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WELLOW GOLF CLUB Celebrate Our 25th Anniversary See our Course Review on pages 18 & 19 Near Wareham 5 Star British Tourist Board Venue

GOLF G OLF & CO COUNT NTRY C CLUB VISIT www.dorsetgolfresort.com A 'must' visit for golfers in 2016!


Holes o Championshf ip Golf

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APRIL 2016

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APRIL 2016

DOES THIS PROVE THE LAW’S AN ASS? Ace ‘prize’ lands golfer with £11,000 legal bill


INSIDE Rory goes ‘cross handed’ for Augusta

A GOLFER was delighted to win a new car for making a hole in one – but has been left thousands of pounds out of pocket at the end of a legal dispute. Amateur jockey Jake Warner, 24, played a round with three friends in the £10-a-head charity day at Haverhill Golf Club in Suffolk.

- Page 4

THIS CAR, says the promotional signage. But this model was not what Jake Warner was expecting when he posed for his happy picture

But when Mr Warner went to claim his prize a few days later, he was told he was getting a basic three-door, one-litre model worth £8,300.

judge ruled that he was not entitled to the higher-value vehicle because he did not know what car was being offered when he teed off at the start of the competition. Mr Warner, a sales manager, said: ‘It has all been a bit of a nightmare. I got lucky and hit a hole in one, the first one I’d ever hit. I was elated to win the car but it turned out to be something altogether different to what they advertised.’

He has finished thousands of pounds out of pocket after taking the club to court. The

Mr Warner turned down £7,000 in cash to settle the dispute, and Cambridge County

He holed an ace on the 12th green – the first in his life – and then delightedly posed for pictures alongside a Vauxhall Corsa car. The £14,000 five-door 1.3CDRi was emblazoned with the message: WIN THIS CAR if you get a hole in one.

‘If the law supposes that,’ said Mr Bumble, squeezing his hat emphatically in both hands, ‘the law is a ass — a idiot.’ Dickens could have been looking over the shoulder of Jake Warner, who holed an ace on the 12th green – the first in his life – and then delightedly posed for pictures alongside a Vauxhall Corsa car. The £14,000 five-door 1.3CDRi was emblazoned with the message: WIN THIS CAR if you get a hole in one. Jake did not get THIS CAR. He was offered a less expensive model in the range.

- Page 26

Court ruled against him. He has since accepted £7,500 but was ordered to pay the £11,000 legal costs of both parties – leaving him £3,500 out of pocket.

I’m not just a pretty birdie

The Daily Mail quoted Andrew Leakey, an expert specialising in disputes, as saying that the judge’s decision was probably based on ‘basic contract law’.

Haverhill Golf Club said: ‘The club behaved properly throughout and were fully vindicated.’

EDITOR’S COMMENT IN Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens has Mr Bumble offering an opinion on the law in a statement which has been often quoted since.

Can ‘Ready Golf’ Tackle slow play?

And in fighting what would appear to the layman as a straightforward case of common sense and fair play, he finished up being ordered to pay huge legal fees (not only his own, but the other party’s).

- Page 4

Player cards 37 over and wins £33,000 - Page 30


How can that be? Is the law not supposed to be there to ensure justice and fair play? If a sign on the side of a car says WIN THIS CAR and a player performs the feat advertised, any sane person would have assumed that this particular model was the prize on offer.

- Page 30 It actually left Jake thousands of pounds out of pocket to put forward his perfectly reasonable and sane argument. This just beggars belief. If contract law, the Trades Description Act or some other legislation allows this kind of illogical ruling, it yet again proves Dickens and Mr Bumble right: The law is indeed ‘a ass’.


Winners on the West PGA - Page 30

Green fee and societies welcome offer! Come and play our rejuvenated tranquil heathland golf course set in the heart of the Cotswold country side. Six miles S/W of Banbury and within easy access from the M40.

Hampshire Golf Club SPRING/SUMMER SOCIETY GOLF Coffee and bacon roll 18 holes £23 Coffee and bacon roll 18 holes and 1 course meal £29 GREEN FEE OFFERS From 1st March Weekends After 12 £15 Weekday 4 Ball £60 Weekend 4 Ball £80 MAD MONDAYS (Minimum 12) Coffee and Bacon rolls and 18 holes £18 COURSE NEVER CLOSED DUE TO RAIN To book please call 01264 357555 or Email: tim@thehampshiregolfclub.co.uk


£25.00 weekday £32.00 weekends and bank holidays. Societies* £22.00 weekday - £26.00 weekends Book to play during April (Mentioning this advert) and enjoy a further reduction of £5.00 per person on both green fees and society* bookings.

Call 01295 721818 to reserve your tee time Rye Hill Golf Club, Milcombe, Oxfordshire, OX15 4RU *societies must have eight or more paying golfers

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APRIL 2016

Putting switch pays off for Adam – but not yet for Rory

Online golf pin-up defends invite to elite event

I am not just a pretty birdie

CHANGING putting styles – one forced upon Adam Scott by new rules and the other a voluntary switch by Rory McIlroy – produced different outcomes for the two stars. Australian Scott recorded back-toback victories on the PGA Tour as McIlory's challenge unravelled at the World Golf Championship. In 2013, Scott was deadly with a broomhandle putter anchored to his sternum for a more reliable putting pendulum. But that style was outlawed and he has had to relearn his technique with the shorter putter.

The online face of Paige Spiranac: ‘I may make it (in golf), I may not make it’. Below, pictured at the elite Omega Dubai Ladies Masters

Adam Scott: Enforced putting style change is beginning to pay dividends

PAIGE Spiranac, the 22-year-old social media phenomenon, has defended her right to be among the golf elite at the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters. Spiranac, who has more than 480,000 followers on Instagram, turned professional in August after graduating from San Diego State and her good looks have led to her being labelled among the ‘hottest’ athletes on the planet. Videos of her golf trick shots are approaching two million views on YouTube.

It all came together for the 35-year-old as he swept up the Honda Classic and the WGC. McIlroy has switched to the ‘cross-handed’ hold on the putter, with his left hand below his right. The Irishman missed the Honda cut, and finished tied third at Doral. McIlroy plans to persevere with his new style: ‘I feel like it's something I'm going to stick with, regardless of what the outcome is tomorrow, or this week or next week. It's a drill I've been doing for a while. I feel like my left hand controls my putting stroke and I felt over the past few weeks my right hand was becoming a little bit too dominant.’

Organisers gave her a wild card entry to the Dubai Ladies Masters, the fourthrichest tournament on the Ladies European Tour, for her first senior pro event. She missed the cut, but players finishing below her included European Solheim Cup captain Carin Koch, and Hannah Burke, who won her maiden tour title in the Czech Republic in August.

He added: ‘It's one of those things where the drill started to feel a little bit better than the real thing, so I'm just going to stick with it.’

Spiranac told her Twitter followers at the end of her first-round 77 that she'd been through the 'hardest days' of her life because of criticism about her inclusion.

Scott said: ‘To win a World Championship event is huge. I’m going to push hard the next few weeks.’ McIlroy also needs to push on, if he is to achieve the elusive career Grand Slam.

She told reporters that she understood critics' motivation but was intent on making her name in the game for the right reasons.

For that is what beckons this month when the Masters offers the former world number one the opportunity to join an elite group of golfers who have won all four Majors.

'I understand where they are coming from. I mean, I've played golf and have

Rory McIlroy has begun using the ‘cross-handed’ putter grip, with his left hand below his right

had good results, but when you look at my game compared to the top players in the world, I'm not in the same league,' she said. But I wish they could see that I'm working as hard as I can. I may make it, I may not make it.’ Veteran Dame Laura Davies, 20 times a winner of an LPGA Tour event and the most successful player ever on the Ladies European Tour, said that Spiranac had every right to have a shot at success.

'I don't know her from a bar of soap,' said Davies. 'I've obviously heard what some of the players have said, but I've not met her. 'Everyone needs a chance and if she's a good player, then I think it's great she's here. If she's here for any other reason than she's a great golfer, then it's a little bit pointless. But we have to give her a chance.'

NEW PROGRAMME FOR RULES SCHOOLS FOR the first time, England Golf will offer members and officials from golf clubs and counties the opportunity to attend an R&A Rules School hosted in England. By introducing The R&A Rules Education Programme in 2016, England Golf will offer delegates the potential to graduate through three tiers of Rules tutoring and learning.

At each stage of development, there is the opportunity to sit an exam which is recognised throughout The R&A’s jurisdiction. Individuals can also achieve the ‘England Golf County Referee’ qualification via the Level 2 Rules School. The schools are tailored to provide basic instruction for those newer to the game, as well as meeting the demands of more experienced officials looking for tournament specific guidance.

Golf Academy

England Golf will schedule a number of one-day, Level 1 Introductory Rules Schools during 2016. Dates and venues will be announced on the England Golf website in the coming weeks. In addition, the first Level 2 Rules School will be launched this summer during England Golf’s second Golf Week and will take place at Frilford Heath Golf Club on 11-12 August.

An England Golf referee advises on the rules during a championship (image © Leaderboard Photography).


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APRIL 2016


Society Golf Packages Coffee & Bacon Roll

Coffee & Bacon Roll

Coffee & Bacon Roll

18 Holes of Golf

18 Holes of Golf

18 Holes of Golf

From £27.50pp

Hot Snack Meal

2 Course Meal

From £35pp

From £42pp

l ayers or more – p 0 2 a niser goes free g r o

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APRIL 2016

Sorting the truth from the Hype Imagine how much you could lower your scores by getting the kind of distance you know you’re capable of. Adding distance to your drives changes the way you attack a golf course. And those extra yards give you a competitive edge. That’s why most of the top players in the world are so focused on finding the right equipment to increase distance. It’s no secret that most of us want to hit it longer. Golf club manufacturers know this and try to produce drivers that push the distance envelope. The problem? Most drivers sold at retail outlets are built to specs that simply don’t work for most players’ swings. What can you do to find the right driver? The answer lies in knowing what the most important club fitting parameters are and using them to match the right equipment to your swing speed. There are four club fitting keys I can think of that you need to focus on for maximum distance and consistency: loft, shaft flex, club length, and ball spin. 1. Loft Selecting the right loft may be the most important fitting parameter when you’re looking to increase distance. The biggest mistake golfers make is buying a driver with too little loft. 6 years ago the average loft on tour was 7° and the average club golfer loft was 10°. Today the average on tour has risen to 10° but the handicap golfer is still using the same loft. The slower you swing the more loft you need for distance. Slower swing speeds don’t generate the spin rate needed to maximize distance. Higher lofts give you more hang time and more distance with the same effort. 2. Shaft Flex It’s a fact: about 8 out of 10 players select a flex that’s too stiff for their swing. How does this affect distance? All shafts have to bend in order to get the ball airborne. Players with lower swing speeds need more flex to launch the ball on the right trajectory. Try to find the most flexible shaft you can handle with accuracy. More flexible shafts offer a couple of advantages: You increase distance with less effort because of the shaft’s extra kick. You’ll get better feel with less harshness. Better feel means more confidence, and that translates into better ball striking.

