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Today we live in a world where the pace progress and patterns of life are being led by technology. Technology that through time has been implemented within classes in schools and universities bringing several benefits. Some clear example are the benefits in the English classes. First, technology serves as to way to support material allowing the class to be more didactic and students interact with each other and with the teacher; this can be achieved by allowing the implementation of video, sound and games that turn the class more fun for all students. A second benefit that the implementation of technology brings in English classes is the opportunities for communication among students. That means the easiness to practice what they have learned. An example is the implementation of Skype, allowing the student to learn English and talk with people who speak English and practice and improve their language and communication. Finally, students find it more interesting to interact with technology, because they were born in a technological era, the class is more appealing to students, providing to them a desire to learn and practice the language.

Nowadays many people in the world have to need to have a smartphone, because the society demands it for the application and the use of them.


In English ll course, we have online sessions via skype with students of USA. These sessions are very good to improve our English. I interviewed the teacher Roger Simpson. JF: Juan Felipe Quevedo RG: Roger Simpson JF: Hi, I'm here with Roger Simpson and I'm gonna make the interview, so the first question is: how often do you have online sessions via skype? RG: Good morning to you, ok, in my case no many we only have 3 sessions in the semester, because the University of Miami is very busy and they don't have more time to give us. JF: Do your students enjoy the use of online sessions via skype in their classes? RG: yeah, they have a good time, they have an interesting conversations, they help the American students with the Spanish and the American students help them with their English, it's a good experience.

JF: Why is important to take the skype sessions? RG: Is important for several reasons, number one is that change the atmosphere of the classroom, sometimes stay in the classroom all the time could be boring, and it's good to get out of the classroom, bring the students make contact with a different culture, give some opportunity to speak english to native speakers.

JF: What are the greatest benefits you see on your students? RG: Well, we have a much, better understanding of American culture, sometimes they actually maintain a relationship with the students in states, by Facebook or e-mail something like that and they improve their English. JF: Do you think online sessions via skype are a good way to learn English? RG: Not learn English, but we practice English, practice more than all. JF: How do your students get prepared for their online sessions? RG: ok, some days before he session I’m in contact with their professor in my case in Miami, and she sends me a list of the topics of their students to study, and need to discouse with Colombian students here, and I send the list of the things that I need my students to practice in English, so, we do prepared the sessions depending on the requirements of the course of Spanish of Miami, and my requirements here for my course in English. JF: And the last one is: have you had any problem during your sessions? RG: Ok, the problems will we have, I gess is two problems, sometimes the connections fails but they do comeback, we restart it, and success in this program depends on all of students tha they increase it for every session.

E-comunication has been acepted in an international level. These is because it is a fast comunication in the writting form and the easy Recognicement. The Ecomunication has been convert in an universal language, because it is used commun observations in different cultures, in form that it aplies number and signs.

Some examples of the E comunication are:    

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