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The Myths and Misunderstanding of Marketing I have spoken many times on the benefits of custom made golf clubs. A common response is “I do not need to come and see you, as I have custom made clubs”. The golfer is under the impression that he has got custom made clubs but in the vast majority of cases, upon further investigation it becomes apparent that the golfer has in fact got a custom fitted set, often from a fitting trolley. I have also spoken on several occasions about the different types of custom fitting and have also discussed the fact that the golf industry does not have any agreed standard. To re-cap there is no such thing as regular, no such thing as 2° up and there is no such thing as a 7 iron (or any other club to be precise)! This should make the alarm bells ring when you are given three 7 irons to try. You need to be aware that you are not comparing apples against apples. The same applies with all the group tests in the magazines. If every iron head was fitted to the same shaft, at the same length with the same grip and adjusted to the same loft and lie – THEN you would be comparing the heads as the consumer tests imply. One important point to bare in mind with these custom fitted sets is that it is a sad indictment that I have NEVER, and I do mean Never, come across a single set of club that match each other never mind the golfer. The kick start behind this article was a customer who had what he thought was a matched set of woods from one of the perceived top three manufacturers. He had a Driver, 3, 5 and 7 woods. Upon measuring them I found that the four woods had 4 different flexes which of course is not ideal! But what was worse the difference in length between the 5 and 7 was only ⅛” and the lofts of the two woods were identical. When I asked the golfer how he was getting on with his woods he did say he thought that there wasn’t much difference in distance between the 5 and 7 but as the clubs were still quite new he was still getting used to them. This is a common response. The golfer has bought what he believes to be high end clubs, so it is always the golfers’ fault, it can’t be the clubs! So the golfer tries to manipulate his swing in an attempt to get the desired results. Sadly this is not an isolated example. I have even had the supposedly shorter wood having less loft than the longer wood. This does not just apply to woods, the situation with irons is identical, even

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with the company with 11 colour lie dots. On a recently measured set of these irons where they had been fitted at the companies headquarters, the golfer thought he had a set of irons fitted to 2° flat by their standard. When these irons were measured, in his set he had every lie option covered between 2° flat and 2° up! This is where a truly made custom made set has its benefits. Not only do I make clubs individually that match the golfer, I also only make the clubs that the golfer needs. The final important benefit of custom made clubs is that the clubs made match each other. This means that you will have consistent gaps between you woods and irons. I have always believed the “secret” of golf is that you have one swing – whether you have a wedge in your hand or a 6 iron or even your driver. But to get consistent results especially with you irons you need a matched set of irons with consistent gaps in your lofts. Sadly though the average golfer isn’t aware of this. He buys his latest issue of a golf magazine, flicks straight to the equipment tests and devours the words written as gospel. Like the vast majority of golfers he is being hoodwinked by the marketing hype. Every month we see adverts for the latest driver which the manufacturers suggest that will hit the ball further. For several years now the maximum Coefficient of Restitution has been fixed. This means that all modern drivers have the maximum spring board effect. The other favourite is movable weight technology. Again we are told all we have to do is move the weights around and he presto, your slice is magically eliminated. If the mumbo jumbo used by the manufacturers was true, every drive would be long and straight down the middle. We all know that this is not the case, yet every day the new super driver is being sold, only to be ditched within 6 months to be replaced by the newer, hotter driver which will hit the ball further and straighter. And so the cycle goes on. Golfers should be aware that the law of

physics have not changed over the last few years and all the manufacturers are doing is tweaking a little here, changing a colour there but still producing clubs that do not match each other, or the golfer. If I was to measure 3 identical drivers of any manufacturer, I can say with a high degree of certainty, that none of the drivers would match each other. The lofts would be different and the flexes would not be identical. Not quite the situation you would envisage if the adverts were believable. This is even true for £350+ drivers. Hopefully, golfers will now at least think before shelling out their hard earned cash, or better still ask me for advice.

For more information or to receive the benefits listed above, contact David on one of the numbers below to arrange an appointment. When you come to see me you will receive a friendly welcome. Should you have any questions on this or any equipment matter please feel free to call me on 01256 322007 or 07859 920055 Alternatively, email me directly at or visit my web site at www.

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