3. Club length A lot of us don’t pay much attention to club length. You probably think all clubs are built to standard lengths. The fact is, there are no standards when it comes to club length. Club length can change from brand to brand, or even from model to model within brand. Most drivers sold today are built to a length of 45.5”, and many drivers reach 46”. That’s because longer lengths usually produce longer drives. You’ll hit occasional bombs at these lengths but your consistency suffers.

become larger because the same strength can be maintained with thinner walls. The overall weight of a titanium head is the same as a steel head, it’s just bigger and more forgiving. The increased distance that comes from titanium drivers is due to the longer and lighter shafts which increase club head speed, which in turn, increases distance.

• A low centre of gravity will help provide a higher trajectory, which will increase distance for golfers with lower swing speed

The main advantage of the titanium is the increased forgiveness on off-center hits which result from the use of longer shafts.

A copy of this and my previous articles for Doyle’s Dilemmas can be found online at http://www.teetimesgolfmagazine.com

How come? Your percentage of on-center hits decreases pretty quickly once you go longer than 45”. Miss the sweet spot by just a small amount and you can easily lose 17 yards on a drive. My guess is, if you go with a driver length of 44” your average drive will be longer, and more of those drives will stay in the fairway. That’s the reason most tour pros stay below driver lengths of 45”. If you’re struggling with your driver think about having it shortened to about 44”. I think you’ll be surprised at the results.

• A more flexible shaft will increase distance, but may sacrifice some accuracy if to flexible for your swing speed and tempo.

Should you have any questions on this or any equipment matter please feel free to call me on 01256 322007 or 07859 920055.

• A stiffer flex will help with accuracy but will sacrifice some distance if too stiff for your swing speed and tempo. • Most average golfers play with too stiff a flex reducing their potential distance.

For more information or to receive the benefits listed above, contact David numbers below, to arrange an appointment, or just drop in and receive a friendly welcome.

Alternatively, email me directly at dave@madetomeasuregolf.co.uk or visit my web site at www.madetomeasuregolf.co.uk

4. Ball spin What are the hottest selling golf balls? Just about any ball advertised as a “distance” ball. They’re all pretty similar; they don’t spin much, feel hard at impact, and are usually pretty inexpensive. Distance balls do work, but ironically, not all that well for most average players. The reason? Distance balls spin less. Slower swing speeds don’t generate the spin needed to make these balls effective. Players with fast swing speeds can take advantage of a distance ball’s lower spin rate. Slower swing speeds do better with more spin. Look for two piece balls that are softer and spin more; you’ll find they work a lot better in several ways: They stay airborne longer, maximizing carry. They spin more and that helps you hold greens better. They feel softer when hitting chips and short pitch shots. Just the Facts • Assuming a consistent swing, the two factors that affect club head speed the most, are length of shaft, and your swing. • Lengthening the shaft makes it much more difficult to hit the ball squarely. • A larger head on a driver is always more forgiving in terms of accuracy, and will give a higher trajectory than a smaller head with the same loft. • The use of titanium, which is lighter and harder than steel, has allowed club heads to

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APRIL 2016


MEON VALLEY HOSTS THE TRILBY TOUR The prestigious Trilby Tour 2016 DPDWHXUJROIWRXUQDPHQWQRZLQLWV10th year will be hosting a series of Regional Championships across the UK with Meon Valley chosen as the venue for the Hampshire Regional Final for the 3rd year running. Entry to the Trilby Tour is highly sought after and we will be hosting a number of qualifying rounds where the winner from each day will then secure a place at the Regional Championship hosted at Meon Valley on Tuesday 7th June. Qualifying rounds will be charged at ÂŁ25.00 per person to include coffee on arrival. These will be held on Thursday 28th April & 19th May with tee times between 10.00am and 1.00pm. The format for the event is 18 holes individual Stableford from the white tees with full handicap allowance.

To enter please fill out the below form and return to Christine Keal at the address below along with payment by 31st March 2016.

TRILBY TOUR QUALIFYING ROUND ENTRY FORM 1DPHwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww $GGUHVVwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

(PDLOwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww &RQWDFW7HOHSKRQH1XPEHUwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww &'++DQGLFDSPD[wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Tee times are between 10.00 & 13.00 please tick preferred time frame (not guaranteed): 10.00 z 11.00

11.00 z 12.00

12.00 - 13.00

Qualifying Round z Please tick requested date Thursday 28th April 2016 ÂŁ25.00 per person

Thursday 19th May 2016 ÂŁ25.00 per person

Please make cheques payable to Meon Valley Marriott Hotel & Country Club Meon Valley Marriott Hotel & Country Club Sandy Lane, Shedfield, Hampshire, SO32 2HQ t: 01329 833 455 MarriottMeonValley.co.uk Terms and conditions apply. Subject to availability. All bookings must be pre paid and are non refundable. Only one winner will receive a place from each of the qualifying rounds. The winner must be available on Tuesday 7th June . All players must have a CDH Handicap max of 18.

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APRIL 2016


MY TIME GOLF By way of course price reduction

BOWLERS RESTAURANT By way of event organiser

AND OUR MAIN SPONSOR Michael Avellino on behalf of ROOFING CLADDING AND BUILDING LTD By way of full prizes sponsorship

ONLY £45 per person OFFICIAL FULL HANDICAP (MAX 15) Coffee/Tea and bacon roll before play • Soup with roll lunch time • BBQ after golf TROPHYS and PRIZES for “BEST GROSS 2nd and 3rd”, “BEST NET 2nd and 3rd”, “BEST GROSS” (am & pm), “BEST NET” (am & pm) PLEASE SEND ALL ENTRIES TO: For the Attention of Bill Webb, BOWLERS RESTAURANT LTD, The Pavilion, Golf Course Road,, Southampton, SO16 7LE. Telephone: (023) 8076 7996 (Entries to be received no later than Sunday 12th June 2016)

E N T RY F O R M Please enter me for the

THE SOUTHAMPTON OPEN GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP at the Southampton City Golf Course on Saturday 25th June 2016

Players will be balloted out and the decision of the Open Committee will be final in all matters Name:...………..………………………………………… Club:…………………………………………………. Tel No: …………………………………………. Address:…………………………………………………………………....…………………………....…………………………....…………………………....…..… …………………....………………..…………………………....………………..………………....…………………………....…………………………....………… ………………....…………………………...………………....…………………………....…………………………....………… Postcode:……………….……...… Email:…………...………….….………….………………………… Handicap: …………….......…. Age:.…………… Date of Birth:.……..……..……………… I enclose my £45pp entry fee, Cheque made payable to: BOWLERS RESTAURANT X

Golf Course road, Southampton, SO16 7LE. Tel: 02380 767996

Print Name:………………………….……………….…….......... Signed:..……………….………………………………… Date:………...……….………………

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Memberships Available No Joining Fee

APRIL 2016


Bramshaw Golf Club Brook, Nr Lyndhurst Hants, SO43 7HE T: 02380 813433 E: golf@bramshaw.co.uk www.bramshaw.co.uk The Oldest Golf Club in Hampshire Come and play our two excellent, very different courses. The mature parkland Manor Course (Par 71) and the oldest course in Hampshire, the heathland Forest Course (Par 69) that was built in the 1860’s, golf as it was meant to be!

Visitors are very welcome. Our Manor Course summer green fee rate during the week is £45 and the Forest Course is £25. After your game, sit and relax in our comfortable clubhouse and enjoy a drink and a meal from our expansive menu. Our 2016 Society packages (min 12 players) are available from £25.25p for the Forest Course and £35.25p for the Manor Course (coffee on arrival, 18 holes and sandwiches after). More extensive packages can be tailored to meet your needs. Have you considered membership? We have a wide variety of memberships available now for 2016. Visit our website for full details of our Membership options, our Green Fees and Society packages or contact the office on 023 8081 3433 (option 4). Golf Equipment & Tuition—The Clive Bonner Golf Shop is fully equipped to meet the your golfing needs and tuition is available from our fully qualified PGA Professionals. Call 02380 813434

We look forward to seeing you soon at the New Forest’s Premier Golf Facility

FREE FREE 30 30 MINUTE MINUTE Golf olf C Comparative omparative R Range ange o of fM Motion otion A Assessments ssessments March April tthroughout hroughout M arch & A pril (when (when booking booking a one one hour hour session session with with this this advert) advert) Using Using th thorough orough o orthopaedic rthopaedic m measuring easuring te techniques chniques a and nd d devices evices to fi find nd iissues ssues th that at iinfluence/cause nfluence/cause s swing wing fa faults, ults, (b (basic asic screening screening procedures procedures used used b by y most most professionals professionals are are not not s scientific cientific e enough nough fo forr o optimal ptimal fi findings). ndings).


tain Find out your personal blueprint of why you swing the golf club in a cer Find certain way way..

es futur e lessons whatt one's body can and cannot achieve ensur ensures future • Understanding wha geted ar ound these length tension rrelationships. elationships. ar are e tar targeted around



Does your body rreach each or thopaedic norm? orthopaedic


Y our o envir onment becomes your movement, your movement becomes your Your environment postur e, your postur e becomes your structur e and ultima tely your golf swing. posture, posture structure ultimately


C COACHING OACHING PHILOSOPHY PHILOSOPHY I use an integrated, holistic approach approach to coaching, understanding that as a golfer we are are all unique in the way our bodies move, due to the nal envir onment placed upon us, such as various occupations and individual lifestyle factors, all developing their own demands of the exter external environment patterns within the nervous system. Ingrained motor patter ns influence both posture posture statically and dynamically, dynamically y, thus af fffecting the bio-motor patterns patterns affecting Your o movement becomes your postur e, and ultimately your e and your postur e becomes your structur way the golf club orbits within the swing. Your posture posture structure, golf swing, thus an individualised approach approach is used utilising key alignments and corr ective exer cise, instead of the usual cookie cut out corrective exercise, method. If you ar e as passionate about your golf as I am about my coaching then please contact me and I look forwar d to working with you. you are forward

ADDRESS: ADDRESS: Basingstoke Golf Club, Kempshott Park, Kempshott, Basingstoke, Hampshire, Hampshire, RG23 7LL PHONE: PHONE: (01256) 351332 EMAIL: EMAIL: holisticgolf holisticgolfcoach@gmail.com fcoach@gmail.com

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APRIL 2016


The Canary Islands have a wonderful climate, year round sunshine and temperatures that average around 23 degrees throughout the year. It is no surprise that it has become one Michael Rees of the golfing playgrounds for the golfers of Norther Europe, who are restricted by the weather during the winter months, in fact in several countries the courses are closed during the winter. Many travel south to enjoy the sunshine and the golf in the Canaries, and Tenerife in particular where the golf courses are in wonderful condition. The south of the island was developed after the opening of the new airport in the region, providing massive benefits for tourism in general. Golf entrepreneurs were not slow to appreciate the opportunities such a wonderful climate offered and in very few years the region could boast five clubs with championship standard facilitates. The boom in facilities meant that families could be entertained at the same time as the golfer. In October 1998 the first eighteen holes were opened near to the resort of Costa Adeje, one of the most impressive venues in the islands. The changing natural contours of the area were maximised by the designer Jose Gancedo, who created something very special on what had been a large old banana plantation. As a consequence, the terraced landscape was preserved, and the stone retention walls have been restored and preserved to such good effect, creating marvellous features on the holes running down to the sea, and give reason for some of the most unusual course instructions, These are signs showing buggies falling over a cliff, apt warning of the drops to be avoided on the fairways. In 2001 another nine holes were added when the Los Lagos loop came into play, it is located just down the hill from the main course and is accessible by a buggy road, or a short drive down the road to a small but functional clubhouse and carpark. The two tier driving range is ideal for warming up or practice.

