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JUSTIN ROSE: ‘I AM REALLY HAPPY FOR SERGIO. I WOULD LOVE TO WEAR THE GREEN JACKET, BUT IF IT WASN’T ME, I AM GLAD IT IS HIM’ • From Page 3 Monthly tuition to get you on top of your game by And who canPGA forget seeing Rose, statuesque Advanced Lady Professional, Katie Dawkins and dignified, giving Garcia the thumbs-up to acknowledge a great shot down the 18th? They made us proud, both of them.

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Water! What water? The

engine of your swing

Garcia said afterwards: ‘We are good friends so we were very respectful of each other. We were cheering each other on. We wanted to beat the other guy, not the other lose it.’

Staying cool and calm when faced with an obstacle is a skill Heartache all golfers need in their armoury. Here at Boundary Lakes the water comes into play a fair bit so being able to send the ball Rose said: ‘I am really happy for Sergio. I soaring over andthelanding safelyThisisone’sessential. would love to be wearing Green Jacket for you, Seve: Garcia said it was ‘amazing’ to join his Spanish idols Seve Ballesteros and Jose Maria Olazabal as a Masters champion. Right, 2016 champion Danny Willett helps Garcia into the famous Green Jacket butWhy if it wasn't me, I am glad it is him. He As a follow on to last month’s article, Start Right Stay Right, is it then that the wet stuff has a habit of sucking you has had his share of heartache over the in?We Sadly as humans tend to focus on what can go wrong for the next few months I’m going to focus on fundamentals years. have been friends for a we long time rather what want - basics to advanced. and playing than golf against eachwe other since to we achieve. Heres how you can were 14 years old.your ‘ reprogram chain of thoughts to keep your golf ball dry. The set up for golf is complicated by the fact that your arms are both the same length and the When playing lessons I’ll often ‘We will I’m getgiving up tomorrow and he will be see my pupils play some fantastic golf during the holesfor weado. Theyand will then oftengolf say will “thistake is not normal, I’m usually all over the place”. But what happy month theyI are differently me isand voicing over; will doing be unhappy for with a month golf where they are GOING to hit their shots. They actually say, for I’mme.’ aiming to put my ball on the front edge of that green. As we all know this is will take over completely NOT what they’d be saying to themselves during a medal round. Most likely “oh no it’s hole with THATlead water. Rose, 36,this held a two-shot withHere five we go again” or an attempt to be positive would be “let’stoTRY not lost to gowhen in theGarcia water birdied this time”. holes go but the Both occasions they’ve mentioned the wet stuff, where theon shots likely to go? You’ve got it. Splash. first extraare hole Sunday. • PORTSMOUTH’S Scott Gregory made

‘I feel it is a tournament I can still do well in,’ said Rose. ‘It's a course you can get to know and be competitive here for a long, long time.’ Rose, who has finished tied second, 10th and now second in his last three Masters, was referring to 57-year-old American Fred Couples, winner of the Green Jacket in 1992, who has had six top-20 finishes in his last seven appearances.

the most of his first Augusta experience.

• The 22-year-old secured his place through victory in the British Amateur Championship , and had warmed up with victory in the Georgia Cup over US amateur champion Curtis Luck – and by watching hours of YouTube footage from previous Masters. • Scott’s rounds of 82 and 75 were not enough to avoid the cut but he racked up invaluable exposure as he works towards qualification for the next Walker Cup squad later this year.

right hand is placed a couple of inches or so lower than the left on the grip. This means that for the body and arms to be square to the club, the right side of the torso has to be lower than the left. The problem is that this neutral position of the arms and body is not at all natural. Something that feels natural could be less than ideal. In the first picture I am showing you a common cheat, one in which the stance is achieved not by lowering the right side correctly but by twisting the body and reaching forward with the right arm. This common set up mistake sets the clubface very open to the arms. I’ve found that many golfers who employ this type of set up have a tendency to hit the ball weakly to the right • THIS year’s was thethe last asbecause the faceof of BBC’s because the faceMasters is so open, with oddfor oneHazel goingIrving well left thethe rapidly closing golf coverage. clubface at impact. In the second and third picture I am showing you a drill to help you perfect the set up. As you • Irvine, above left, has stepped down after 25 years as a golf presenter and eight can see, in one picture I am standing with my hands opposite to each other, which means there years as the corporation’s lead anchor for sport, although she will remain the face is no need to tilt. From here, move the right hand down to where it normally is on the grip. Do of snooker and host major events such as the Olympics. this by moving the right side straight down, not by just pushing the arm down or twisting. When you do this you may feel more weight on the right foot. If that’s the case, shift weight to the left • rvine is handing over to Eilidh Barbour, above right, who joins a team that foot until it feels even again. Doing this will move the left hip toward the target and set it in the includes Peter Alliss, Ken Brown and Andrew Cotter. She will make her debut at the perfect position. You are now in a position that will encourage the club to come into the ball PGA Championship in May. slightly from the inside with a clubface that isn’t too open. Happy days! • Barbour has covered golf for BBC Radio 5 Live and is familiar to sports fans as a reporter on Football Focus, Final Score, the Euro 2016 tournament and FA Cup games. She also fronts the BBC’s coverage of women’s football and women’s rugby.

