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When it all goes


Inconsistency is the bane of golf, so when my third shot on the opening hole was STILL not on the right fairway, I knew I wasn’t up for a good medal score. The game went on to include numerous bunker shots (some looking like fried eggs and others sitting just under the lip) not to mention the laborious task of raking dunes of sand which was exhausting. When play is poor, gravity kicks in big time with balls nestling in the biggest rut or tuff of grass they can find, making the next shot virtually impossible. Yes, I know it’s always possible to take a penalty drop but when you’re up to your knees in the equivalent of a grass field or scrabbling around looking for balls in the middle of what seems to be a forest, the options can be limited. As for going back to play the last shot again, forget that, as it’s usually way back up the fairway and you can bet the group behind are already waiting and probably standing in the teapot position; one hand on their hips and the other on their trolley!


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The added pressures of rushing around means you’re now completely on the back foot and likely to have as much rhythm and tempo as a firecracker. Things can deteriorate further if the head and shoulders slump in disappointment as this means you’re likely to gouge out even more inches of turf. At the point the wheels really start to fall off, the brain is highly likely to have gone into hyper-drive, so the delicate timing and co-ordination between head and the many bodily parts required to hit a ball are in melt down, making even less chance of a clean strike. Instead you’re more likely to set-up a new world record of 3 putting and panic about having enough balls to complete the round. If only we had an auto panic switch to re-set our bodies! Golf can be very humbling and even when we’ve enjoyed a decent spell of golf the gremlins in our head can turn at any stage. Sometimes things can go wrong because we’ve become a bit too confident and start to over-swing (lethal), although even scientists have proved by PET scans that it is impossible for humans to repeat the same golfing motion. No wonder there are times when we simply can’t hit the ball well. Play a decent game of golf and it’s effortless, utterly enjoyable and time seems to fly by. Yet, when we’re not on form, it can be soul crushing, exhausting and never ending. Even professionals like Rory McIlroy have nightmare rounds every now and then, so what chance do we mere mortals have? © Claire Kane

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