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Stefany Mayorga 4to CCLL “C” KEY # 12

Investment support E&E Polish I choose this product because I think that is very useful and have a lot of market opportunities, is the unique nail polish that change the color of the paint in the nails depending of the color of cloth that the women is wearing, this product will help to save money and time because instead of buying a lot of nails polish colors we only bought one that can be useful for the rest of the year, also we can spend less money in polish remover or in the beauty lounge. And for famous persons such as singers will be perfect because they change his appearance constantly so this polish can make it easier. LUMAFE Cream In my opinion this is the best invention of make up in the world , because the target marking of the women’s and teenagers like me, used make up most part of the time and we don’t have time to take it out this can produce that the skin get sick and look old, but with this cream is like a protector of the skin like a mask so the makeup don’t have contact with your skin so all that bad chemicals don’t affect also another benefit is that is more easy to take out with water because is based in natural products that make our life happy and comfortable.

Investment support  
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