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etc’s Tegan Chapman thought singers on The Voice make it look easy, so, with no singing ability she bravely decided to give it a go.


OU know when you’ve had a few glasses of wine and you make a decicion to do something and it seems like a great idea? And then, in the cold light of day, the realisation of what you have agreed to hits you like a tonne of bricks? Well that’s exactly what happened to me when I agreed to record a CD, all in the name of journalism, to show the facilities on offer at a local recording studio. Notes Studios in North Shields, is a professional recording studio that offers recording studio experiences for bands and singers as well as parties for hen dos and birthdays – or unsuspecting journalists. Before I went along I was told I was brave by the few who had heard me sing, although I think really they meant I was stupid, and those who had yet to hear me thought I was merely playing down my singing ability. I was not. When I was ten, I was a great singer. Sadly for those in the studio (and the ones forced to listen to the resulting CD afterwards), it seems my vocal ability has not progressed since those days and I still sound like a squeeky, screechy ten-year-old. No amount of Dusty Springfield’s Son of a Preacher Man, or Adele’s cover of Make You Feel My Love could make me sound better than a sqwacking cat. Studio owners Martin O’Nions and Phil Martin have had a lot of experience at putting singers at ease to get the best out of them, and were helpful in suggesting songs that could ‘suit’ my voice, and encouraging me when I did well, or not so well as the case may be. I had a bash at Lily Allen’s The Fear (minus the swearing), which was possibly the worst vocal performance I have ever given in my life, and should never be heard by human ears ever again, and then an hilarious go at Olly Murs’ Heart Skips a Beat – including the Rizzle Kicks rap, which was by far my favourite moment of the day. I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to be a popstar, and for those two hours I really learned that it takes a lot to stand up

and sing in front of people. I fear I’m more at the Chery Cole or Geri Halliwell level of ability than I am Dusty or Adele, but I’d rather try and fail than never try. Overall the experience was one I am delighted to have done. It’s probably not one I’d repeat solo – it takes a lot of guts to stand alone and sing – but with a group of mates and a lot of glasses of wine I would be back in a flash! But maybe next time I’ll

stand at the back so I don’t ruin the song. It is no lie to say the tracks I created are a complete an utter assault on the ears, but for the hard of hearing members of my family, I think they know what they are getting for Christmas. I’m off to make the album sleeve now... n For more information visit or call 0191 257 8007.

magazine - July 2012


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Singing etc