The quality of the layout has long been acknowledged, for the club has played host to some of the most important European Tour events, the Canaries Open in 2003, it was the forerunner of several other prominent events, the BMW Golf Cup International Final, The Spanish Open, and the Tenerife Ladies Open, ample evidence of a first class course, and more importantly one that is a real pleasure to play. The quality is evident as soon as you arrive, with the reception and the golf shop, a smiling welcome and ultra-efficient handling of all your requests. The distinctive ochre red coloured colonial style clubhouse with superb wide terraces is the ideal complement to the two golf courses, comfortable to relax for refreshment before the round, and the perfect spot for the after golf drink or meal. The driving range and the putting green are conveniently placed ready to be utilised before the tee off on the first hole. Although the course is busy during the high season,

Golf Academy

there is no hassle and the starter is well in control and keeps the players moving on time. So to the golf, a beautifully manicured first fairway waits, with cross bunkers set to catch the longer hitters, black sand bunkers a stark contrast to the green grass and azure blue skies. The palm trees standing like sentinels watching over the course give that calming tropical feel to the lovely location. This is a very structured course, with six par three’s, six par fours and six par fives, giving a tough test for the par of 72 for the eighteen holes, particularly with greens that are not easy to read the first time played. The old adage that everything slopes to the sea is hard to believe on occasions, but proved to be absolutely true. In common with the rest of the courses on the island, the par threes are all high quality, after being lulled by the short second, you are faced with ravines and vegetation to strike fear on the tee at the

7th, duly given stroke index one. If the par threes are tough, the six par fives at least give the opportunity to claw back a shot or two, but if you play to your handicap on this course you can certainly go to the clubhouse with celebrations in mind. Golf Adeje has now added accommodation to the first class facilities, Hotel Suite Villa Maria has 78 stunning Canarian style villas for golfers for short or long stays. The villas, terraces walkways and quiet corners are perfect for relaxation after the pressures of the round. Golf Adeje has everything the holiday golfer could require, whether staying or visiting, the course should be one of the first choices when you visit the island. For more information on the course or golf club hire visit: www.golfcostaadeje.com www.tenerifegolfclubhire.com


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APRIL 2016


HEART OF WALES GOLF BREAKS Sign up o n to receiv our website e newslette our monthly r to be in a chance w to win a ith g olf break for two.

Quality golf breaks in Wales ... ... at affordable prices

FREE ACCOMMODATION IN APRIL Book a two night/three day golf break during April and we will give you a 3rd night FREE on a bed and breakfast basis. So you can takeyour time and have a leisurely journey home OR, better still, you can play another round of golf. Just ask Catherine to organise it for you.

ORGANISER FOR PARTY OVER 10 RECEIVES THEIR GOLF FOR FREE (Subject to the first 10 to book) This year we would like to reward our hard working organisers by offering them FREE golf for them selves when they book a party of 10 or more to play in the Heart of Wales between July and October 2016 inclusive.

Heart Of Wales Golf Breaks Offers You The Opportunity To Play 3 Of The Finest Golf Course In Wales With Over 10 Years Experience In Providing Golf Breaks At Competitive Prices.

To book your Heart of Wales golf break please call Catherine on

01597 828598 Please visit our website for full details: www.heartofwalesgolfbreaks.co.uk Golf Academy


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APRIL 2016

WHATS HOT OR NOT THE LAUNCH OF THE in the World of Ladies Golf

Your Monthly Blog by

Claire Kane

When your mascara runs further than your ball

I’ve come to the conclusion it’s that time of the year again when my mascara is likely to run further than my ball. What’s interesting is that Professional Shops are full of clothing and cutting edge products designed to keep us warm and dry over the winter months with high tech layers, wind-proofs, waterproofs and even special gloves to help us cope with wet conditions, yet you don’t see special golf balls on sale for wet or cold conditions.

ground (which usually goes alongside the lower temperatures) then you’re talking about a serious shortfall which could land you well short and the wrong side of the fairway. So remember, when there’s a nip in the air, the lack of distance could affect your ball by as much as two yards of carry for every 10 degree change in temperature.

Golf companies and engineers spend vast resources designing the perfect ball with a precise number of dimples so they go further and straighter, yet all it takes is a drop in temperature for the ball to fall well short of its usual distance.

Of course we could solve the problem by warming our balls but be careful how you do it. For example it’s perfectly acceptable to warm balls before a game such as placing a few balls on top of a radiator and keeping them well wrapped up before stepping out on the course. However, you are breaking the rules if you use any ARTIFICIAL aid to keep balls warm during a game.

Now, you’ll need a PhD to understand the concept of thermal expansion but basically for us golfers, it means that cold air has a significant effect on our shots and a temperature of 40 degrees is likely to slow the ball by as much as 5 to 10 yards.

So, think twice if, you are keeping your ball tucked in your pocket alongside a handwarmer between holes because you could be accused of breaking rule 14-3 and end up with a two stroke penalty, loss of hole or even disqualification.

To add to this, if there’s a chill in the air, then there will be additional drag on the ball because cold air is denser than warm air. All you need to add is some soggy

© Claire Kane Follow my tales on twitter @golfsnippets

Golf Academy


On Monday 7th September Ferndown Golf Club hosted the launch of the Alliss Invitational Charity Golf Day sponsored by JM Scully Ltd. This event raised a staggering £47,000 for The Peter Alliss Wheelchair Charity and Ferndown Captain’s chosen charities. The auction was hosted by Mike Osman whose persuasion skills helped secure the amazing total. This month the monies raised through the generous support of golfers participating in the Peter Alliss Invitational and Ferndown Golf Club events was presented to the beneficiary charities including a presentation of powered wheelchairs to local disabled young people by Peter Alliss. Maggie Blanks, Founder and CEO of Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund said “The support from the Alliss Invitational Charity Golf Day means we can continue funding early diagnostic testing and our national Tissue Bank.” Money raised for the Peter Alliss Wheelchair Charity from the golf day last September has so far provided two power packs for manual wheelchairs, one stroller, one specialised seating system, five walkers, two standers and three wheelchairs. Peter Alliss closed the presentation by saying “It has been over 30 years since I first stood

here with John Iles (original sponsor of the Salterns Alliss Merlo Competition) and it’s great that the money raised over all these years helps to better the lives of these families.” Ian Walton, General Manager said “Previous in 2014 the Salterns Alliss Merlo Pro Celebrity competition which came to a close after 28 years broke through the million pound barrier. “

“It is fantastic to see that the new competition format is on course to raise vital and life changing amounts of money to support disabled children in the community.” For more information about Ferndown and the long association with the Alliss family and the Alliss Invitation Charity Golf Day please visit www.ferndowngolfclub.co.uk Ferndown Golf Club – The South West’s Premier 27-hole heathland golf course. Rolex rates Ferndown in the world’s top 3% of courses, while Golf World ranks Ferndown at number 52 in the ‘Top 100 Golf Clubs in Britain & Ireland, 2012-13’. Golfers of every standard can experience both the joy and challenge of our 18-hole Old Course and 9-hole Alliss Course. Ian Walton, General Manager ianwalton@ferndowngolfclub.co.uk


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APRIL 2016

Friday and Sunday Night Special Golf Break Offer - ONLY £60pp 18 holes on day of arrival • 3 course dinner Overnight accommodation • Full English breakfast 18 holes on day of departure

Green Fee Special ONLY - £18 (From 1.00pm Daily)

Golf Academy



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APRIL 2016

! OW S ! N IT EAR IN Y TH 16

Senior Men's 2016 Open Championship at Meon Valley Hotel & Country Club on Thursday 28th July 2016 Sponsored by

18 Hole Individual Stableford

Handicap – Full allowance off ‘Tee of the day’ – max. of 24 (25 Handicap and above may enter but will play off 24) • Live entertainment from Adger Brown • Extensive Prize Table • Entry ONLY £36 per player • Inclusive of coffee on arrival, buffet lunch and FREE use of the 9-hole Valley course

One of the South’s lead in and most so g after mainst rt ream comedians

(subject to availability on the day)

• Entrants must be 55 years of age or over on Thursday 28th July 2016

PLEASE SEND ALL ENTRIES TO: The Golf Secretary, Meon Valley Hotel & Country Club,Sandy Lane, Shedfield, Southampton, Hants, SO32 2HQ Telephone: 01329 836868 (Entries to be received no later than Tuesday June 30th 2016) Entry forms and other forthcoming events can be downloaded from www.golfempire.co.uk

E N T RY F O R M Please enter me for the

TEE TIMES SENIOR MEN’S 2016 OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP at the Meon Valley Hotel & Country Club on Thursday 28th July 2016 Name:...………..………………………………………… Club:…………………………………………………. Tel No: …………………………………………. Address:…………………………………………………………………....…………………………....…………………………....…………………………....…..… …………………....………………..…………………………....………………..………………....…………………………....…………………………....………… ………………....…………………………...………………....…………………………....…………………………....………… Postcode:……………….……...… Email:…………...………….….………….………………………… Handicap: …………….......…. Age:.…………… Date of Birth:.……..……..……………… I enclose my £36 entry fee, Cheque made payable to: Marriott Meon Valley Hotel

Print Name:………………………….……………….…….......... Signed:..……………….………………………………… Date:………...……….………………

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APRIL 2016


GOLF TROLLEYS AND TROLLEY REPAIR PARTS Serving the golfer for over 15 years, renowned for high quality trolley repair parts, shipped same day UK and shipped worldwide. https://trolleys4golf.com Internet save site

More often alternative parts replacing the sub­standard original spec equipment sold with trolley or from the trolley suppliers on the rare occurrence they may keep spare parts! Quality assured.


G­TECH & Parts

All parts as in (obsolete) control modules for Motocaddy S1 & S3, modules Hillbilly all models Talisman, Oriel, Caddimatic Energy, Slazenger, Masters, Ultracaddy Powerbug Pro Master all 12volt Trolleys. Switches, potentiometers, looms, controllers, chassis parts, motors, gearboxes, most parts for most trolleys. Batteries, bags, leads for all trolleys, also Lithium batteries with 5 YEAR GUARANTEE*. Wheels, axles, clutches for Hillman, Hillbilly, Powakaddy, Terrain, Energy, Slazenger, Caddiemaster , Topcart, Fraser and most trolleys. Bushes for Hillbilly wheels.

1st Apr - 31st Oct

Motocaddy Trolleys Parts & Service

ProTrolley Parts NOW AVAILABLE!

