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ROEHAMPTON GOLD CUP Heather is WHATS HOT OR NOT golf clubs in the World of Ladies Golf Your Monthly Blog by Claire Kane first female manager


And who can forget seeing Rose, statuesque and dignified, giving Garcia the thumbs-up to acknowledge a great shot down the 18th? They made us proud, both of them.

It’s all about Can’t count or the technology can’t remember?

Garcia said afterwards: ‘We are good friends so we were very respectful of each other. We were cheering each other on. We wanted to beat the other guy, not the other lose it.’

A Hampshire golf club has become the latest to appoint a woman as its boss for the first time in its history.

Heather Tubb has been named as the new general manager of Cams Hall Estate Golf Club. The game of golf is traditionally male-dominated with less than 15 per cent of participants in Heartache the UK being female, but there has been less research on the proportion of women who work in the golf industry. There when I’ve stood onended shoot a long ball up the fairway but I’ve neverhave felt verybeen excitedmany when it times Rose said: ‘I am really happy for Sergio. I up hitting myfairway, usual duff shot whereby the comesgreen, to replacing household goods, Analysis by this magazine in 2007 found that there were approximately six times as many the looking back theyou, racking would love always to be wearing thedon’t Greenreally Jacket down This one’s for Seve: said ithad was ‘amazing’ to join his Spanish idols Seve Ballesteros and Jose Olazabal a Masters champion. Right,in2016 champion DannyaWillett helps Garcia into the famous greater part of theGarcia strike been forced as I’ve felt you men managing golfMaria clubs as aswomen, although recent years number of clubs have Green Jacket brain to recall how many shots I’d taken since butmy if it wasn't me, I am glad it is him. He appointed women as managers for the first time. underground. As the law of physics will get anything new, despite splashing hasteeing hadcash. his share of You’d heartachethink over the the simple confirm, thisact is notof thecounting most effective golf the Southampton-born Tubb, 49, is still one of only a handful of women running a golf club in off. years. We have been friends for a long time strike bearing in mind earth is heavier Hampshire. such short period time andover playingsaid golfthat, against each other since we air. (probably 10 Having Iawas recently tempted to of than The 25-year-old Cams Hall Estate is a 27-hole waterside venue surrounded by the northwere 14 years old.would ‘ purchase a new powerful vacuum cleaner minutes) be an easy task, particularly when western reaches of Portsmouth Harbour. Tubb is a familiar face among members at the I therefore came to the conclusion it was to replace my aging model. I had my picturesque club, having been part of the management team there since 2007. the total is only likely to be a single figure. ‘Wedoubts will get upthe tomorrow he will time to investigate the latest golfing until cleanerand arrived andbe I She brings over 22 years’ experience in golf and hotel management to the role, in a career happy for a month and golf will takewith technology and I arranged for a fitting with watched in revcount into then action, complete Sponsored for the year by including Abbotsley Golf Hotel in Cambridgeshire, If ever I doit lose of the score, then it’s usually because I’ve either had a brilliant hole which has taken her fourteenth to a variety of venues over; I willheadlights, be unhappy for a month and golf a Pro, who quickly established my current bright although I’m not sure Russell-Cooke Solicitors, the 90th and doubt the score, or because I’ve managed to get myself into a bit of trouble along the where she was assistant manager. willexactly take over for me.’are needed. It’s turbo 3 wood was Roehampton Ladiespiece OpenofGold way andwhy my these brain hasn’t been able to multi-taskoff-set the ‘doing’ with thecompletely ‘recording’. Heather has a simple advice for those looking to succeed in a hospitality career. inappropriate for my swing. This wasn’t charge swept the carpet so effectively the Challenge Cup took place over the I’m 36, notpile thestood only one who hasand thethe odd lapse of memory on the course, it’s not unusual “ Be a people London person,” course she“ItApril. may sound like a cliché, but in my case it’s true. I am Rose, held a two-shot lead with fivedust a complete surprise asas it confirmed why fluffy bolt upright south-west to see a group of golfers standing by the green pointing in various directions down the definitely not one of those managers who hides behind a desk! I think it’s far better to be holes to go but lost when Garcia birdied the it had spent most of its life tucked away container was completely full within fairway, obviously trying to recall which route one of them took. visible, dealing with things face-to-face – especially at a busy club like Cams Hall. firstminutes extra hole on Sunday. • PORTSMOUTH’S Scott Gregory made • THIS year’s Masters was the last for in my bag as the odds were stacked – so much for me thinking my From a very large entry, the cut was made atHazel Irving as the face of the BBC’s “ A part from the sporting aspect, people