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The Way To Better Golf – 5 P’s As regular readers are well aware my column continually extols the virtues of custom club fitting. I have covered the more common comment “I am not good enough for custom clubs” on several occasions. This month I would like to comment that custom made clubs alone is not the complete answer to game improvement. The best way for complete game improvement is the “5 P’s”. First P is Play: It may sound obvious but if you don’t play regularly you game is not going to improve. I often get requests from golfers asking how much custom clubs will improve their game when they only play 2 or 3 times a year. The answer is yes they will improve your game buy do not expect a massive improvement.

For the beginning player, custom golf clubs have increased playability providing a measure of confidence from which they can start to better learn to play the game by using equipment more suited to their skill level. Finally, you can get the most appropriate set-make up for your skill level, playing characteristics, gender and age.

Second P – Practise: Again it sounds obvious but if a golfer spends productive time practicing not just hitting balls without any thought or analysis, it will improve your game. Sadly it is a fact that the majority of golfers do not have the time or inclination for extra practice.

You will enjoy playing the game more with custom golf clubs With properly fitted, quality custom golf clubs in your golf bag, every time you pull a golf club out, you will play with more confidence and less frustration knowing that you can consistently hit the ball. The custom club fitting process is about building and fitting golf clubs that allow you to play better golf. This means that you will be able to: Hit the golf ball FARTHER Hit the golf ball STRAIGHTER Hit the golf ball with more CONSISTENCY

Third P – Properly Fit: Quality Equipment. This where I come in! Proper fit equipment can in nearly all cases bring about noticeable improvements in play and in many cases this will be a very dramatic improvement. Properly fit custom golf clubs can provide great benefits to all golfers but especially to the average and high handicap golfer who may have difficulty hitting the ball straight or long or consistently. Without needing to generate the swing speeds of PGA Tour players, the average golfer will be able to hit the ball farther by being fitted with the right game improvement club heads and properly fitted golf shafts suited to their particular playing abilities and characteristics. Golf sets can be optimized to include easy hitting hybrid golf clubs. This is especially true not only for high handicap golfers but for anybody who may have special requirements such as tall golfers, short golfers, seniors, women and juniors. Properly fitted custom golf clubs factor in many characteristics to help your game such as proper shaft flex for your swing speed, proper shaft length, clubhead lie and correct loft and grip size. All of these can affect how you play your game and all are addressed by having properly fitted custom golf clubs. There are three primary reasons to buy custom fit golf clubs:

Custom golf clubs will save you money Contrary to more common opinions, custom built and fitted golf clubs are substantially lower priced over ‘brand-name’ golf clubs for equivalent quality. Yes you can buy cheaper clubs but that negates all the benefits listed above. How can a properly fitted, quality set of custom golf clubs improve your game? Custom golf clubs are matched to your playing abilities and characteristics Your current set make-up can easily be matched and optimized to remove golf clubs that you can’t hit with clubs that you can hit in order to enhance your golf game You can take advantage of the latest golf technology and increased playability that custom golf clubs provide. Simply put, custom golf clubs provide enhanced playability and style at a price that is surprisingly affordable for everyone.

Fourth P – Professional Instruction: Fairly self explanatory, as long as you find a competent teaching professional with an Custom fit golf clubs improve your game establish and proven track record. Apart from Custom fit golf clubs make the game easier getting on with your teacher he (or she) has to play because the golf clubs are built to your got to be competent. Ask around at your club playing style and ability. Better players are able and driving range for a teaching professional to tweak their golf game with custom built and who can show that they successfully reduce fitted golf clubs. Average golfers will benefit the playing handicap of their students. because custom golf clubs will allow them to After all if your handicap is not reduced why consistently hit the ball more solidly, with good pay for lessons! direction control and proper trajectory

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Fifth P – Proper Mental Attitude: This is a very popular subject at the moment and the golf magazines are now beginning to print more and more adverts for mind gurus. It is a subject that I personally believe that golfers would improve their games and their scores. My most favourite comment is “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are probably right!” How many times have you heard the comment when standing on the tee with water in the eye line of the tee shot “You watch me hit this ball into the water!” and guess what the ball goes into the water! Indeed, golf is a tough mental game and when it comes to winning...only golfers with a strong positive golf mental attitude succeed. They are more confident and they win the game mentally before even starting to play.

Good golfers visualize and win the game in their mind and use their skills to make it happen in reality. This reflects the power of a high positive golf mental attitude! Finally, I would like to congratulate Peter on his wondeful magazine and reaching a wonderful milestone of 200 editions. I look forward to 200 more! Should you have any questions on this or any equipment matter please feel free to call me at 01256 322007 or 07859 920055. Alternatively, email me directly at or visit my web site:

Tee Times Golf Magazine, January 2018  
Tee Times Golf Magazine, January 2018