high school is to know your own way around. Being able to navigate is a life long skill that everyone needs, and you can practice and hone in the skill by getting a map of the school; they have thousands of them in the office. If you aren’t one for memorizing entire maps then I find it useful to get your class schedule, a highlighter, and a school map. Highlight all your classrooms and figure out which hallways you should use to get from class to class. And even if you get lost, odds are you aren’t the only one, and don’t be afraid to ask for help from a teacher or one of your peers. So something I’d add to your sophomore survival list is a map up from the counseling office and make sure you study up on your school. It takes about two weeks to really be in the swing of school anyways, so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t know everything there is to know on the first day of school.

Congratulations! You have managed to survive school this far. I know that the first few days can be difficult here at the high school. The halls are crowded and cramped with a bunch of people you don’t know, who get angry when you walk slow or hold up traffic, and that can make your first few experiences here less than satisfactory. Just the thought of talking to some of the upper classmen has some of you running for dear life. I know it freaked me out when I started my sophomore year. As time went on, I realized that they weren’t evil, and they weren’t going to try and kill me. They were there for the same reason as me, and now most of my friends are a grade or two older than me. Don’t be afraid to mix with people outside your comfort zone this year. It makes the high school much more enjoyable.

Finding a seat at lunch for the first time in this school can be intimidating. Although do not fear, lunch is not like Mean Girls, where you find a clique at each different table; there will not be a Gretchen Wieners yelling, “You can’t sit with us!” since you are wearing sweat pants and it is Monday. But if you would like to avoid feeling awkward, make sure you talk to your friends and ask what lunch hour they have before hand. Also, try to make friends quickly in your fifth hour class who you can sit with. To help with your lunch seating arrangements, The Bell staff has enclosed a lunch schedule on page five. Remember, everyone was once a sophomore and had to learn the hard way where to sit. Plus, it is the first lunch for every sophomore, so if worse comes to worse, just sit confidently at any table. (Except if it is a senior table, then you run.) P.S We wear pink on Wednesdays.

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