HILLBILLY tyres, wheel bushes, and complete rear wheel kits……

01494 868073 South Buckinghamshire

ALAN WALTERS MANAGEMENT THE SOUTH'S PREMIERE ENTERTAINMENT AGENCY 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE Dinner Dances-Presentation Evenings-Cabaret Shows Solo's-Duo's-Trio's-Group's-Disco's-Comedian's Children's Entertainer's-Compere's Take the stress out of your special evening, let us organize everything for you. Alan (a golfer himself) is in the office most days if not leave a message and your call will be returned. TEL: (023) 9261 0405 (24 Hours) MOB: 07957 832446 EMAIL: awmanagement@aol.com www.awentertainment.co.uk

ADGER BROWN ...for all your comedy needs

Introducing one of the South’s leading and most sort after mainstream comedians. A barker with The Variety Club of Great Britain and a proud member of the Grand Order of Water Rats. With over 20 years experience in the world of entertainment and comedy you need look no further for your event.

The Ashley Wood Golf Club currently have excellent society summer deals available which include: Bacon roll and coffee on arrival, 18 holes, Pie of the day with chips or mash to follow £33pp *Thursdays only Bacon roll and coffee on arrival, 18 holes, Fish & Chips to follow £33pp *Fridays only

Bunker breakfast on arrival, 18 holes, 2 course dinner £46pp *Monday to Friday

Please call for more details 01258 452253 or please visit www.ashleywoodgolfclub.com *T&Cs Apply

• Comedian • After Dinner Speaker • Charity Auctioneer • Compere • Events Co-ordinator

JUST CALL on local call: 01424 447867 or visit:



Email peter.teetimes@gmail.com

View from behind the 13th green in May

Golf Academy


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APRIL 2016

GREAT NEWS FOR LEFT HANDED PLAYERS PERSIMMON GOLF - MODEL 26 The Model 26 was designed to replicate the persimmon head profile favoured by many of the game's legends, including Hogan, Snead, Palmer and Nicklaus, when winning countless Majors and Tour Events. Now this traditional club head is available to both left and right handed players, with all the performance gains and unique feel that only persimmon aligned with a modern shaft can bring to your game. A solid authentic persimmon wood head in a mahogany brown finish, a red/white cycolac insert set in a natural persimmon face, and hand-whipped hosel - beautiful! Persimmon Golf knew that the Model 26 would be popular and golfers were soon requesting more loft options. But more surprisingly was the demand for Left Handed options!

"Although we have offered left handed options in our T-Classic Driver range, the design of the cast soleplate fitted to our VClassic Fairway woods made it impractical to offer a left hand alternative. Having received so many requests for Left Hand Fairway

woods, we decided to extend the Model 26 range and hope that demand justified the decision ... it most certainly has!" A choice of shaft and grip specification and every club supplied with a hand made leather headcover. Model 26: Driver: Steel shaft £240 Graphite shaft £265 Fairway woods #2,#3,#4,#5: Steel shaft £240 Graphite shaft £265 Prices include VAT and UK delivery. persimmongolf.co.uk Tel: 01558 822552


Lee-on-the-Solent Golf Club FOUNDED 1905

One metre deep penetration aeration treatment for sports pitches, golf courses, bowling greens, trees and gardens. The long term solution with immediate play.

Tel: 01449 673783 W: www.terrainaeration.co.uk

SPRING & SUMMER FOURBALL SPECIAL Lee-on-the Solent Golf Club are pleased to announce that from 1st April we shall be offering two daily fourball' s at £100 per fourball. One of these will be in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Please call the office on 02392 551170 to check times and availability.


Golf Academy


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APRIL 2016


At Ecobunker we use our patented technology to permanently reinforce bunker faces and edges reducing maintenance costs by up to 80% as well as bringing beauty to your course for years to come.




This was the scene for one of our clients after heavy rain. All the traditional bunkers suffered wash outs and required weeks of repair work, while their Ecobunkers remained in perfect condition. They are now planning to install Ecobunkers throughout the course.

“We could save up to £40,000 per year if we replaced all our bunkers with Ecobunkers” Alan Summers, Chairman PBGC’ FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT US

Richard.allen@ecobunker.co.uk Golf Academy

www.ecobunker.co.uk BLACKMOOR GOLF CLUB

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APRIL 2016

WELLOW GOLF CLUB In May 2016, Wellow Golf Club will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the opening of the club in 1991. It is a milestone in the short but inspiring story in the evolving of one of the successful clubs which came into being in the mini boom of the 1990’s. The anniversary will be well recognised at the golf club, with a Dinner Dance to be held at the club on the 29th April. On the 1st May there will be golf competitions all day long as part of the celebrations, and the entry sheets are already well filled, clear signs of the enthusiasm and involvement of the members. When the idea of a golf course was being considered, in 1990, there was much publicity concerning the shortage of golf clubs and the need for many new clubs particularly in the south of England, It coincided with the changes in circumstances of the Windell family, when for health reasons there was a need to diversify from traditional farming into an alternative revenue source. At the same time the European Community were encouraging the set aside of agricultural land for other purposes, and the creation of a golf course seemed to fit the bill to perfection. The planning of the course began in 1990 on some very historic ground. The land on which the course would be built was on part of the estates of Embley Park, dating back to AD849, when King Alfred was Lord of The Manor. The estate would change ownership several times during the following centuries until in 1825 it was purchased by William Edward Nightingale, who rebuilt the house much as it can be seen today, and

Golf Academy

importantly where young Florence Nightingale spent much of her childhood. During the 20th Century much of the estate was sold off, the house was converted into a school, and in the 1940’s many trees were felled.

opened for play, making it a fine twenty seven hole complex with choices and flexibility for the benefit of both members and visitors who were starting to find out about the new club and arriving to sample the wares.

The Windell Family moved to Ryedown Farm, which now accommodates the golf course in 1965. The farming consisted of mixed dairy and arable farming, growing wheat, barley and potatoes. The events of 1990 were the start of a completely new business venture, and following the detailed planning, which was done with the design assistance of Wilf Wiltshire, who had been golf professional at the Bramshaw club, the mowing out of fairways, creation of greens and managing the trees commenced. In a remarkably short time, the first nine holes were opened for play in May 1991; the second nine quickly followed and were open for play within a few weeks in July 1991. With the first eighteen holes in use, the next major step was begun, with the construction of the clubhouse. At the same time a forestation programme was instigated, and the first of 13,000 new trees which were planted around the course in November of that year.

During the ensuing years the investment continued, with new car parking facilities, a new clubhouse extension completed, offering far better facilities for dining and accommodating functions and events; and then in 2000 the Fitness Centre was opened. In ten short years the concept of a golf course had been transformed into a very well equipped twenty seven hole golf complex, with a purpose designed and built clubhouse, a Fitness Centre on the site, and most important of all an enthusiastic and growing membership, fully appreciative of the fine facilities.

After a hectic building programme, the clubhouse was officially opened in July 1992 by renowned Ryder Cup golfer and golf teacher John Jacobs OBE, who was to become a great friend and supporter of the Wellow Golf Club.

There can be no greater satisfaction in developing situations than to have consistency, the support of dedicated employees is essential, and the club has been fortunate to have several long serving personnel, one in particular who has been with the club from the very start, PGA Professional Neil Bratley is still holding the reins in the Pro Shop, and he has recently been joined by Danny Harris. For the first twenty years Graham Bungay was Head Greenkeeper, and now Simon Justice is continuing the trend completing five years’ service as Course Manager.

The commitment to the venture was absolute, and in 1994 the construction of the nine hole Blackwater course was begun just across the road. During this period almost 3000 metres of drainage was installed, and in October 1995, the new Blackwater nine hole course

Throughout the process of development the family management team of Christine and Jonathan Windell have been hands on, and accessible to the members, able to react to the views and requirements to promote a very successful golf club.


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APRIL 2016


CELEBRATING 25 YEARS Wellow Golf Club is a twenty seven hole golf complex, set out in over 200 acres of prime Hampshire countryside; it is made up of three independent loops of nine holes, each of which returns to the central clubhouse, offering maximum flexibility when selecting which of the loops can be played. This is also a big bonus to members who still have a starting tee available even when matches and societies are booked. It is parkland in style, with extensive trees, hedgerows and shrubbery, with some subtle changes in elevation, doglegs and with water courses to add to the challenge. The three nines have been christened Ryedown, Embley and Blackwater, each name due to the geographic location. It is situated in Ryedown Lane, Wellow just to the south of Romsey town centre, close to Junction 2 of the M27 and not far from the A36 arterial road to Salisbury. The club was formed twenty five years ago, and has since been nurtured with hands on attention by an enthusiastic family management team. Not old by golf club standards, but with every aspect that a keen golfer would require from a local club. The month of April will be busy celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the formation of the club, all indicative of a lively active membership. The heart of any golf club is the nature of the course, and at Wellow that can be made up in a variety of ways. The three courses have their own individual characteristics, and there are quality holes on each of the three loops. The Ryedown opens and closes with 2 par threes, but it is the 3rd hole which will have the most impact, well bunkered and defended by a huge tree over which the tee shot is played. Embley is dominated by the two par fives, one of which is the longest on the course, and the two finishing holes, both defended by water hazards, and overall nine holes that are very demanding. Blackwater is the latest of the three courses, opening with a birdie opportunity, but with a finishing stretch of three tough holes, particularly the 7th, when holding the score

can be trying. All in all, three very enjoyable loops of nine adding up to twenty seven varied holes that you will not tire of playing. Whilst the golf is first class, the same can also be said of the clubhouse facilities at Wellow. The clubhouse and the Nightingale Suite giving easy access to all, it can accommodate 140 seated diners and up to 200 for buffet style dining. The experienced staff led by Chef and Bar Manager Mike Williams, another long serving member of the team, will arrange and/or advise on any type of function. Whether it be a dinner dance, individual celebration, christening or wake, the team will host the event in a highly professional manner. The conference facilities are in regular use, and provide many positive testimonials which can be seen on the club website. Weddings can be accommodated on a selective basis, and an early approach will be efficiently handled by the team.

younger players is organising a series of programmes for the benefit of junior golfers, with individual and or group sessions on a regular basis. Danny will be visiting local schools to encourage youngsters to take up the sport. There are also plans in train to develop a programme for attracting new lady players to the game of golf, with sample sessions with all equipment provided, something similar to attract more ladies should be welcomed in all golf clubs. Societies are always welcome, and the number of repeat bookings is a clear indication of the satisfaction in the course and the clubhouse. The club is already well booked for the coming season, though the club will endeavour to accommodate societies, so early contact is recommended especially when a particular date is required. There is a very active social side to Wellow

Golf Club, and the monthly quiz is always well attended. The Seniors playing section is very strong, and the weekly “Shotgun� gives all members the opportunity to meet new partners and join in the club competitions. Twenty five years, and an abundant wealth of achievements stretching back to the first days in 1990 when the first plans laid down by Mr Simon Windell, Mr. David Windell and Wilf Wiltshire, through the construction of the three courses, the building of the clubhouse, and the continued strengthening of the club membership to the fine club that exists today. Ample cause for great celebrations. For more information visit the website at www.wellowgolf.co.uk Or contact Jonathan on: 01794 322872 Michael Rees

