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ASSIGNMENT 1 Reflective Statement Two

As the weeks pass by in the semester I still am finding myself overwhelmed with the possible applications of technology in the classroom. I realise the importance of using technology in the classroom for the current tech-savvy students. I acknowledge that I have not immersed myself in social media and other online platforms, which would be contributing to this overwhelming feeling and I hope to remedy this in the future.

My inquiry project focused on the web 2.0 technology Edmodo, which is being adopted over high schools in Australia. The inquiry project has shown me that it is necessary for a teacher to conduct research into how they are going to apply media into their classes. DePietro (2013, p5) identifies that ‘some instructors of new media embrace new versions of tools without really learning how they work, how they are applied meaningfully, and how they affect learning’. The amount of possible applications of media that could be used in the classroom is growing every year. Consequently, there may be a large number of these media where they are not relevant and have purpose to the classroom and curriculum. Herrington and Kervin (2007, p16) recognise that it’s the ‘teachers responsibility to ensure that technology experiences are closely associated with the rationale and purpose of an authentic learning experience.’ I have also discovered that the effectiveness of a technology in the classroom is related to how the teacher uses it or how confident/experienced they are in operating it. If a teacher is not using a program to its full capacity their students and themselves, will not reap the benefits of it. When I begin teaching I will use Edmodo as I believe it has the possibility to create meaning to a classroom.

Another important aspect I found very interesting with this semester was the issues of ICT and legal and ethical issues. The week eight e-tivity where it had a number of scenarios was thought-provoking as it put myself into those situations and how I would feel and handle them. The New South Wales Department of Education and Communities (2011) identify that ‘students need to understand what is appropriate and inappropriate and this will require education about the appropriate use of technology’. I found the survey to be an eye opener as I was unfamiliar with the laws my students and myself would be subject to in Australia and possibly in other countries. After skimming over the student information guide by Lucy York, I can see that we have a lot of responsibilities that I would never have considered. I intend to read this information guide in greater detail before I start teaching next year as it

will be a valuable resource. This makes me wonder as to how many practising teachers are unaware of our legal and ethical requirements. Another resource which I believe is highly valuable for teachers, students and parents is the Cyber smart website when seeking information on how to be safe online.

Looking to the future I now see that I need to expand myself in regards to using technology in classrooms. Experimenting with applications and software in the classroom but also knowing about the corresponding laws my students and myself are subject to. In my future teaching I will promoting a learning space where laws are known and followed. Students need to learn this from an early age as it will be an essential tool in later life. I will also need to complete more research into technologies that will be appropriate for the subjects Business Studies, Economics and Commerce.

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Assignment 1 reflective statement 2  
Assignment 1 reflective statement 2  

My thoughts over the second half of the semester.