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Tegan Thorneycroft my folio

melbourne, victoria 0401 192 258 I am a freelance illustrator and designer. Nature inspires me to use my imagination to





colourful. I have a Graduate Diploma of Design (Communication Design) as well as a Bachelor of Design (Multimedia).

\\ Milk Maids Australian Native Flora

\\ Common Heath Australian Native Flora (The Victorian Floral Emblem)

\\ Tufted Blue Lily Australian Native Flora

\\ Grass Trigger Plant Australian Native Flora

\\ Red Head

\\ Flower Girl

\\ Boho Girl

\\ Poppy Hair Girl

\\ Strawberry Shortcake

\\ Oriental Lily

\\ Petal Art

\\ Poppy Fairy

\\ Daisy Fairy

\\ Butterfly Wings

\\ Humming Bird

\\ Lyrebird

\\ Cutie Birds

\\ Butterfly Fly

\\ Deco Tree (Christmas Designs)

\\ Christmas Girl (Christmas Designs) 0401 192 258

Tegans Folio  
Tegans Folio  

Tegans Folio 2012