The fully equipped Fitness Centre is located near to the clubhouse, with ample car parking adjacent, the specialist team provide a full range of fitness and exercise programmes designed for the individual. It is a separate membership to the golf club, but a very convenient and advantageous additional asset. The club has a small number of vacancies for seven day membership, and also for five day members in all categories. Every encouragement is given to Juniors wishing to join the club or to improve their playing abilities. Danny Harris who has a wealth of experience coaching

Golf Academy


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APRIL 2016

H AV E C L U B S W I L L T R AV E L - T E N E R I F E AMARILLA GOLF - RUGGED AND BEAUTIFUL It has been two years since our last visit to Amarilla Golf, is hidden away from the mainstream but is a real gem, an oft overused phrase, but one that aptly describes this Michael Rees unique layout nestling between the Atlantic Ocean and the foothills of Mount Teide. It has a rugged style that can appear unkempt in places, but which I believe gives in a natural and compelling atmosphere. Located among residential and hotel properties, many of the holes have them running alongside the fairways, a feature which strangely does not detract from the beauty of the situation. The views of the sea and the nearby San Miguel marina populated with luxurious yachts and cruisers add a touch of holiday magic. Amarilla Golf was designed by British renowned course architect Donald Steel in the late 1980’s, the signature hole is the 5th, one of the most spectacular on the island, overlooking the harbour with the backdrop views to Mount Teide, delightfully picturesque. Steel was very active in the Canary Islands, with another fine course on the island of La Gomera. The opening holes run down to the sea, the ideal mix, a comfortable opening par 4, a sporty par three then a par 5 offering the outside chance of a birdie, if the putter is working well. Speak to anyone who has played at Amarilla, and they will instantly remark about the famous short par 3, it is the 5th, they may not remember which number hole it is, but they will certainly describe it without hesitation. It is just 115 metres off the yellow tees; there is literally no fairway, just the sea to cross to find a small green. Depending on the wind, the tee shot can be anything from a wedge to a long iron or rescue club. A par three will always be a talking point and a cause for celebration. There is a coastal walkway close to the hole so it is not unusual to have an audience when you play this fascinating hole. It is worth standing on the tee simply to look out at the spectacular views over the harbour and the coastline. Hopefully the photograph will display the daunting flavour of the hole. In fact all the par threes are a challenge, the downhill third is the first test with a tricky green, the 5th the signature hole, the 12th played over the inlet alongside the harbour, and the final hole, a carry over a wide barranca to a sloping fairway. Four very different holes that make up a

great quartet. Another feature which will stick in the memory banks is the stone face tunnels which take you from the various segmented areas of the course. The underpasses make the estate roads less intrusive, taking you from one section of the course making full use of the natural changes in elevation to add to the challenge of the holes, whether uphill or downhill. The most popular visiting time is through our winter season, stretching from November through to March, during this time all the courses on the island will be busy, so it is essential to make bookings well in advance, particularly if you wish to play at a particular day or time. Having said that I can recommend coming to play during the rest of the year, when temperatures are not too high and the courses remain in superb condition. It is really pleasant to play in April, May and September and October before the Europeans arrive to escape the winter. The motto on the scorecard used to simply state “We are working to offer you a better course. Have a nice day and enjoy your game”. I can report that they have been very successful in their mission, for Amarilla was a delight to

Golf Academy

play. Time to hand back our clubs to Peter Robinson of Tenerife Golf Club Hire, the end of another successful visit to the island, with promises to return ere long. The benefit of having such a club hire service is huge and saves much expense. We recommend it unreservedly. For those with families there is much to do in Tenerife, the Loro Parque is now one of the finest facilities in the world, with a programme of research to protect endangered species. Along the southern coast there are numerous resorts, large and small and the choice of accommodation is limitless. It would be very difficult not to enjoy, sunshine, scenery, and first class golf, all to be enjoyed whilst the United Kingdom is being battered by storms, floods, closed golf clubs and even junior doctor strikes to add to the misery. The perfect alternative location to soothe away the winter blues. For more information visit: Amarilla Golf: www.amarillagolf.es Tenerife Golf Club Hire: www.tenerifegolfclubhire.com


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APRIL 2016


atterson roducts


The Eventer and the TRIO Golf Cart help you enjoy a full 18 holed of golf a day. Sit back and relax in the sprung seat, as you drive between holes, conserving your energy for when you really need it - playing your shot.

The Eventer



Forward and reverse gears give manoeuvrability. TRIO is stable, virtually maintenance free, and assembled in under 2 minutes. Proudly manufactured in the UK Pattersons celebrate 30 years of single seat golf buggies

PHONE US TODAY! 5 YEARS on warranty nder all highla models


PATTERSON PRODUCTS Unit 6, Fordwater Trading Estate, Ford Road, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 8HG Tel: 01932 570016 TheManor House ou


Ashbury hb Hotels H t l



At least 27 holes of FREE golf with each night of stay!

“I’ve “I’ I ve never never played pla ayed such su uch fantastic courses. courses.� � Stephen W - T Trip rrip Advisor







17/7/16 - 31/8/16 breaks include: All breaks FREE UNLIMITED Golf, ½ PRICE Buggies

Par 72 Par 72 Par 69 Par 68 Par 69 Par 71 Par 54

6528 6400 5803 5502 5775 6111 1939 All W Weather eather Sports Pit Pitch ch


Kigbeare Pines Beeches Oakwood Ashbury 9 + Pines Front 9 Ashbury 9 + Pines Back 9 Willows


Summer Sizzlers

September Breaks: 4nts Midweek from ÂŁ295pp tOUT8FFLFOEGSPNQQ'6--#OARD! tOUT8FFLFOEGSPNQQ'6--#OARD! Additional Facilities FREE to residents of our hotels Sports Racket Sports Family Leisure Bowls Tennis Swimming Funhouse Bowls T eennis Sw imming Funhouse Table Tennis Badminton Gamezone T able a T ennis e Badmi nton Spa & Sauna 5-A-Side Snooker Waterslides Squash Snooker Waterslide s Basketball Shortt T Tennis Ten-Pin Play Basketball Shor eennis enn T een-Pin Play Area Area PLUS unique Craft Centre featuring 17 tutored crafts, including Pottery

Ranges Archery Archer y Air Pistols Pistols Air Rifles Rifle s Lasers Lasers & Woodwork



Golf Academy


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APRIL 2016


Now that the clocks have gone forwards, we’re excited to see another season of excellent golf get underway in Hampshire. March was all about getting our teams warmed up with some great friendly matches. At the beginning of the month our Junior Girls took on the boys from Brockenhurst College. Play was 4BBB off the new 90% difference which resulted in our girls giving shots. Incoming Junior Girls’ Captain, Katy Mackworth-Praed and her partner Adrian Mylrea started well, being either one up or all square, but by the 11th the boys managed to get 2 up. With great determination, and a birdie on the 12th by Katy, they were all square after the 16th. The boys managed a birdie on 17th to make them dormy 1 up and then with another birdie on 18th the boys sealed the match to a win. In the other match Katie Biddlecombe had to give 14 shots to one of the boys, a tough challenge for her and her playing partner Rebecca Mackworth-Praed. Both girls fought hard but in the end the boys were triumphant, winning at the 16th hole. The 1st team also had their first friendly of the year in March against a men’s

team fielded by Meon Valley. The format was to be 4BBB over 9 holes in the morning followed by 18 holes of greensomes / foursomes after lunch. After the morning session, where some great golf had already been played by both teams, the ladies took a lead of 2.5 to 1.5. However, the Men were keen for revenge in the afternoon and after 3 of the afternoon matches had been completed, the overall scores were tied. The final match on the course was level after 16 holes, but an amazing 2nd shot played by George Roberts on the 17th, put him within 4 foot of the pin to set up a win on the penultimate hole. George and his partner also won the final hole to complete the victory for the Meon Valley team. COMING UP IN APRIL The junior girls are kicking the Hampshire season off, as they always do, with their Championships which take place on 6th April at Alresford. We also have our Foursomes Championships to look forward to on 28th April at North Hants Golf Club, as well as several matches for our county teams. For more information about all the upcoming events in Hampshire, visit our website www.hlcga.com

MARTIN’S WAIT WELL WORTH IT! The Marriott Meon Valley Hotel Golf and Country Club hosted their Four Seasons Senior Men’s Open (Winter) Qualifier in February. This was the second of four qualifying rounds of the Four Seasons Championship. There are still two more qualifying rounds left to be played, the Spring Qualifier which will be held at Meon Valley on Thursday 12th May and the Summer Qualifier which is incorporated in with the very successful Tee Times Seniors Open on Thursday 28th July 2016. The event in its inaugural year was again very well supported with just under 50 entries and was played out on a bright winter’s day with players from clubs from as far away as Frilford taking part. The competition is played as an Individual Stableford, with a Winner’s Trophy for each season’s event and the top 10 visitors qualify for the Grand Final at Meon Valley on Thursday 29th September 2016. Despite the wintry conditions some very respectable scores were posted with a number of players scoring close to or better than their handicap. Andrew Chatterton (Southwood GC) won the Visitors competition with 37 pts on (L9) countback from Derek Mantle (Parkstone GC) 37 pts, with Andrew Bowler (Frilford GC) taking third place with a very respectable 35 pts.

Golf Academy

The Meon Valley member’s competition was won by Stephen Hughes with 36 pts, with Mark Venable’s – 35 pts taking 2nd place and Shaun Moore securing 3rd place on (L9) countback with 33 pts. The overall winner on the day was Martin White from Meon Valley GC with an outstanding score of 39pts. Martin not only took the Four Seasons ‘Winter QR’ Trophy but also won himself a complimentary stay at the prestigious Hanbury Manor Golf and Country Club in Hertfordshire. Martin said ‘Today was clearly my day. I’ve felt really comfortable with my game for some time now but never quite got the results I felt I deserved until today that is.’