‘I felt in control all day,’ Rose added. ‘Sometimes the rub of the green is for you and • Irvine said she wants to ‘re-align my on-air commitments around the changing sometimes it isn't. I hit a really good putt on 18 needs of my family’. in regulation and thought it was going in. I see myself having many more chances to come.’ Here’s why. Try hard NOT to think of a pink elephant. Interesting isn’t it? Instead of the pink elephant you need to replace it by thinking of a blue one. Much simpler. So on the course, exactly as you’d do during lessons, say to yourselves “what am I GOING to do, where is my ball GOING to go.” Pretending you are telling an imaginary pro about each RORY McILROY dreamed of winning a Green Jacket that he McIlroy has also revealed he will make some equipment changes shot. No need to say it out loud as this could begin to grate your playing partners, but in your could wear at his forthcoming wedding. following the Masters - including playing with a different ball: ‘I heads. Try it. You might find a whole new you on those demon holes. thought my golf ball this week was doing weird things in the wind, If you struggle to physically get the ball in the air then magic words may not be much use to McIlroy, who has just signed a new £89million deal with Nike, will very inconsistent. So there's one thing I will change and try to you. To get the ball airborne you have to make contact with what’s underneath it. If you fail to wed American fiancé Erica Stoll, a USPGA worker. work on.’ brush the turf then your giving away that strike and not utilising the loft on your club. Make sure during your practice swing you bruiseHe thesecured world, taking a nip turf on the The deal with Nike is for 10 years and, as Nike has stopped making another topoftenthefinish at Augusta, so must wait again for way through to a full balanced finish. clubs and balls, it lets McIlroy’s team negotiate with equipment a chance to win the one Major title eluding him as he seeks to companies. At the moment, McIlroy is using Callaway drivers and theyou firstit should European When you’ve set up to that ball just think turf andbecome finish. To justtobecomplete another a career Grand Slam. wedgeshard and to ball and athings, Scottyperformed Cameron putter. practice swing, the ball is just getting in the way. Four of my Gladiators, whoirons, haveTitleist been working perfect well in August. McIlroy revealed that he had dreamed of standing at the wedding Emma Allen finished second in the English Ladies Stroke Play Championship. Still no joy? You may benefit from a playing lesson. There are many reasons golfers struggle ‘It would Eachup would like the world Assistants No.2 to endorse their products. one ofyour the most famous jackets planet: Groves finished runner in theobviously Galvin Green National Championship and to get the ball in the air, some are down to faultsceremony at set-up.inSeeing address position and on theElliot have been nice to walk down the aisle in the Green Jacket. Would I However, without a logo allowed on his Nike cap or clothes these won the Hampshire Pro’s Short Course Championship at Ampfield GC. swing on the iPad will make a huge difference to your understanding of WHY the bad shots have done yeah, thekeep members would have allowed me. If Mrgot tocould leadeight to complex arrangements. George Saunders the last of the British Boys Amateur Championship; a fantastic happen. Making this game less frustrating and helping you that? enjoy Oh it, as wellifas your golf feat considering that the two hundred and fifty competitors were the cream of Europe. Payne (Augusta chairman) would have allowed me. We're very excited. ball stock at a healthier level. And the last,next but couple not least, Dan Hannam thestopping Portsmouth Open. It's a great time in our lives and it's all about that over Nike said theywon were making equipment in a competitive Contact me on and I look forward to helping you soar of weeks and I'll come back at the Players Championship refreshed and marketplace in which it only managed to secure per cent If you are interested in help with improving your game, please don’t hesitatenine to contact me.share above and beyond your expectations. Or at least smile! a married man and start a new chapter in my life.’Mobile: 07787 887578 Email: the patronage of Tiger Woods and McIlroy. Website:

RORY: Green Jacket would have been good for the wedding!

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Tee Times Golf Magazine, September 2017  
Tee Times Golf Magazine, September 2017