come to golf clubs these days for all sorts of reasons the most of his first Augusta golf coverage. What’s annoying is thatclean! I can guarantee later in against the day it. when I’m back home, snuggled carpets were relatively handicap 3.5 and sixty women golfers (21 ‘I feel it is a tournament I can still do well in,’ – for parties, to meet friends, enjoy a Sunday lunch or maybe as an alternative place for a experience. under the duvet, that I’ll remember virtually every shot played earlier that day, including the professionals & 49 amateurs) played in work meeting. saidThey Rose. ‘It's a course you can get to know • Irvine, above left, has stepped down after 25 years as a golf presenter and eight Good,say theaBad the Ugly ones! their Now that’s allItvery well when a decent round, didn’t take longI’ve to had convince me the clubs badand workman blames perfect spring conditions. andtools, be competitive here for a long, long time.’ • The 22-year-old secured his place years as the corporation’s lead anchor for sport, although will golf remain as it can to reinforce strong, were accurate to and the brain for buying future recall. “Both at Cams Hall and across all Crown Golf clubs, we’re striving she to make morethe face rightshots for me I ended a5 butbe thisquite wasbeneficial definite proof that new through victory in the British Amateur of snooker and host major events such as the Olympics. welcoming andwesterly inclusivebreeze for people from all walks of life. That’s now my responsibility here.” However, when shanked or sliced yourwhich way round the course thinking wood, somehow travelsthen 10 yards technology can you’ve make ascuffed, big difference. The light south kept the Rose, whoit again has finished second, Championship , and warmed about is likely tied to bring on a 10th bout of insomnia and themy danger of storing the further than current 3had wood andcringing a up Heather, whose husband also manages a golf club for Crown Golf, is looking players guessing and withJonathan the greens andSo, now second in out his to lastbank three withand victory in the Georgia Cup over • rvine at is 10.5 handing to Eilidh Barbour, above right, who joins a team that images in Ithe memory onlyMasters, to find repeated another lovely, forgiving rescue club day! which is now when went play golf next, I they pop-up forward to the next 15over months at thethe club. running on the Stimpmeter US amateur champion Curtis Luck – waspulled referring to 57-year-old American Fred includes Peter Alliss, Ken Brown and Andrew Cotter. She will make her debut at the known as my ‘get when out ofyou’re jail’ club. out mythe temperamental 3 wood pressure was on from the start. The wind “ We are growing women’s golf rapidly here, and we are proud that we have one of the largest Then there’s totting up of the scoretoat the end of each round, really and by watching hours of YouTube Couples, winner of the Green Jacket in PGA Championship in May. dropped a little forinthe afternoonWe’ll round ladies’ sections Hampshire. beand working hard to make the club even more familyglad you’ve packed a rubber in your bag (even if it does smudge badly) to adjust for footage from previous Masters. 1992, who has had six top-20 finishes in his I love a good gadget and I’m delighted with this was reflected in the better scores. friendly as we approach our official 25th anniversary in October 2018, including a drive to ‘somebody’s’ inability to note the correct score, or a case of dodgy mental arithmetic. last seven appearances. •increase Barbourour has covered golf for BBC Radio 5 Live and is familiar to sports fans my new vacuum cleaner which manages to junior section.” Does any of this sound familiar? • Scott’s of 82 and were as athe reporter on Football Focus,aFinal Score, the Euro 2016 tournament and FA Cup scuff up evenrounds more rubbish. I’m75 also But course once proved stern Alison Root, editor ofagain UK golf magazine Women & Golf, said: “There is a growing number of Ofincourse, the possibility that inaccurate counting is more to do with the not enough to avoid the cut but he ‘I felt controlthere’s all day,’always Rose added. games. She also fronts the BBC’s coverage of women’s football and women’s rugby. delighted with my new clubs which, test for even the senior best who were fulsome in and females holding positions at golf clubs why shouldn’t there be? All these ladies, dreaded signs a multi-tasking issue. Personally, I just brush it off racked up invaluable exposure as he ‘Sometimes the rubofofdementia the greenrather is forthan you and thankfully, are the opposite as they no their praise of the presentation of the golf including Heather, are clearly very good at their jobs. It’s taken a while, given that we are in the works towards qualification for the as tiredness, need for agood cup of stronger) lots more practice doing my on-air commitments around the changing • Irvine shethe wants to ‘re-align sometimes it isn't.theI hit a really puttteaon(or18something longer scuff up and so much rubbish on course sosaid early from the 21st century, butinthis isyear. justThose another example of how barriers are continuing to be broken down Walker Cup squad later this year. the numbers Countdown. needs mygame family’. in regulation and on thought it was going in. I see thenext course! north, asofthe well as fewis from closermore to home, and how becoming inclusive to women throughout the whole industry.” myself having many more chances to come.’ You never know, someone may just invent a clever gadget so we can input our scores on had not seen such perfect greens all winter! West Byfleet (73,75) and Sharna Dutrieux items that wereautomatically a ‘considered’ a smart phone app whilst we troupe round the course.Both A system verifies from Wrotham Heath (78,71) both on total but it’s fantastic to no longer our scores with the marker, so all we have to do is topurchase hit the ‘send’ button and whosh… Lauren Hillier from Newport Gwent playing 149. These two had also featured among the have to focus like a Jedi Knight it uploads to the scoreboard. Now wouldn’t that be clever! off +2 set the early pace with a morning prizes in 2016. trying to ‘feel the force’ just round of 72 with six others all playing par 74 © Claire Kane 2017 RORY McILROY dreamed of winning Jacket that hethis November McIlroy has also revealed he will make some equipment changes Putt a poppy with these to control enough muscle, a Greenor better. Lauren Hillier had to settle for the best could wear atposture his forthcoming wedding. following the Masters including playing with a different ball: ‘I limited edition Titleist balls and help and rhythm to lift morning round and Kerry Smith from thought my golf ball this week was weird things in the wind, the ball in the right direction. honourcome all those who have suffered orWaterlooville died doing However, the afternoon, professional the best afternoon round with a McIlroy, who has just signed a new £89million deal with Nike, will very inconsistent. So there's one thing I will change and try to Sophie Walker fromshowing Lancashireyour and winner score of 73.Sophie Mills, playing off 2, from in war, whilst support for The wed AmericanVacuuming fiancé Erica Stoll, a USPGA worker. work on.’ may be tiring but of the event in 2009, pulledand awaytheir and added Johnwork. O’Gaunt Golf Club had a hole in one at Royal British Legion important then bad golf can be a 69 (a gold cup course record) to her the 14th which brightened up her morning The with Nike is for 10 years and, aswhich Nike haspromise stopped making He secured another top ten finish at so Augusta, somorning mustballs wait The themselves aredeal firmtrophy. favourite Titleist completely exhausting, 74again to winforthe handsome round ofPro 85 V1s, and inspired her to a 77 in clubs and balls, it lets McIlroy’s team negotiate with equipment a chance to win the one Major title eluding him as he seeks to ‘more game spin and control with an softer feel, penetrating maybe in hindsight I should Total forshort 36 holes – 143. theeven afternoon. companies. At the moment, McIlroy is using Callaway become the first European to complete a career Grand Slam. have employed a cleaner trajectory for exceptional distance, and long-lasting durability’ drivers and irons,Jane Titleist wedges and ball and a Scotty Cameron putter. and spent more time Second was amateur you’ll Amelia Williamson This event is now with thewhether Most importantly leave the course with added feelcoupled good factor, McIlroy revealed that he had dreamed of standing at the wedding practicing my swing on the from Royal Cromer on 146 (73,73). Third, Hampshire Rose taking place at North you’ve your best round or had a stinker, thanks the facttheir all profits ‘It would Allman Each would obviously the world No.2 to to endorse products. ceremony in one the most famous jackets on theamateur planet: carded golf ofcourse. Gemma from Stanmore on like Hants Golf Club on April 9th. Those have been nice to walk down the aisle in the Green147 Jacket. Would I However, without a logo allowed on his Nike cap or clothes these raised from the balls’ sale go to The Royal British Legion and (73,74). In fourth place was the 2016 competitors who compete in the 72 hole have done that? Oh yeah, if the members would have allowed me. If Mr could lead to complex arrangements. their important providing and support allbemembers winner, professionalwork Alex Peters from care Shifnal, Gold Rosetowill eligible for World Amateur Payne (Augusta chairman) would have allowed me. very excited. on 148 (77,71). Golf Ranking Points. ofWe're the British Armed Forces, past and present, and their families. It's a great time in our lives© andClaire it's allKane about that over the next couple Nike said they were stopping making equipment in a competitive Available fromand The Royal BritishinLegion’s online shopto secure nine per cent share of Follow weeks my andtales I'll come back at the Players Championship only managed on twitter@golfsnippets She wasrefreshed closely followedmarketplace by two up and which it In 2018 the Gold Cup will take place on a married man and start a new chapter in my life.’coming despite the patronage of Tiger Woods and£14.99. McIlroy. The Poppy Shop,, from just amateurs – Katherine O’Connor from Saturday April 14th.

RORY: Green Jacket would have beena good for the wedding! Putt Poppy

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Tee Times Golf Magazine, September 2017  
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