‘The whole day was excellent, well run, some tough competition and at £28 p.p. for coffee, golf and a buffet lunch it’s a no brainer, I’ll definitely be entering the Spring Qualifier even though I have already qualified for the final.’ Entry forms can also be downloaded at www.golfempire.co.uk For enquires please call 01329 836 868 Meon Valley Marriott Hotel & Country Club, Sandy Lane, Shedfield, Southampton, SO32 2HQ


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APRIL 2016

Golf Academy




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APRIL 2016

GOLF AT PINKIES It is always refreshing to hear of new facilities for the enthusiastic golfing community, and the most recent addition to the Hampshire scene is the high tech training and practice facility set up by PGA Professional Simon Pink. In the grounds of his home in the village of Warnford, he has created a superb centre for golf training and improvement. After more than twenty years in the business, Simon decided to set his own facility for teaching, practice, and small group training, plus corporate entertainment opportunities. After making the decision to establish his new service, he had to set up the accommodation and equipment, He was fortunate to have more than adequate space at his home to build a purpose designed unit, and then equip it with the most up to date hi-tech equipment. He took the time to do extensive research to see what would be most suitable and effective for his clientele, and selected the top of the range Foresight GC2 Launch Monitor. Before he could take delivery of the equipment, there were planning applications to be complied with, and once that was achieved, extensive groundworks for the access and also the foundations prior to building the accommodation unit. As the photograph shows, that was successfully accomplished in a picturesque setting. Once the purpose designed construction side was completed the technical team from Foresight Sports came to install the Foresight GC2 Golf Simulator, together with the latest software, and Swing catalyst Balance Plate technology. A substantial overall investment made to ensure that the studio could offer the complete service. Simon Pink had the opportunity to turn professional over twenty years ago, he joined the team at Marriott Meon Valley, and was fortunate to work with some of the finest golf instructors in the country. Initially with that doyen of teachers and speakers John Stirling, a giant in the PGA both nationally and regionally. During those years he developed the idea of his own academy

Golf Academy

of teaching, and the formal opening of the facility at Warnford in 2016 finally saw the accomplishment of that aim. The choice of equipment in an installation such as this is critical, and a great deal of time was spent researching all the options. The final choice was the Foresight Sports GC2 together with the appropriate software and Swing Catalyst Balance plate technology. The selection was made after seeing demonstrations of the GC2, because it is the only launch monitor which directly measures the performance of the player. This is enabled by the stereoscophic high resolution cameras which capture up to 10,000 frames each second. State of the art image processing ensures reliable ball find and lock, and the internal accelerometer instantly corrects to level surfaces. Add to that the fact that the lens arrangement emulates human eye spatial recognition. The HMT Head Measurement element is the most advanced club analysis system available today. HMT is the only technology available which directly measures

the club head and can pinpoint the exact strike location on the clubface. The twenty years over which the system has been developed has created the most accurate ball and club analysis technology providing reliable and trusted information and thereby providing solutions to fault finding, and the subsequent correction of the faults accurately identified. Most importantly the student can take away a recorded copy of the tuition and the results for future reference. A portal is available so that records of the sessions can be maintained and updated as progress is made. The systems have the added advantage of portability, so that teaching can take place away from the studio, in a very attractive setting when the weather allows. It is worth noting that this system is approved and utilised by more top players and club manufacturers, fitters and instructors (including the PGA of America) more than any other currently available.


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The ambition to establish the tutoring and training centre was being evolved by Simon Pink over a considerable number of years. It is not surprising that golf became a fundamental element in his life, since he was born into a very strong golfing family. Both his father and mother were exceptionally good golfers, although in Simon’s own words it took some time before he gave the game the serious dedication it deserves. However, after turning professional and then having been exposed to some of the best golf professionals and teachers over the years, he has found that teaching has become the most important element for him, despite having been a regular on the Hampshire PGA and the Hampshire Alliance playing circuits. After the construction work was completed and the hi-tech equipment installed, it was time to commence operations and set out a marketing plan and a menu of types of teaching and utilisation of this first class studio. His website is established online, and the web address is: www.golfatpinkies.co.uk and on it Simon had laid out the various offerings for the use of the centre. Having visited and seen what is available, it is easy to be enthusiastic about its use. Being a relatively small unit, it is ideally suited to individual one to one instruction, so that maximum attention can be provided, and particular elements of the student focused. However it will be very effective for small groups of four or up to six golfers wanting to share the experience of either playing simulated golf on one or several of the ten courses available currently on the system, if necessary the groups could be stretched to eight participants, but advance notice would have to be given for this number. These sessions can be booked for any time during the day or in the evening,

APRIL 2016



Email: pgapinkie@btinternet.com Phone: 07867801602 Address: The Hayloft Hayden Lane, Warnford Hampshire, SO32 3LF

when Simon is available. It is possible to rent the facility for corporate sessions either including tuition or simply to play golf on the simulator. The fee includes soft drinks and refreshments. I am certain that these facilities provide the perfect place to hold meetings for Corporate clients, do presentations, and entertain clients with a demonstration or better still a participating session or competition. As part of the marketing strategy, Simon is engaging in sponsorship for the Hampshire PGA events during 2016; during Pro Am events he will offer a prize on one of the short holes at each event. In addition there are plans to hold a Pro Am Tournament to be played at the centre later in the year. The event will involve one Professional and three amateurs to make up each team taking part. The timing of the event will be announced at a later date. As part of the launch programme, and in conjunction with this article in TeeTimes, Simon is making a special offer to any individual, small group or Corporate body using the facility. For anyone interested in a visit to the centre, Simon is happy to see

Golf Academy

them and show what is available and what options are available to obtain the best use of a single session or a series of events. The factsheet contains all the details of this special offer, and all other details about the location and the facilities is fully contained on the website. Please mention “TeeTimes Golf at Pinkies Offer” when making enquiries or bookings. It is certainly an innovative approach to providing tuition, and is a fine addition for all golfers in the vicinity. For more information on Simon Pink and the facility at Warnford visit: www.golfatpinkies.co.uk Michael Rees

SPECIAL OFFER FACTSHEET IN CONJUNCTION WITH TEE TIMES MAGAZINE Individual Coaching 45 minutes £35.00 75 minutes £50.00 Two Golfers 90 minutes £60.00 Group Tuition 3 or more golfers 120 minutes £80.00 Corporate Bookings Session of 5 hours £200.00 Prices for the hire of the total facility are available on application. When booking quote: Teetimes Golf At Pinkies Offer.


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APRIL 2016

TIPS TO SPEED UP A ROUND AND STILL KEEP IT FUN A STAFFORDSHIRE club is tackling one of the biggest issues facing golf – by advising its players on a new scheme to help them get a move on. Slow play is often cited as a reason for people not enjoying a round of golf. Now Lichfield Golf and Country Club has launched a campaign aimed at cutting the amount of time it takes for the average fourmile walk associated with 18 holes of golf.

‘Ready golf’ bid to tackle slow play

'Ready Golf' sets down a series of guidelines to help players speed up their play without detracting from the pleasure of their round. At its core is the principle that each player within a group hits their shot as soon as they are ready and it is safe to do so. Simon Joyce, Lichfield’s Director of Golf, says: ‘This initiative allows us to keep play moving and also keep the enjoyment of play high. It highlights the slower players, giving our marshals a clearer indication of who to approach out on the course. Players, of course, must still prescribe to the Rules of Golf, with this just being a slight tweak.

‘If someone says you need to play faster, it does not mean you need to abbreviate or eliminate your pre-shot routine; it just means to better manage yours and your group’s time between shots.’ Club captain Rob Taylor declares: “It's just so simple to see through.

‘I now hear comments on our course such as: ‘If you are ready just play’, ‘I am not ready yet, play your shot,’ ‘I will just play my shot and come over to help you look for your ball’.

DENISE van Outen, above, will add another splash of glamour when she makes her debut in this year’s Celebrity Cup presented by Bulmers at the Celtic Manor Resort.

Lost ball delays: Limit the search to three minutes, except under competition rules, says the Lichfield club’s guidance on speeding up a round

‘Playing Ready Golf at our club has improved the pace of play and players do not get offended by playing out of turn.’ Hints for players include: • Tee off as soon as the group ahead is clear. • The player who is ready should hit (not necessarily the one with the honour). • Don't everyone "cluster" at one ball, go to your own ball! • Hit when ready without delay. • If you see another player is ready to hit, whether you're away or not, point to them to go ahead.

• Take your practice swings immediately if it does not disturb the player hitting. Watch their shot land to guard against the possibility for a lost ball, and then go through your own routine and swing away. • If you are the first one at your ball and you're ready to safely hit, let the others know that you are hitting. • Limit lost ball search to 3 minutes, except under competition rules. • Study your putt while others are putting. • Continue putting until holed out. Don't mark unless you will step on someone's line or it's a really tricky putt. • If you can't score, quit putting and pick up.

Steward Fiona is the pride of the South West DORSET’S Fiona Snook has been recognised as the Fuller’s London Pride Steward of the Year for England Golf’s South West region.

Fiona Snook with her trophy.

Denise in line for Celtic Manor Celebrity Cup

club improve its image and appeal to visitors and members. Since she’s been there the club has attracted 56 new members.

She took up golf just a few years ago but Denise is a self-confessed golf addict and hits the fairways as often as her busy television and stage career will allow. The former Big Breakfast presenter turned West End star and Eastenders actress brought some glitz to golf when she posed for a photo shoot last year with Golf Punk magazine and can’t wait to tee up at former Ryder Cup venue Celtic Manor on July 9-10. She said: ‘I absolutely love playing golf and I’m really looking forward to playing in the Celebrity Cup.

It sounds a bit nerve-wracking, standing on the first tee representing England with so many people watching, but my captain, Mike Tindall, has reassured me that it’s all good fun. Hopefully I won’t let the team down!’ THRILLING As well as skipper and former Rugby World Cup winner Tindall, Denise will be joined in the England team by another glamorous TV and radio personality, Zoe Hardman, and Good Morning Britain anchorman, Ben Shephard. Comic Rob Brydon returns to skipper Wales as the hosts seek to defend the trophy they won in such thrilling fashion last summer.

Fiona, from Wareham Golf Club, received her trophy at the annual presentation lunch at The Counting House in London.

She has overseen some clubhouse renovation, has changed the club’s brewery and suppliers, all the food is now home-made – and the increasing profits are reflecting her efforts.

Fiona commented: ‘I’m a newbie at the club and I’m so pleased to reach this final. Wareham is such a friendly club and everyone mucks in – you’re quite likely to see our president on a lawn mower! If you want anything you just have to ask.’

She runs a host of social events from darts and cribbage nights to a psychic supper and a chocolate night. That’s alongside weddings, birthday parties and a concert night with the Bournemouth brass band, which was promoted with a local leaflet drop.

Visitors can also experience the VIP treatment in Hospitality or the Premier Lounge, and join the celebs for a glittering gala dinner on the Saturday evening of the Celebrity Cup presented by Bulmers.

Fiona is a qualified chef who has worked at Wareham for 18 months and has helped the

Fiona has even taken up golf and joined the ladies’ section!

For information and tickets visit the website, celtic-manor.com/the-celebrity-cup.

Golf Academy

More star names will be announced shortly to compete in teams of six representing England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales in the fun-packed tournament.


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Golf Academy

APRIL 2016



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APRIL 2016

DRIVE2DRIVE - RAISING MONEY FOR THE DISABLED GOLF ASSOCIATION On Monday 30th May 2016 I will attempt to play 18 holes of golf in 1 day ... at 18 different golf clubs, even though I have MS and can't walk across a room! I will drive to the golf clubs, then drive a golf buggy. Thanks to the golf clubs in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire who have made this possible and to the volunteers who will help on the day (and drive the buggy!) This will raise awareness of disabled golf and show the power of the human mind to overcome adversity I have Captained TEAM ENGLAND (nonplaying) for the last 5 years and want to lead the way raising funds to support my team going forwards. You can donate here: https://gofundme.com/jrrzq9jg I have devised drive2drive as a campaign to raise awareness and much needed funds to help fund TEAM ENGLAND in Internationals and support the Disabled Golf Association with their infrastructure costs to help spread the word that disabled people can play some awesome golf! I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS in 1998, my condition has deteriorated and now struggle to walk across a room unaided

and use a walking frame to get about, yet I can just about play 18 holes of golf, although my game is not as good as it used to be, I enjoy the challenge! I have met some very inspiring people with differing disabilities, who are using golf for therapy, rehabilitation and making new friends More than that I enjoy being out in the fresh air with fun and friendship and the 19th hole! My wife Sue and I discovered the neurological and health benefits of playing golf back in 2010 so our focus is on golf as a therapy and for rehabilitation. Members play in the Order of Merit to gain points to attempt to qualify in TEAM ENGLAND each year, so our series of

home-internationals provide a focus and drive to spur people on, as well as capturing the media's attention. Together with our co-founders we have established disabledgolf.org.uk as a notfor-profit CIC. I've always had a positive outlook and a good sense of humour, people say I'm an inspiration. I have always loved golf and despite my condition I have found a way to play again Where there's a will, there's a way!

