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ENHANCE MY ENGLISH An online tutor-guided course to improve the communication skills of your staff






Enhance my English

ABOUT THE COURSE Mistakes in written English not only damages the reputation of an organisation but also hurt sales. A Royal Mail survey found that 30% of people would not buy a product or service from an organisation if it sent out a communication that contained a spelling, grammar or punctuation mistake. The Enhance My English course will accelerate the learning of English grammar and formal writing and ensure your organisation presents consistent, accurate and professional communications to your customers and clients.

Some recent research An article on the Wall Street Journal web site stated: “45% of 430 employers said they were increasing employee-training programs to improve employees’ grammar.” A Royal Mail survey revealed that: “…bad design, poor grammar and atrocious spelling could be costing UK businesses a staggering £41 billion in lost sales. Nearly three-quarters of all customers (74 per cent) said they wouldn’t trust businesses that used poor spelling or grammar, whilst almost a third (30 per cent) said they wouldn’t buy any product or service from them.”

Course fees and duration The course fee of £99 is fully inclusive of certificates and tutor marking. The course should take between 30 and 50 hours to complete overall.

Course outcomes Learners completing the course will have a clear understanding of the following: the effects of poor communication on an organisation grammar terminology and structure basic punctuation and spelling most commonly confused words and errors how to build effective sentences and paragraphs different writing styles, tones and plain English

16-17 High Street, Dingwall, IV15 9RU United Kingdom.

01349 800 600


Enhance my English

HOW DOES THE COURSE WORK? Enhance My English is tutor-led, with qualified and experienced English teachers guiding learners through the course, ensuring that they are effectively learning and progressing.


Learners are tracked as they progress through the course, and the grades and tutorfeedback are stored in an online grade book for easyviewing by training managers.


The course is completed entirely online, and can be accessed using any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection.

Varied activities

The course includes activities such as reading short texts, watching videos and completing quizzes. At the end of each section an assignment is submitted online and marked by a tutor.


Learners will need to achieve a pass mark of 75% to pass the course and a certificate will be issued on successful completion.

Quality assurance

A personal tutor provides feedback on assignments ensuring learners are learning effectively. The tutor is also there to provide support to the student if they come across any difficulties during the course.

Flexible learning

Each learner is given three months to complete the course, this can be extended or postponed if need be.

We have been running TEFL courses for Westminster School, London since June 2010. “We’ve really enjoyed the course. Some of us are going to use our new skills to mentor younger children with little or no English in the local Community…” Westminster School, Little Dean’s Yard, London SW1P 3PF Charity Number 312728

16-17 High Street, Dingwall, IV15 9RU United Kingdom.

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Enhance my English

ABOUT US We are currently the UK’s leading training organisation specialising in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Over 5000 people train with us every year and go on to have life-enriching experiences teaching English abroad. We provide a range of practical TEFL courses throughout the UK and our online courses can be completed from anywhere in the world. We are proud to announce that we have an exciting new addition to our course range! The course has been developed from years of experience in teaching and online training in English as a Foreign Language (EFL). This innovative course aims to improve the written skills of English speakers in the workplace and focuses on improving spelling, grammar and punctuation. Our experienced team of English teaching online experts personally mark each assignment throughout the course. These tutors are on hand to guide your learners through the course and ensure a quality learning experience for your staff. TEFL Org UK is an award winning company and is currently the most highly accredited TEFL training provider in the UK. The company is staffed and managed by experienced professionals with over 30 years of experience in teaching English and teacher training. We have worked with a wide variety of organisations, here is an example of some we have provided training for: Department of Work and Pensions

Hounslow Education Dept.

St John’s College

Edinburgh Council


Ewel Castle School

Carmarthenshire County Council

Glasgow University

Kelvin Hall School

South Ayrshire Council

Westminster School

AWARDS Outstanding Business of the Year, Highland Business Awards (under 25 employees) 2013 Most Enterprising Business of the Year , Association of Scottish Business Women 2010 Most Enterprising Business of the Year, Highland Business Women’s Club 2010 Online Business of the Year (Finalist), Scottish Business Awards 2013 Online Business of the Year (Finalist), FSB/Streamline Awards 2013 Emerging Director of the Year (Finalist), IOD Awards 2013

16-17 High Street, Dingwall, IV15 9RU United Kingdom.

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Enhance my English



Investors in People

The British Accreditation Council is an internationally recognised body, and has for over two decades been the principal accrediting body in the ever-growing sector of independent further and higher education.

TEFL Scotland is an accredited Investors in People organisation. This shows our investment and commitment to our team. We believe in realising the potential of our people, improving standards and gaining the accreditation to prove it.

Scottish Qualifications Authority

Skills Development Scotland

TEFL Scotland Ltd is an SQA Approved Centre. The SQA is an executive non-departmental public body (NDPB) sponsored by the Scottish Government Education Department.

16-17 High Street, Dingwall, IV15 9RU United Kingdom.

We are a Skills Development Scotland approved provider, so if you live in Scotland you may be eligible for SDS training funding.


ODLQC was established by the government in 1968 to monitor quality in open and distance learning. Now, as a non-governmental organisation, it continues to oversee quality in training and education.


TEFL Scotland Ltd is registered under the UKRLP (UK Register of Learning Providers) Number 10024800

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Enhance My English  

This innovative new course will help you improve your written English skills. Working through one of our courses with the support of our tea...