Many thanks to the clubs for their support (and use of a buggy!) West Berks - Donnington Valley – Goring & Streatley - Badgemore Park – Hennerton - Sonning - Castle Royle - Beawood Lakes - Billingbear - Bird Hills - Mill Ride - Winter Hill - Stoke Park - South Bucks - Sunningdale Ladies - Royal Ascot - East Berks - Sand Martins THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT Find out more about our progress on this campaign at disabledgolf.org.uk/drive2drive Graeme Robertson 0118 9790193 07932 061680

I'm taking on the drive2drive challenge in the area where I live in Berkshire/ Oxfordshire/ Buckinghamshire.


0% FINANCE Sparshatts of Havant Hulbert Road Bedhampton Havant Hampshire PO9 3TF

Sparshatts of Hedge End 10 / 16 Botley Road Hedge End Southampton Hampshire SO30 2HE

Sparshatts of Southampton 333 Millbrook Road West Southampton Hampshire SO15 0HW

Tel: 02392 492666

Tel: 01489 785633

Tel: 023 8077 1112

www.spa rshattsg roup.co.uk * Offer available at Sparshatts of Havant, Hedge End and Southampton and the purchase of a used car must be from Sparshatts. Finance available Subject to Status.

Golf Academy


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APRIL 2016


LLANDRINDOD WELLS GOLF CLUB The best scenery and the best conditioned golf course in Mid Wales

Your perfect Spring / Summer day out

Society Packages from just £26pp Please call us on 01597 822247 or 07751 203949

Visit www.lwgc.co.uk or email: secretary@lwgc.co.uk

Wickham Park Golf Club sits in the picturesque Meon Valley. Wickham Park is an attractive 18 hole; par 69 5,868 yard parkland golf course which offers all year round play. We have a relaxed clubhouse atmosphere, the Club has a thriving membership with a fantastic social section to compliment the various golfing activities, throughout the year. NEW MEMBERS IN APRIL RRP Price: £129 New Members Price: FREE With 27 Golf clubs to play as well, and a range of other member benefits, Wickham Park are offering the superb Skycaddie Watch to any New Member who joins before the end of April 2016.


Mixed Open Event Thursday 9th June Stableford Competition Teams of Four Best 3 Scores from Each Group to Count £25 Per Player Tea/Coffee on Arrival Two Course Buffet following Play Prize Table – including Winning Visitors Team Closing Date Friday 20th May Entry Forms can be downloaded from www.ampfieldgolf.com or contact Club Secretary Nikki Fowler nikki@ampfieldgolf.com

MEMBERSHIP Exciting Change in Categories for 2016 Special Rate for the Over 80s Seven Day Subscription Only £250 For information on the above and other membership categories please contact Nikki Fowler on 01794 368480 (Option 6) email: nikki@ampfieldgolf.com Ampfield Golf & Country Club Winchester Road Ampfield Nr Romsey Hants SO51 9BQ



Golf Academy


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APRIL 2016

St Mellion celebrate 40 years with Pro Am


LEADING PGA professionals in the South West and South Wales will travel to Cornwall as St Mellion celebrate the golf resort’s 40th anniversary this year. A special pro-am is being held over the famous Nicklaus Course on July 12.

‘It promises to be a memorable day,’ said the club’s golf director David Moon who has been arranging a series of events to mark the occasion. Professionals will compete for a top prize of £1,000. ‘The 40 years have gone in the blink of an eye and it has great for us to have hosted six Benson and Hedges Championships, the PGA Cup in 1978 and the Women’s’ British Open among other important events.’ Many golfing superstars graced the course during the B and H tournaments between 1990 to 1995 played over the first golf course built by the legendary Jack Nicklaus in Europe.

The girls get ready to rock and, right, Dorset’s lady golf ambassadors. Pictures: Leaderboard Photography

LADIES’ golf is about to get rocking with the launch of a campaign in nine counties, including Hampshire and Dorset, to encourage new players. Girls Golf Rocks is all about attracting beginners to have fun, learn a new sport, get active and play alongside friends – with no pressure. Girl golfers from county squads will act as ambassadors to share their enjoyment and inspire other girls, aged five to 18. The campaign will return to Essex, where it was successfully trialled last year and attracted

Social Seve Ballesteros, Bernhard Langer, Paul Broadhurst and Jose Maria Olazabal were among the winners. Applications to enter the pro-am priced at £295 for a team of three amateurs and a professional are now being received. Mr Moon expects an entry of between 30 and 40 teams. He said: ‘This is a great opportunity to take part in a team competition and enjoy the social atmosphere of memorable for everyone. The Nicklaus course was designed for everyday play by golfers of all standards. It measures only 6,200 yards off the day tees yet it requires careful shot-making.’

Nine-county drive to attract lady players 90 girls to try the game. It will also start in Cheshire, Buckinghamshire, Dorset, Durham, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Norfolk and Nottinghamshire. In each county there will be free taster sessions at local clubs, supported by the squad players. These will be followed by fourweek structured coaching programmes provided by PGA professionals at each of the clubs, with the county girl players mentoring the newcomers. All the girls who complete the coaching programme will be fitted with a free seven iron to help them continue to play.

37 over equals £33,000 THE money to be made at golf’s top levels was never better illustrated than it was by Steven Bowditch, the first man since 1983 to shoot four rounds in the 80s at a PGA event as he ended the World Golf Championship on 37 over par. The Australian picked up $48,000 (£33,700) for finishing 65th. Bowditch, who completed his final round in two hours and 12 minutes,

Steven Bowditch: Big score, big pay day

said: ‘I shot 37 over par and still made a paycheck. All's not that bad.’ The tournament does not cut the worst players after two rounds, and Bowditch qualified by virtue of his world ranking of 78.

Ed and Ross in a share of the spoils CIRENCESTER’S Ed Goodwin produced a stunning back nine to take a share of top spot alongside Brickhampton Court’s Ross Langdon in the Gloucester and Somerset PGA medal at Naunton Downs, writes Peter Godsiff. He covered the inward nine in five-under-par 31 to secure his third win of the winter. Langdon’s has now extended his lead in the Total Triumph Order of Merit. A heavy frost delayed the start for 30 minutes at the Cotswold outpost so once again it was decided to use the stableford format over 17 holes, missing out the par three sixth hole across a valley to a frozen solid green. Despite the low single-figure temperature, it was a sunny, almost windless day.

WEST PGA Langdon, who missed the previous medal at Stinchcombe Hill, was first in with 38 points. He reached four under with a birdie at the long seventh. But tree trouble at the tough ninth for a double bogey six set him back - his only blemish on the day. Seven further pars and birdies at the 13th and 17th completed a fine round. Goodwin, in the final group, looked an unlikely victor after dropping two shots in the opening five holes. A birdie at the eighth ignited his

Golf Academy

round and an eagle three at the 10th was followed by birdies at 11, 13 and 16. He won both the birdie sweep the Over 40’s prize. He has now jumped back into third spot in the Order of Merit. Ashley Mansell (Clevedon), winner the previous week, was third on level par 34 points. He hobbled his way around the course after picking up a knee injury the previous evening while playing football. He ended his day with two birdies. Paul Barrington (InPlay Golf), Giuseppe Licata (Bristol Golf Centre), George Ryall (Players Club) Andrew March (Brean) shared the final prize money on 32 points.

Locally, the campaign was set to tee off with free taster sessions, supported by the county girls, at Broadstone, PlayGolf Bournemouth, Two Riversmeet and Sturminster Marshall. The finale will be a fun par three competition in each county when new young golfers can enjoy playing alongside their mentors. Friendship Currently, figures show that only one per cent of golf club members are girls, with an average of just two per club. When Girls Golf Rocks was trialled in Essex last summer 90 youngsters were inspired to try the game. Of those, 40 went on to take a four-week coaching course; 30 played in the par three competition and six became golf club members. Girls Golf Rocks is led by England Golf and supported by the Golf Foundation, county associations and sports partnerships. Lauren Spray, the England Golf Women & Girls’ Participation Manager, said: ‘Girls Golf Rocks sets out to focus on the fun, social and friendship aspects of golf rather than just the playing and coaching side and we’ve had brilliant success.’ Visit www.getintogolf.org/ggr for more information and to book on to taster sessions.


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2016 Golf Breaks from £97pp

APRIL 2016


Alresford Golf Club

‘enjoyable golf and a great deal more’ SUNDAY EARLY BIRD OFFER Limited tee times available between 8.30-10.00am 4 Ball ONLY £100 Book and pay in advance 01962 733998

Open events for our popular Entries welcome ed Open – 3rd July Mix & June , Seniors Open – 10th


Ladies Open – 2nd June

Situated just off the A30, in the beautiful county of Cornwall, Trethorne offers a challenging and picturesque 18-holes with friendly and relaxed Cornish hospitality.

Dinner, Bed & Breakfast PLUS Unlimited Golf! 2 Day Break £97pp 3 Day Break £182pp 4 Day Break £244pp

Trethorne Golf Club Kennards House, Launceston Cornwall PL15 8QE

Summer Breaks 01566 from only 86903 £97pp

w www.trethornegolfclub.com Rates applicable from April 2016 For further information, please call Club Reception on 01566-86903 or email: reservations@trethornegolfclub.com

Golf Academy

(see web site for deta ils)

JOIN IN APRIL for ONLY £961 (7 Day Membership) NOTHING more to pay until 01/01/2017 (terms and conditions apply) • Highly regarded and well presented free draining course • Friendly clubhouse • No booking system for tee times necessary • Superb practice facilities • Regular competitions and ‘roll up’s’ • Reciprocal golf at 6 other private members clubs Cheriton Road, Tichborne Down, Alresford, Hampshire SO24 0PN Tel : 01962 733746 Email:secretary@alresfordgolf.co.uk



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APRIL 2016

Friday the 12th February 2016 saw the Official Opening of the British Motor Museum at Gaydon, the ribbon cutting ceremony was conducted by Conservative MP the Right Hon Michael Rees Gavin Williamson. He is a classic car enthusiast, who has also been Permanent Private Secretary to the Minister of Transport. The ceremony took place in front of an invited audience of press and local dignitaries after which they enjoyed a visit to the newly completed facilities.


The museum closed its doors to the public in November in order for the refurbishment and improvements to take place, the cost has been £1.1 million, and provides a wonderful exhibition centre for the British Car history and its incredible history. After the official ceremony the museum will be open to the general public on Saturday the 13th February, just in time for half term holidays, providing the chance for many youngsters and parents to see the exciting new displays. The museum was previously called the Heritage Motor Centre, but after the refurbishment it has been renamed The British Motor Museum, with every justification, as it clearly tells the story of the amazing contribution Great Britain has made to the automotive industry around the world. Gavin Williamson MP, stated “I feel very privileged to unveil the new look British Motor Museum. I have loved classic cars since my father took me to the British Motor Show as a child. I am therefore delighted to be here today amongst 400 of the finest historic British cars to declare the Museum and its Collections Centre open for business.

The British Motor Museum is instrumental in enabling visitors to learn more about the past, present and future of the British motor industry, its technology and its people. With the exciting improvements and enhancements now made, the Museum can now be counted as being amongst the best motor museums in the world”. Visitors to the Museum are now welcomed via a new entrance to an introductory gallery which sets the scene and flows into distinctive new themed zones, including ones for Design & Concepts, Jaguar, Land Rover, Royal Cars, Motor Sport, and Film & TV cars. The popular ethos of allowing visitors to get up close to the exhibits has not changed but there are now different ways to view the cars. Many are on raised plinths including a series of Land Rovers on an allterrain ‘mountain’ and some life-size matchbox style cars. The visitor experience is more interactive and immersive, visitors can now stroll along the Time Road, whilst touch screens provide interactive interpretation telling the cars’ stories in more detail. The new Collections Centre also opened on the 13 February, allowing public access for the first time to an additional 250 cars from the reserve collections of the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust and the Jaguar Heritage Trust. The British Motor Industry Heritage Trust was created in 1983 to ensure the preservation of a significant collection of valuable historic vehicles and archives owned by British Leyland which, due to the industrial upheavals of the day, were at risk of disposal as they were then considered noncore business assets. British Leyland agreed to transfer the unique collections from the Austin, Morris, MG, Riley, Wolseley, Standard Triumph, Jaguar and Rover companies into a series of charitable trusts with the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust as the managing body overseeing the Austin Rover Group (later Rover Group) Heritage Trust, the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust and the British Commercial Vehicle Museum Trust. In 1990 when Ford Motor Company bought Jaguar Cars, the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust collection withdrew and transferred its collection to the Jaguar Browns Lane plant in Coventry and the Rover Group Trust gifted its collections to the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust.

Until 1993 some of the Trust’s collection of vehicles was displayed at Syon Park in London whilst the remainder were stored at Studley Castle in Warwickshire along with the archive collection. It was evident, however, that larger premises would be required as the collection developed and, funded by Rover Group and other sponsors, construction began on a new Museum at Gaydon in Warwickshire. Set in 65 landscaped acres, the Heritage Motor Centre was opened in May 1993 and, for the first time, the Trust’s collection of over 250 vehicles and extensive archives were brought together and made more publically accessible. The Trust’s Archive encompasses thousands of business and sales documents, more than a million images and miles of moving film, all of which chart the course of the British motor industry from the 1880s up to present day. The British Motor Industry Heritage Trust’s mission is to collect, conserve, research and display for the benefit of the nation, motor vehicles, archives and ancillary material relating to the motor industry in Great Britain. The new British Motor Museum, which is conveniently located just off junction 12 of the M40 motorway, is a fabulous tribute to a wonderful industry that has contributed and is still contributing to the well being of the nation. It is well worth the visit to understand just how great that contribution has been. Tours of both the Museum and the Collections Centre will be available daily and can be booked at no extra charge on arrival, (subject to availability). Adults £14, Children £9 (5-16 years) under 5’s free, Concessions £12 & Family £39 (2 adults & up to 3 children). Buy one day and get 12 months free if you Gift Aid your entrance. To find out more information please visit the website at www.britishmotormuseum.co.uk or call 01926 641188.

Golf Academy


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A TOTAL PACKAGE OF NEWS, VIEWS AND ADVICE (after 4pm any day) advert on page 13) / 733998 - (See our main Bookings 01962 733746 SO24 0PN Call to check availablity ALRESFORD GOLF CLUB SPECIAL SUNDAY VISITORS Down, Alresford, Hampshire

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Monthly tuition to get you on top of your game by Advanced PGA Lady Professional, Katie Dawkins


- 01794 329 344

Based at Meon Valley Golf and Country Club

COWDRAY PARK GOLF CLUB Everywhere you want to be

STRETCH OUT AND Trackman ROTATE FOR DISTANCE Lack of distance is a common problem amongst many golfers, one that is at the top of their "to fix" list at this time of year. The thought of extra yards as the golfing season gets going excites even the most casual of players. Reasons for lack of distance vary greatly and can have much to do with your physical capability as well as technical prowess.

HOW MUCH CAN YOU TURN COMFORTABLY? Rotating with a club behind your back is another way to test your rotational ability.

Your swing is a lever system, requiring two levers (the club and your arm nearest the target) to consistently send the ball a good distance. If this lever system suddenly has three levers involved (your arm folds) then the efficiency of it breaks down and you can kiss goodbye to long drives and hello to many of your clubs seemingly going the same distance. Once the arm bends it has to straighten at just the right moment in order to deliver the club face back to the ball. Distance can be literally thrown away in the process. The chance of a good strike happening consistently is purely down to timing. Queue inconsistent connection and poor distance. There are plenty of reasons why a golfer collapses their arm and I'd thoroughly recommend a lesson with your PGA pro to get to the root cause of this. Go and find a mirror. Stand in front of it and set up with a head cover or sock stretched between your hands. From here swing your arms to the top of your swing rotating your shoulders. The tension in the head cover or sock should be maintained and you should feel a good stretch at the top of the swing. Notice the gap between your hands and your head- this would be far less if a collapse of your arm had occurred. That tension and hard work you are feeling in your back and stomach muscles is sheer torque- POWER Ladies and Gents. You've literally coiled yourself up like a spring, ready to unleash those yards on that drive. It is at this point I return to the beginning of this article. If you have limitations in your rotational capability, perhaps you suffer from a bad back or simply can't turn like you used to be able to, then don't expect such a full shoulder turn, but you can still achieve width in your swing.

Simply accept your swing will be more efficient that little bit shorter. Just take into consideration what you are actually capable of. The majority of the time you can be better physically, seek some help from Andy Edom www.optimumfunction.com. Addressing your physical limitations is something you are in control of, so this year get your golf and your back in better shape. Lack of mobility will often cause collapse at the top of your swing. Inability to rotate sufficiently causes you to collapse. This is just a way for your body to get the club to the top of the swing. Address this now and reap the benefits in your game as well as your life. Next month I'll talk about ways you can get that feeling of width out on the course and give you some confidence that consistency can return. Along with it a whole bunch of yards. Get stretching! For an improvement package that will really turn your game around contact me on katiedawkinsgolf@hotmail.co.uk.

When I was a young Assistant Pro at Langley Park in Kent I learned of a legendary club maker called Harry Busson. Harry was the Professional at Walton Heath Golf Club and used to make wooden clubs for some of the best players in the world. When the U.S. Ryder Cup team came over, they would make a beeline to Walton Heath. If you wanted a club made by Harry it would cost a great deal of money. I know that in the seventies a wooden driver made by him would cost in excess of two hundred pounds. If you went to him for a custom made club he would stand and watch you hit balls for a while, then build a club that would improve your ball flight.

The first time I laid my hands on a Harry Busson driver it was a disaster! I had arranged a game with another Pro at Wimbledon Golf Club. I didn’t have my driver with me, as it was being refurbished. On the way to the club I dropped into the Dukes Head in Putney for a sandwich. I met up with Norman the owner, who I’d previously played golf with. I told Norman that I was on my way to play a match against another Pro, probably for money, and that I didn’t have a driver. He said don’t worry you can borrow mine, it’s a Harry Busson. I thanked Norman and took the club with me to play my match. Well, to cut a long story short, I lost the match quite convincingly. Every time I used the driver I hit a low snap hook and lost the hole. I was a bit shocked by the way I hit the ball because I had been playing quite well leading up to this game. In a very distraught state I returned to The Dukes Head to give Norman back his driver. I told him that I played terribly and that I snap hooked the ball every time I used the driver. Norman then informed me that Harry had made the club for him, to help correct his slice!!! My emotions were mixed when I received this news - a relief that the terrible shots weren’t completely down to my swing and really annoyed with myself for not checking up on the club before I attempted to use it. The reason it was such a disaster for me was that I tend to hit a draw. The experience certainly brought it home to me that clubs definitely do make a difference, Those great skills that Harry possessed are obsolete now. With the advent of Trackman and other launch monitors, the skill is more about reading the numbers and picking the shaft and head that will improve them the most. We have been using Trackman at Meon

Golf Academy

Valley for a while now. Tom Webster uses it to fit clubs and I use it on some lessons. Trackman is a great measuring tool that helps coaches convey to their pupils a clear understanding of their impact conditions. Many golfers do not quite understand what is creating the bad shots they are hitting or are deceived into thinking they are doing one thing, when in fact they are doing another. Take, for example, a golfer who is mistaking a hook for a pull. This is easily done because often hooks look like pulls because the ball starts and stays left. The difference between a hook and a pull is that with a pull, the swing line and the clubface are both going in the same direction at impact – left. With a hook they aren’t; the swing path is to the right of the clubface. The amount of hook is determined by the difference between the angle of the club path and the clubface. Often the path of the club is going to the right of the target when the ball is going to the left. Without professional guidance, golfers could apply the wrong fix and try to swing more to the right. If nothing else, this action will bring a great deal more variety into the game! The shot that goes a little left could turn into a shank, a duff, a top or a massive hook. Being armed with a Trackman - which I believe should be for the pupil more than the coach – assists with the explanation as it’s all there in numbers. I don’t think that Trackman has changed any of the decisions I’ve made about swing corrections but it has given my pupils confidence in what I am saying. They can see the face angle, the angle and line of attack. Of course, as good and as accurate as Trackman is, it doesn’t tell you how to fix the shots or make them more repetitive. That is why the coach is still indispensable. Martin Butcher


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Romsey Golf Club Welcomes you all

Romsey Golf Club is an oasis of beauty on the edge of Southampton. Described by a journalist as ‘A real woodland gem’ the course makes its way through undulating ground with tree lined fairways, raised greens and deep bunkers.

SPRING 4 BALL OFFER Available Monday to Friday from 9am

£80 per 4 ball (Throughout March and April 2016) Prior Booking is Required

“We have had some of the best greens around over the past year and we continue to develop and improve the quality of the course” Romsey Golf Club, Romsey Road, Nursling, Southampton, SO16 0XW Telephone: 023 8073 4637 www.romseygolfclub.com

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Goollff Holiday Golf G Holli Ho lid ida day ayy experts exp ex xpe per ert rts rt ts for ffooor twenty twe ttw weent ennty ttyy years yea yye ear ears ars rs travel


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South Africa, Mauritius, Greece, Turkey...


Other Oth OOt tthe he her err Chaka Cha Ch hak aka ka golf goolllff destinations gol des dde est sti ttin iina nat ati ttio iion oon ons ns THAILAND








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